Hello all, and sorry if this is the wrong forum, I was a fair bit confused where to put this, but I decided upon this part of the forum.

Anyways I've decided that the Internet needs a good WH40K RP made properly, and as such I've done quite a bit of brainstorming to come up with ideas how such a vast universe could actually be roleplayed in. Limitations vere obvious.

Enter Guardsmen:

Guardsmen is a RP based upon the Imperial Guard, who most of you will be familiar with in one form or another. More specifically a player creates a character who will try and survive against the many horrors the universe can chuck at them.

In order to get more freedom in mission creation and character creation, the Guardsmen RP takes place in a Penal Company. This means that all player characters are convicted villians (this does not mean that "good" characters can't be done, of course), and are in even more peril than normal guardsmen, due to internal conflicts.

Check out the pages and see what you think.

Take your best shot at survival in Guardsmen RP.

+++The God-Emperor be with you

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