A resurgence of the CCG has hit my store like a sack of bricks, so I decided to find and redo my old deck that I love so much. Bare in mind that this is built purely on the first set, though I will be buying cards from the more recent sets soon. Anyways here it is, it's rather...unique, or was at the time of it's inception.

60x Deck.


Zenith Shadowforce- Alliance Warlock.


4x Goldenmoon.
3x Brother Rhone.
3x Mya, Dragonling Wrangler.
1x Landro Longshot.


4x Sarmoth.
3x Morfiel.
2x Piztog.


1x Trance Stone.


4x Shadow Bolt.
4x Shred Soul.
4x Eye of Kilrogg.
3x Cull the Weak. (Holo even =D)
3x Curse of Tongues.
3x Steal Essence.


4x Manhunt.
3x Finkle Einhorn, at your service!
3x Blueleaf Tubers.
3x Chasing A-me 01.
3x Your fortune awaits you.
2x Kibler's exotic pets.

The basic plan of this deck was to get Goldenmoon out ASAP so I can bring multiple pets into play. Having Morfiel, Sarmoth, and Piztog in play at the same time is very fun. The spells help in the annoyance, and the deck overall is based around harassment and small shots.

It struggles in one on one battles, mainly with the lack of damage it can put out. But in Multiplayer games (Where I usually play) it really shines. Sarmoth can take damage for the entire party, and with four in the deck and multiple ways to bring him back he's a pain in the ass for the opposite team. He is excellent to use in Raids, especially against the Dragon, where the hatchlings can only deal out minimal damage.

Morfiel is the main damage pet, and his ability to make the opponent's pay 1 more for stuff is amazing. Combined with Curse of Tongues, this can put a +2 penalty on one person, nerfing them until they or their allies deal with the situation.

Some cards I wish I had more of, like Trance Stone and Landro, who I'm a big fan of due to the risk factor. So what do you think? What in the new sets would help benefit this deck? Any new Alliance Warlocks that rock?