Greetings !

After monthes of test, we are proud to announce that the english version of Immortal's War is now fully playable !
This event coincides with the add of the Guilds in the game for everyone, so you can now try to create one of the first guilds of the game

So what's IW ?

Style : strategy / roleplay / collectible cards
Universe : mythology-fantasy
Translation : integral
Price : totally free
Official website :

- Description :

IW is a free webgame in which players can build their own army by chosing among the mightiest creatures inspired by the History and the mythologies of the whole world.
The warchiefs fight then against each other to show everyone who is the best, and who can pretend to Immortality.

- Caracteristics :

When you register, you recieve 8 free units, randomly chosen among the 60 that are already available. So you can directly fight against other players, while training your troops and making them stronger. In fact, each unit has a defined number of levels, and its own bonuses.

If we consider the lot of spells that a player can learn, it exists a load of possibilities to win a fight.

Moreover the fights, IW offers tournaments, auctions system, guilds and competitions. All these things make IW suitable for hardcore and casual players.

See you soon, on IMMORTAL'S WAR !