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    Eventide Prerelease

    Event 'Report', Sat 12th July, Coventry.

    Just thought id start a thread based around Eventide, and where better to start than with the Prerelease! I headed to Coventry with a couple of mates, (mainly for the experience as i prefer friendly to competitive play) to take part in this event.

    Im a Red/Black player normally, and heading in i really wanted to mix it up a bit. I was only sure that i didnt want to play Blue lol. Upon opening the Shadowmoor Tourney pack and being faced with lots of blue creatures.. that was just sods law kicking in for me again. Similiarly when i opened the Eventide boosters, typical. But, after sorting all the cards out into colour piles and removing all the pure Blues, it didnt actually look too bad.

    I went, eventually, with a Green/Black deck, but with the Hybrids there was a hint of White and Blue (useful creatures only, no annyoying spells) too. Key cards included were the two rares, Murkfiend Liege ( G/B ) and a B/U 4/4 unblockable creature that let me discard opponants cards when it did damage. I forget the name, but when enchanted, it won me a couple of games.

    Most of this will be pretty vague, my memory isnt that brilliant lol, but onto the games, in a short summary:

    1 - played against a G/R/W deck. Won 2-1. The liege and unblockable B/U did well here, with a few smaller creatures chipping in with handy abilities. Overall, fun games and a good opponant.

    2 - Vs a R/W deck, lost 2-0. Definite tourney player, dull opponant/game in all honesty and definitely just there to win.

    3 - Vs.. erm... damn, i forget lol. But definitely my best match of the day. Lost 2:1, but to a great opponant, who gave me some tips on my deck afterwards and i managed to set up a trade (my B/U Unblockable for his Ashenmoor Liege) which i was happy with.

    4 - Vs a deck similar to mine, but seemed to be pure G/B. won 2-0, but she shouldve had me in game 1. New to the game i think, as she seemed reluctant to throw in an all out attack too early, which wouldve finished me. Damn mana screw... but fortunately one draw healed me up and game me win. Game 2 my deck came up perfect and it didnt last long.

    5 - Final game of the day, and i lose 2-0 to a (bad memory kicks in again) deck. Definitely enjoyable though, as my opponant made use of copying my creatures with a Spell with Retrace, he ended up with 3 of my own Murkfiend Liege, as well as 2 Lieges of his own, meaning i was facing 3 x 9/9 creatures that kept untapping to attack then block, as well as a couple of 6/7's. That was the first game, the second my deck failed me and I didnt last too long lol. Enjoyable all the while though.

    Overall i finished 18/23, picking up a consolation booster pack. Nothing special here, not for me atleast, though a couple of cards good for trades. On top of this, i managed to get trades for a Secons Ashenmoor Liege, Rage Reflection, and 2x Tyrannize (possibly should got 1 and something else instead, hindsight is a wonderful thing but ahh well, still good lol) to add to my main B/R Hybrid deck.

    So yea, thats a flash report on my 1st real tourney, and my experiance of the Eventide Prerelease. the new set has so much potential. Some fantastic cards there, and others which will add so much depth. Retrace will be fantastic, im tempted to try a 60 card deck, inc 40 Land and 20 Retracing Spells.

    PS, just found this B/U, its called Ghastlord of Fugue, a Shadowoor Rare.

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    As one of Ed's friends, I also made the trip to Coventry for the Eventide prerelease event there. After numerous fafferies with trains, buses and rubbish maps, we found the place, signed up and got ready to go.

    I went into the tournament not knowing what the hell I was gonna build. First look through, I built a Red/Green/White deck, but after a second look, I realised I'd not been paying attention when I pulled out the Black cards, because they turned out to be pretty freakin sweet! So the deck got rebuilt as just Black/White, revolving around removal, control, and beefing up some relatively small creatures.

    Game 1: Blue/White/Black, as I recall. Apparently my opponent was one of the better players in the area, so I can be rather proud that I got a game off him. In the end, he was just a bit too good and took it 2-1. I took another look through my cards, adding in a few x/white hybrids or x/black, to make it a bit more useful.

    Game 2: Green/White/Red. Same opponent as Ed's first game, I really should've won 2-0, but had him down to 1 life in game 1, and couldn't push through to deal the final point of life. Twilight Shepherd thn comes out and kills me horribly. I could've won the game when he tapped it to attack, only for me to point out it had Vigilance and didn't need to. Silly me. Won the next 2 games relatively comfortably.

    Game 3: Black/White. A pretty similar deck, and a great opponent. Got mana screwed game 1 and got hammered. The next 2 games were really tactical, and I'm pretty proud of my performance in getting the next 2 wins for another come-from-behind win. Quite amusing when both players had their opening play of the match as the same mimic creature, just showing how similar the decks were.

    Game 4: Red/Green. Again, Ed's opponent from the previous game. He had lots of silly named creatures (Noggle Elites and Slippery Bogles, anyone?), and kept retracing Savage Conception for an army of 3/3 green creatures, at which point my only removal was "Destroy target nongreen creature". Gah! Won the 2nd game by just getting my game out faster and destroying everything before Savage Conception reared it's ugly head. Game 3 was the tensest game I've ever played. It swung back and forth, til both players were on 1 life. I had Loyal Gyrfalcon on the table (a flying defender that loses defender if I play a white spell), and he had lots of ground creatures. So it came down to my draw, with a white spell winning me the game. Unfortunately, I drew Sickle Ripper and died horribly. Excellent end to a very equal match. I still blame my loss in this game on the fact I was sitting adjacent to my opponent in match 1. When he sat opposite me, I lost. Or, well, he beat me. When he was sitting next to me, I lost. Any time he was far away, I won. So I blame him, much to his bemusement.

    Game 5: Green/Black. Again, I played Ed's previous opponent. My deck worked exactly as it should both games, and I won them pretty swiftly, ending the match at 2-0 and spending the time both during and after my match chatting with Ed and his final opponent, who seemed to be having a great game :-) Again, proves the point that it was that guy's fault I lost. Harrumph.

    Overall, finished in 10th place with a 3-2 record, winning 4 boosters of Eventide. Got a shiny Deity of Scars for my trouble, so that was pretty sweet. I'll definately give this another go if I can when Shards of Alara comes out :-)
    Last edited by Simno; July 13th, 2008 at 16:09.

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