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    For the Cause! ~My current chronicle~

    So I started up a Werewolf Chronicle on Sunday with my Wife, Roomie, Brother and friend. I usually have large groups and I wanted something a little smaller, more intimate. The story is a branch off of my Changeling: the Dreaming Chronicle In Dreams of Liberty..., expanding on a story that happened recently.

    For The Cause!
    Every other Sunday night, starting at 70 PM
    Storyteller: Tom
    Devan "Speeks-for-the-Arbor" Fogg, Homid Philodox Fostern of the Fianna: Played by Alaina
    Kevin "Sun-Strike" Forest, Homid Thurge Fostern of the Glass Walkers (Deceased): Played by Byll
    Adrian "Snake-Charmer" Jones, Homid Galliard Fostern of the Glass Walkers: Played by Byll
    Adroc "Cracks-the-Pavement", Homid Dog-Blooded of the Vanguard of Sirius: Played by Steve
    Howl's-to-Eagle's-Children, Lupus Galliard Fostern of the Silver Fangs (Deceased): Played by Ian
    Dresden "Monkey-Tales" Stone, Metis Galliard Fostern of the Bone Gnawers (Deceased): Played by Ian
    Memphis "Death-Watch" Lake, Homid Thurge Fostern of the Silent Striders: Played by Ian
    Ivy "Bittersweet" O'Flannery, Homid Ragabash of the Fenrir: Played by Alice

    Key NPC's
    Special Agent Rhys Whitney, FBI Counter-Terrorism (Unknowing Kinfolk)
    Doctor Sinora Sato, Medical Examiner (Glass Walker Kinfolk)
    David Donovan, Former FBI Agent. Werewolf Hunter
    Detective Robert DeMourn, Portland Metro Police (Vampire of Clan Ventrue)

    The chronicle is set in a Protectorate based around the area of Portland, Oregon (mainly because the Changeling game is set in the same city and the events of the two games are meant to have an impact on one another). Three Caerns lay within the city limits causing the typically territorial Garou to work with one another for the greater good of their lands. To do this, the three Septs set up an inter-Sept Protectorate that to defend the area. The Protectorate of the River's Rose consists of the mixed Fianna/Black Fury Sept of the Arbor located in the Hoyt Arboretum, the Glass Walker Sept of Urban Harmony located in the Pearl District of Portland and the Bone Gnawer/Vanguard of Sirius (see The Debased by Predaphile) Sept of the Hidden Spring, located in the sewers below Portland's Industrial District. The Three Septs come together once a month for a Protectorate wide Moot that addresses the issues currently facing the area.

    Session One (05/18/08 ): Beginnings
    Full Moon

    Tonight guests from Septs as far away as the Wendigo septs to the north and east, across the mountains as well as the Red Talons from the Tall Rock Sept on Mount Hood gather to hear the news. This month, the spirits have warned the Garou of a great danger looming nearby.


    Visions of fire and steam rising up form the nearby Mount Hood have come to the Thurges of the Protectorate. Elder Thurge, Speaks-To-The-City has foreseen a great evil rising up out of the depths of the city, moving towards the mountain leading to the release of powerful Banes from time out of memory. With that release, all that follows is death.

    The Totems of the Three Septs are summoned to mediate how best to handle the situation. It is the decision of the spirits (and the Thurges that communicate their response) that as Prophecy has brought down the warning from the Spirits, the Spirit Protectors of the Protectorate will make known those Garou who's destiny it is to save them (That and if it's true a great evil is rising... it's a good idea to keep the bulk of your forces home to keep an eye out). The Totem Spirit of the Arbor Sept, an ancient Kubera Inanimae (See Inanimae: the Secret Way for Changeling: the Dreaming) draws himself out from his Anchor, the tallest of trees in an ancient grove of Douglas Fir trees and points out a Fostern Philodox of the Fianna tribe as his chosen. Devan Fogg makes her way up to stand among her honored elders. For a time it is as though nothing else would happen until from the crowd of the assembled steps the form of a wizened old hippie, the form the Sept of Urban Harmony's totem chooses. The City Father of Portland fixes his eyes upon a Fostern Thurge of the Glass Walkers, reading his aura, " Far out man..." seems to be his way of saying Kevin Forest is chosen. As the City Father makes his exit, the rain begins to fall, something not unusual in the Pacific Northwest. As the rain falls, it forms pools in the ground which slowly empty out into small streams. It is as though the topography of the earth, the way the assembled Garou have gathered and the position of the Dog-Blooded Adroc all conspired together to anoint him as the streams surround Sirius' Chosen. As he gazes down into the pools of running water, they look back up at him and he knows he is The Hidden Spring's selected.

    At all of this the representatives of the Red Talons led by their Alpha Red Mane growl out in protest. Mongrels, selected by mongrel spirits... with that protest the Red Talons withdraw their support of this council, believing they can best solve the problems on their own. They force open a Moon Bridge and retreat back to their home, their hosts greatly insulted.

    It is suggested that the Three Anointed bind themselves together through a totem of their own, to consecrate their Pack in the sacramental union of Garou and Spirit Guide. The three agree and head off to begin their quest...

    To Be Continued...

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    Seems like a nice and interesting start.
    I look forward to reading up on it as you post more about its progress.
    Want to chat? You can normally find me in the LO CHAT!

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