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    Alright here goes.

    First off, my credentials.
    I've been DM'ing for around 3+ years now. I started almost directly after my first campaign "ended" (if you call half a dozen Beholders just "popping" up and end) and I've been DM'ing ever since.
    I'd say I'm a good DM...I keep people focused, people ask to play in my campaigns specifically and I've received comments that I'm very organised and that I run very fun dynamic campaigns and that this seems to come naturally to me. truth I'm struggling like mad with a variety of issues.

    Here is one that keeps popping up for me.

    How do I play stupid creatures? (both roleplay and games wise with attacks and tactics etc.)

    The PC's encounter a Kobold...
    Now what? Let's assume they don't kill it...they want to question it. How does a creature like that react concerning speech and such?
    There is a series of books, Slayers guide, that has got very nice tips on dealing with individual races...but on the off chance that I want to avoid reading books about every single intelligence challenged monster there is it would be nice to get some basic rules.

    Ok, let's take the other route.
    PC's attack said Kobold. Now what does it do? What I always think with creatures such as Kobolds is that they're living creatures just like a human or a lion and thus they are knowledgable of what they can do. What I end up doing by default is for the kobold to use whatever skills it has to the maximum effect. And note, I do not fudge rolls. I might have been guilty of that in the past but I for one won't fudge rolls so that a mere Kobold can win
    I'm not sure of what exactly the question is with this one...perhaps just listing how you would do it can give me some ideas.
    But you should know that I've nearly killed a party of 4 level 4-5 PC's with 5 Kobolds (two of which were severly wounded from a earlier Gnoll attack, the same Gnolls my PC's were looking for).

    The battle ended with one PC unconscious, one nearly out of it and two wounded PC's slaughtering all but one Kobold that stole the Wizards backpack (with his spellbook in it).
    I did this using the standard Kobolds from the monsters manual without changing them and with using rolls rolled infront of the players using unaltered die.
    The PC's also weren't stupid...I'm sure that the problem is me just playing the Kobolds too "well" so to say.

    I have no trouble roleplaying monsters such as Vampires, Liches, Dragons, Devils, Angels etc...
    But combat with them?
    By the Warp...I would kill my PC's every time!

    As a result of this inability to play the monsters I usually manually operate the monsters hits and misses making it very thematical and there have been some nice climaxes using that technique.
    But I want to be able to have some randomness to whether PC's die or not. I dislike running "safe" games or to have my own preferences ruin the randomness of a greataxe wielding ork.

    Please don't give me 2 line replies with "Just roll some die" OR "Just use a french accent for your Kobolds". Give proper advice please.


    Your fluffraping hurts my eyes. - TehDarkPredator

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    Well I have Dm'd for close to 6-7 years.

    What I do is I base how they act through a look at what they can do and their population. For example.

    Goblins, they love to ambush because in real life they are cowards. So when confronted they do whatever they need to to escape (much like kobalts). So when I play goblins they usually show alot of fear and stutter as any inferior race does. they usually dont need much prompting to spill there guts (litterally)

    Think of a Kobalt or a Goblin as a semi mature creature (equivilent of a 13-14 year old) thats wild. now how would that 13-14 year old act when aproached by a 22 year old fighter with longsword and nowhere to run? hes going to tell the guy anything that the fighter wants just to get out of the situation alive and as intact as possible. But in all honesty. Take the races inteligence and think of a human child of an apropriate age to that intelligence and depending on how wild the creature is change the way he acts a bit to be more feral. Hope this helps bro

    PS: If I was a level 5 character (Probably a ranger) theres no way in hell that 5 kobalts would cause me that much of an issue. no matter how smart their playing

    Much Respect
    Blood God

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