Hey all , I know i missed BotB but . . Im still doing my warcraft themed Orc army . I couldn't find any pics for the actual clan ( other than the flag , and what their tribe colour is : orange ) so i just winged it . I have no pics at the moment , but i promise this time ( not like those other threads i did , horrible . . ) ill actually put pics up , must likely today ( late ) or tommorow . so far i did 1 blakc orc ( still drying from ink and awaiting highlighting as i type ) and also a scratch built black orc warboss ( 40k warboss just wtih gun and squig cut off , choppas glued to back and a spear in the gun heand resembling a GW ) in the same condition , im just to lazy to paint it im planning on painting after the next 9 black orcs =( AND another 25 boyz ( GASP ) . Well anyways for the nerds reading this , hope you all have fun with my WIP =D .

Trooper Outt""