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    noob to dnd, and have some questions

    Hi all,
    Some friend and me recently started a DND campain.
    And were loving it!

    But some questions arrose;
    (our GM has about 2 hours more experience than us in DnD so he doesnt know either)

    on page 54 of the players handbook it says:
    Abilities: Charisma determines how powerful a spell a sorcerer
    can cast, how many spells he can cast per day, and how hard those
    spells are to resist

    But then we cant find were it says when/how/why to roll on your charisma, or what bonus it gives you.

    I know this has something to do with it, but how and what I can't understand.
    The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a sorcerer’s spell is 10 + the spell level + the sorcerer’s Charisma modifier.

    Is this the test a monster has to pass in order to ressist the spell? adding his resistance or will?
    I'm really lost, please help clerify this.

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    You guys are close.

    Spells just happen most of the time. Without a roll required, unless stated otherwise(like a ray needs a ranged touch attack to hit).

    The charisma give bonus spells per day, and the most powerfull spell you can get are limited by you charisma. A charisma of 16 lets you have up to 6th level spells, a charisma of only 14, give only 4th level spells, and so on.

    The bonus spells you get per day based on your ability bonus are listed in a chart towards the beginning of the book.

    You are close in what the DC is for. Calculate the DC of the spell (its pretty easy when you know how) 10+spell level+ability bonus. Read the spell description, if it says they get a save it will also say what kind of save it is (fort, will, reflex). The monster they cast the spell on gets to use their appropriated save to try and resist the spell but they need to break the DC that you calculated earlier.

    If you guys are new to the game, you might want to try 4th edition rather than 3rd, as the system is more intuitive and elegant when it comes to this sort of thing.

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    What edition are you playing?

    If it's 3.5, here's your answer:

    To cast a spell, you need a Charisma of at least 10 + Spell level. So to cast a level 3 spell, you need Charisma 13.

    As for the Difficulty Class thing..

    On each spell, it'll say if there is a save, and what that save is (Will, Reflex, or Fortitude). When you cast a spell that allows a save, the target must roll 1d20 and add the appropriate save to their result. This must beat the DC of your spell, which is 10 + Spell Level + Charisma Modifier.

    Sorry if it's not entirely clear, i'm not great at explaining stuff. If you're still stuck, drop me a PM.

    Of course, if you're playing any edition other than 3.5, allllll this information is probably useless to you.

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