Corsair is Warhammer 40,000 and D&D put together.
Much more of a success than SotT... ( 8;=

In Corsair, you generate characters as such:
roll 4D6 12 times, keep whichever 6 you want.

Assign to stats, every 3 above & below 12 adds one positive or negative modifier

Pick one perk, feat, etc. This is your character's special ability. All magic is a lore that you take as one of these feats (You can be an Astropath or Witch for instance, as your feat)

Take as many skills as your Intelligence and Wisdom modifiers + 2. Magic (psychic) spells are a skill, and you may advance ranks in them as you would skills. Each of these ranks improves your ablility to use said spell.

Choose your Race:
  • Imperial - +10HP, +4 skills, more superstitious.
  • Eldar - +3 Acrobatics OR stealth, basic level Telepathic & Machine telepathic psyker for free. Must be 'chaotic' aligned.
  • Kroot - -4 Charisma modifier, +10HP, +4 skills, feat for free.
  • Renegade - +5HP, +2 skills, +4 ranks in total of Weapon proficiency, must be 'evil' aligned.
  • Tau - Gains experience 20% faster, Not superstitious at all, Modifiers at every 2 stat points rather than 3. Must be 'active' aligned.
  • Space Marine Scout - +3 to all stats but Charisma, Needs Str21, Dex15, Int18, Wis15, Con21, 3 ranks proficient at 2 weapons. Must be 'serious' aligned.
  • Kiith Somtaaw - +5 to Spacefaring & Mining\\Ore ken. Comes with Machine telepathic psychic lore for free, but can only take BASIC powers. Must be 'outgoing' aligned.
At the start of the game, all characters have HP equal to their Con score+their Con modifier+D8+any racial bonus.
All characters have D8 HP every level up until 12, after which they get +2HP per level.

You start with 1,000 personal Imperial credits, a basic starship, 1,000,000 group Imperial credits, and nothing else.

Alignments are the usual, but with 3 more fields to make it easier for when a player is 'blue' (not there and still acting). The new fields are:
Outgoing - Neutral - Antisocial
Joker - Neutral - Serious
Active - Neutral - Lazy

All players get 1 free spot check at the start and end of their turn, and 2 actions per turn before extreme speed is factored in.

Naval combat
Ohhh... Um... Rediculous. There are 4 types of ship.
You pilot your ship according to your skills; Aviation for Fighters, Spacefaring for Corvettes and Frigates, and Naval Command for Frigates and Capitals.
To move: Say how much speed you go at, and any heading change desired. Heading change is measured in °H, °V, & °Y - Horizontal, vertical, and Yaw.
Basic success chance is 15+ on D20 to maneuver, and critical success is on a 20. Critical maneuvering success lets the pilot choose to correct or continue the turn rate next action for free.
Every point you fail maneuvering by will make you err your maneuvering by 5° more or less than intended (DM's choice) and correct, and critical faliures (rolling a 1-5) do no change at all from previous.
(correcting maneuvers stops the turning rate you use before your next action. Otherwise you'd have to do the opposite turn to regulate)
Every rank you take in the skills required for your craft, you increase your maneuvering roll by 1 when measuring for normal success, and reduces your critical failure by 1. Every 2 ranks you take increases critical success chance by 1.

See? Rediculous.

This looks daunting, I know. But so far the experiment we've tried at home here has been a resounding win. We've taken a contract with IG against Tau and scammed the commander by taking a Shas'la instead of Shas'el as proof of voctiry (so we just left really early into the battle) and then we stopped more Tau from reaching the world's capital in a large battlefront engagement.

Our Somtaaw is the leader, and pilots the ship. So far he's taken out 3 Crisis suits and 3 Stealth suits, all of which (apart from the 1st Crisis) were without taking a single HP damage!
Our Astropath is the Somtaaw's Lt, and acts as the team's sniper. He's stopped a swarm of Scarabs by blasting them with pure warp energy at the cost of all but 1 HP of his own.
Our Kroot is a tank who keeps making bad decisions and nearly gets himself killed regularly.
Our 2nd Imperial is a Bolter maniac who also plans to be a support craft pilot.
Our Eldar is an Alaitoc Ranger who previously trained with the Striking Scorpion shrines. She's our Spy\\Stealth assassin.

Also, you can die from your wounds.
If you het shot in the face with 5 Heavy Bolter shells and somehow have enough HP to still be standing, you still die. In Corsair, you get hit with something that'd kill you, you die. The HP is only kept to ggive an indication of how much pain you're in. You also die from HP loss as there is only so much a body can take...