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    My 4ed DnD Characters and Background

    Hello all- I recently started playing a 4ed campaign with some other players. There are only 4 of us, so our DM asked if anyone would like to run a pair of characters, to flesh the party out to 5. Two of us volunteered, so with two of us running two characters each, the party has been fleshed out to 6 and has had no trouble seeming "right". Here are my characters- I prefer RPing over 'Crawling', so I built two brothers- Avenger and Warlord- with a bit of history between them.

    The story of the sons of Awans Feathermane is a story of two Shifter youths destined for greatness. The story begins with the son Callan, born into the Pride, as Awans’ youngest son. His older brother, Tellan, was six years his senior, and already displaying signs that he would become a promising warrior. Callan lived forever under his older brother’s shadow, for it would be Tellan to inherit the Pride and lead it’s nomadic people across the wide central plains of the continent as they followed the herds. Callan would forever be his second, his right hand man, his closest ally, but never his equal. As he aged, Callan was also taught how to lead, and how to fight, and was educated in the lore of his people. He was always intrigued by the sagas of the gods, the way they stood amongst one another as peers and equals. In a world of constant motion, migration, and change- the gods stood as resolute as the mountaintops, forever the same. The only other subject which Callan could ever bear to pay attention to, was the art of combat- necessary for every Shifter of the Pride to learn, be they male or female. This served to make the Shifters into competent hunters, but also allowed them to fend off the attentions of the Goblins, and their Orcish cousins, who assailed them from the more arid deserts to the North.
    In one such raid, Callan’s older brother, the great warrior Tellan, was slain by an envenomed goblin arrow. Though stricken with grief, Awans understood that now, his mantle of chieftain would be passed down to Callan, now his only son. Callan accepted the burden gratefully, and began studying the arts of diplomacy and leadership under newer teachers- teachers who did not expect him to bow to the will of an older brother.
    It was at this time that a new child appeared. Bloody, exhausted, starved, and near death, the youth dragged himself into the camp of one of Awans’ hunting parties. He was fed, clothed, and nursed back to health, but treated with distaste by his rescuers. This youth was a Longtooth, descended of the wolves of the forest, rather a Razorclaw descended of fierce lions or ferocious tigers. The tribesmen thought Longtooths to be weaker, and inferior- less self reliant than a proud Razorclaw hunter. Callan saw through such things, trained as he was in diplomacy and lore, but also because of his view of the gods and what is just. He asked that Awans take the stranger in, rather than sending him back into the savannah alone. Awans refused to kneel to such disgrace, and after two weeks time, he bid farewell to the boy, and sent the strange youth on his way.
    It is said that the youth was gone for twelve days, before he returned. Once more, the youth was bloodied and exhausted, but not scarred. He shared a tale with the tribe in which he had travelled North. There, he had pursued, beaten, and fed upon many members of a goblin warband. In proof, he returned a well crafted goblin bow. Awans took this to be a sign from the gods. In the youth, his firstborn son had returned. Awans adopted the boy, naming him Corran. But there was a problem. Callan was the true son, and rule of the tribe would go to him. For two years the new brothers learned side by side, and Callan showed his foster brother what it was to be a Razorclaw. In return, Corran attempted to impart his calmer, more sociable ways into Callan. The two would forever be as different as night and day, but they shared a closer bond than any kinsmen in the entire Pride.
    When the boys reached the age of twenty, their father fell ill. The Shamans and Hunt-leaders stood watch around Awans’ body for five days as he waxed and waned feverishly. When finally the man succumbed to his sickness, the Shaman left the tent to begin Callan’s coronation. But the youth was nowhere to be found. Without a word, he had left the Pride to wander the wilderness, leaving the place of heir to Corran. Thus, Corran became Chieftain and principal Warlord to the Pride, although he missed Callan every day.
    Callan wandered in the wilderness for months. He travelled towards the mountains, the edge of the known world to his small tribe below. On the other side he found an ancient temple to the Raven Goddess. Climbing the twisting stairs, he was assailed by three men. With his hunter’s training and his instinctual ferocity, he dispatched two of the three men, but was dragged off screaming by the third, into the depths of the temple. Of what passed inside that horrid place, nobody is certain. Half a decade later, a creature of feline grace descended the stairs and wandered out into the world.
    The new figure arrived in the Pride as mysteriously as Corran had, a century and a half before. Shrouded in a long robe, the face inside the deep hood was disguised by a grisly silver mask. The top have bore the predatory beak of the Raven Goddess, while it’s lower half was shaped in the twisted guise of a feral skull. The taciturn creature inquired to the whereabouts of the Chieftain, and was told that Corran had gone on an expedition to find his missing brother. The raven-faced stranger left like a wind through the grass, and disappeared silently into the plains.
    When the Avenger came across Corran in the wild, there was no mistaking who hid behind the mask. Corran immediately recognized his brother, even though he had changed drastically. If the two had seemed different before, they were polar opposites now. Callan had become dark, and brooding- his Razorclaw ferocity tempered by years of cruelty and harsh training. The two brothers stood as mirror images as well. During his ordeal, Callan had come to wield his blade right handed, whereas Corran always did battle from his left. Somewhere in their countless fights, each had earned a scar over their eye, one on the left, the other on his right. Callan had become dark, and preferred to sneak through the shadows and kill his prey through brutal surprise, while Corran had become a bold leader, commanding from the front and meeting his foes face to face.
    Callan shared tales of the world beyond the plains, and of the battles to be fought and glory to be earned there. Ever curious, and always adventurous, Corran determined that they would not return to the Pride, but that he would instead follow Callan on his missions in the world abroad.
    Together, they journeyed to the East, where they met with a part of adventurers. A Warlord like Corran, a Fighter, a Rogue and a Ranger had all banded together to seek adventure, and were doing the bidding of an order of paladins. A strange plague of dementia had swept through the human lands, and these warriors each served as ambassadors and informants for the other races assembled on the continents. An elemental, a Dragonborn, an Eladrin, and an Elf, and now two Shifters. As one they began to scour the land, going wherever their missions sent them. In the time since, Callan has received many enchanted items. A greatsword, ever aflame with righteousness, a pair of fast boots, and a cloak made of pure shadow to hide him. Corran bears an enchanted ring that allows him to command the forces of death, if only for a short time, and an enchanted crossbow with bolts that seek their foe no matter where he may hide. Thus equipped, the two warriors serve alongside their new allies, and face the evils of the world unified once again, as brothers.

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    ooh, nice, my own character's fluff is quite a bit smaller than that
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