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Thread: My first army

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    My first army

    So I have been following the warhammer world for a while but i have never had an army or painted a miniature before. After consulting the forums and the models I decided to start with bretonnians, I love knights, seemed to fit. here is my first model, the camera messed up some of the decals and highlighting work (not that it was that good) what do you guys think?
    Tips are always appreciated,
    and also, anyone that could let me know what kind of paints/brush etc. to use would be awesome

    and also what models to buy to have a decent army2012-05-02_14-11-20_124.jpg2012-05-02_20-59-49_127.jpg2012-05-02_21-00-08_725.jpg

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    These are great for being the first models you've ever painted. I've actually seen some seasoned veterans at my local GW who paint to no where near this quality. Generally speaking the GW line of brushes are fine for beginners.

    You can always get much higher quality brushes, but they cost a lot and not the thing you want to learn with since you'll probably end up doing something that will make them less than pristine.

    GW paints and (from what I've heard by many but I don't have first hand experience) are both pretty good. Vallejo gives you more paint for your money, but it's less convenient to buy because you'd probably have to get it online unless you have a specialty hobby store in your area.

    As far as what models you should buy, I'd say ask that in the Brettonians section of the forum. I haven't looked at that army book in well over 2 years so I couldn't even begin to make a suggestion for you. Make sure to do a search of the threads before posting a new one, because odds are someone has already asked that question and it has already been answered.

    Welcome to the hobby and LO

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