Hey guys,

Had a blog running on another site and been rather busy updating it and thought I would share it with you.

The project started back in May 2011 and was an early wedding present from my Wife.


So this is the bags of the stuff

Tools I used were sharp Knife, Sandpaper (lots of grit types) clippers, hacksaw and coffee....lots of coffee

I went through it a bag at a time and cleared all the flash off which left this lot!

Most of this is in fact the same shape as Dragons Teeth so going to be using it to make scenery nice little bonus.

I do have some imperfections with the moulds I was rather annoyed at this as for the price you would expect it to be perfect! Both SM pilots had very little detail on their faces so I decided to get rid of them and put SW heads on as it fits my army better.

The stairs inside the hull look to be too short, from the instructions it should go up into the command deck

One Lascannon was a little bent but some hot water soon put it right

Finally laid it out across the table to ensure everything was where it should be

After some suggestions I decided to bite the bullet and chop the torso's off and put Space wolf ones on.

Here is the hull primed and my first attempt at some warning stripes to break up the amount of grey

Here is attempt number 2 of the stripes and some colour on the interior

More work on the interior and engines

Aquila is actually brass think the flash is reflecting off it.

Some shots of the interior and metalics done on the hull

Some highlighting and test fitting

Next up was the landing gear, this is not glued to the body and I plan on making a flying base that will sit in the landing gear holes when its used in game.
hull together with the rear engine looking more like a aircraft and less like a boat (according to the wife)

Found a AoBR Nob for a size comparison

Some shots of wings on and test fitting tail section

its pretty big

Decals added and some colour to the heavy bolters to break up more of the grey

I have also been testing out my lense techniques very happy with the result.

Side doors

Test weathering on the ramp. I have toned this down as it looked a little OTT

How it stands now! The craft is weathered, I have just got the side doors to do and the rudder

The runes on the scroll read "Mjölnir" which is Thor's Hammer.

Here are some shots of how it looks as well as a size comparison with a Razorback I did at the weekend