As the title suggests, I'd like to see what all of you DMs out there have done to add flavour to your own worlds. Any things you may have as a local gaming custom or a style of playing? The differences is what interests me.
Also, as for the Inevitable know as the Marut. I believe that a statue of obsidian in armour with big boomfists isn't really a way to symbolise that you're messing with the timeline too much.
Enter the Wraith.
Not just any normal Wraith or Dread Wraith, but a new race known only as that.
... Ah, G-dammit Just when I forget to bring my Spirit of the Thane notes...
Well, from what I can remember (soon to be edited).
The Wraith
The Wraith are the quintessential opposite of life. Created eons ago to protect the timeline from those who would interfere with their own lifespans, the Wraith are legion and unfeeling agents of the abyss designed to bring back the very essence that it is being denied.
For every living mortal being, there is a Wraith as their polar opposite. When that Mortal being dies and forces their own way back into life, or are resurrected without divine sanction (which is rare), the Wraith sets out to do its duty. Whether they wanted it or not, their opposing Exactor Wraith is hunting them for leaving 's realm.
Exactor Wraith
<size> Outsider (Abyssal Undead Construct)
Attack/grapple bonus:
Attack: Blade (1d6+ 1d6 every 5 levels)
Full attack: 2 Blades (1d6+ 1d6 every 5 levels) as if wielding 2 light weapons
Fort/Ref/Will/AC: x/x+4/x-4/x
Ability scores: x/x/x/x/x/x
HP: xdx + x (x)
Special abilities: magic strike, consummate two-weapon fighting, opposing force, Wraith blades, End.
Spell-like abilities: Minor wound, Major wound, Finger of , Power word: Kill, Disintegrate, Tenser's(?) black tentacles, Black Spiral, Gate.
(May only cast if ability scores would allow).
Alignment: Always true neutral, but acts as target.
ECL: same as opposed character.

Consummate two-weapon fighting: The Exactor Wraith counts as having every two-weapon fighting featthanks to its blades being a part of it.
Death magic strike: The Wraith is meant to take its target without a moment's hesitation. When it strikes, the very essence of sweeps through the victim. This unique manner of magic causes every kind of body-to-body contact to force the one contacted to take a DCx will save against magic. The DC is the character's level. When in a grapple with the Exactor Wraith, treat it as a sphere of annihilation due to its essence being all over and around the character.
End: When killed by an Exactor Wraith, the character can NOT be restored in any way, shape, or form. Exactor wraith are immune to and shadow magic, but suffer additional damage from all other magic equal to 2% x their level. When struck by magic weapons, the extra damage is only from the enchantments and magic effects, not the basic damage of the weapon.
Opposing force: When the Exactor Wraith arrives, it is always and only to return the errant soul to . The Wraith will only come when it gets close enough to the one it was created for. Its entire statline is that of its target, you may treat it as an exact copy of the target with the modifiers seen above if you wish. the Exactor Wraith only sends it back to begin the hunt anew. It WILL keep coming until you die.
Wraith blades: The Wraith's blades are essentially a part of it. The strikes of a Wraith blade is equal to touching them.

You notice the pair of teal eyes that have been shadowing you from the north have come very close. Though they aren't anywhere at all, they seem to only be some 20 yards away now. Only you have seen them until now, when everyone around you notices them and the black aura you see around it. The blackness grows to accommodate a body the same size as you, the only points of noticeable features are the bony spines running along the supposed shoulders and the horns that come from above the eyes and disappear behind the absolutely black form. A lambent flame of teal-edged black fire surrounds it and blots out the sun. You know this is your opposer, come to take you. It says one sentence, and is then upon you.

The Wraith will strike in the most effective way to defeat its target, on the 1st meeting it pauses only to say the sentence "You have interfered" before attacking immediately and unrelentingly. It will never retreat except to jump back for a renewed charge or strike. If you have met it 5 times, your Exactor will ask "Why do you resist" and act as normal. From then on it is silent.

Exactor Wraiths do not attack others, only the one they oppose merits their attention, but if continued attacks occur the Wraith, after warning "Do not interfere" once, will treat all present as their target, keeping the abilities of the original target.


What do you all think so far?