Hay i reciently started playing paranoia and im proud to declare im a orange level citizen. that might be funny for those who play the game.........i said it might be funny

the reason im startin this thread is for you guys to discuss your best kills of friends........ ie framing them for communism, being a hippy(Sierra Club), you guys get the point.

my favorite kill is when my friend died i put pieces of chocklate in the underarms of his coat and on the forhead of his gas mask. when the chocklate melted and started turning to goo i took a pic and sent it to friend computer. (Commies have underarm stains according to friend computer. Friend Computer is your friend why would he lie!!!) needless to say we were given the order to exicute him and we did Orange Pistol + red armor= dead commie!!!!!

dont be afraid to ask questions because the furthering of friend computers cause is a good one.