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    Genestealer Cult 1500 point project by H.o.J

    Here is Where I shall start the blog on my Genestealer Cult Army, It will at first include mostly fluff and model acquiring progress updates, but since I already have most of the models undercoated (the ones I possess already) the painting WIP pictures should be up by the time people have actually noticed this thread.

    I'll also pretty up the page once I've got things planned out and stable footed.

    So Far:

    (using the citadel journal numbers 40 and 41 for the codex)
    Army List:
    HQ- Magus
    w/ patriarch ichor vial
    Retinue of Initiates [10] 'Orbital Defense Troops Code XH2237'
    w/ meltagun

    Retinue of Genestealers [12]

    ELITE- Genestealers [8]

    Genestealers [8]

    Genestealers [8]

    TROOPS- Brood Brother Comrades [10] 'Vostroyans Squad I'
    w/ meltagun
    Brood Brother Comrades [10] 'Vostroyan Squad II'
    w/ plasma gun
    Brood Brother Initiates [20] 'Void house'
    w/ lasguns
    grenade launcher
    Brood Brother Initiates [20] 'Queen Ancestral house'
    w/ lasguns
    grenade launcher
    Brood Brother Initiates [20] 'Cleansers house'
    w/ lasguns
    grenade launcher

    HEAVY SUPPORT- Leman Russ Battle Tank
    w/ battlecannon
    heavy bolter side sponsons
    heavy bolter front sponson
    extra armour

    Brood Brother Comrades Heavy Weapon Teams [2]
    w/ heavy bolters (both)
    And now a list of the boxes I need and the models I've got and whatnot:

    Box(es) or Blister(s) needed. Bought? Built? UnderCoated? Painted?

    Magus- Kreed Blister,yes,yes,yes,no.

    Retinue of ODT's- Karskin Box,yes,yes,yes,no.

    Patriarch- Broodlord,yes,yes,yes,no.

    Retinue of Genestealers- Genestealer Box,yes,no.

    Genestealer Squad 1- Genestealer Box,yes,yes,yes,no.

    Genestealer Squad 2- Genestealer Box,yes,yes,no.

    Genestealer Squad 3- Genestealer Box,yes,no.

    Comrades Squad 1- Vostroyan troops Box,yes,yes,yes,no

    Comrades Squad 2- Vostroyan troops Box,no.

    Initiates Void house- Cadian Shock Troops,yes,no.

    Initiates Queen Ancestral house- Cadian Shock Troops,no.

    Initiates Cleansers house- Cadian Shock Troops,no.

    Leman Russ Battle Tank- Box with same name,yes,yes,no.

    Heavy Weapons Teams- *comes with Vostroyan boxes.

    Thats all for now, I have most of the Fluff written down on Paper so far.

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