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    Miniature sources (specifically male human artificer)

    With the release of the 4th edition Eberron campaign and player guides, I started a campaign last week with a group of people I work with.

    I really get a kick out of painting my own figures rather than buying pre-painted like the WotC miniatures, and normally I'll pick up a random miniature from my local hobby shop, or even convert a Citadel model. For most races/classes this is pretty simple, but I am having a tough time finding a figure for my current character.

    Right now I am a changeling artificer, but my party doesn't know that. Everybody except for the DM thinks I am just a male human artificer (and I won't expose my changeling powers to them for as long as I can manage, here's to hoping nobody checks out my character sheet).

    So to make this shorter: what I am looking for is at least a model to represent a male human artificer and another to possibly represent a changeling artificer (that's a long shot I realize).

    I've thought about modeling my own, but I don't have the time currently. Right now my standin figure is a necrarch vampire from Citadel, carrying a couple scrolls and potions. I would be fine with converting pieces off of multipl models (I've thought about using a techmarine and trying to make him look OK for a fantasy/steampunk setting).

    Any thoughts on miniature companies that might make something like what I am looking for?

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    Have you checked out the Reaper range ( They have a huge range of models and chances are you can find something close to what you are after - and they are quite close to the GW scale - if not the same scale.
    Alternatively check out a few online stores like Wargames, Wargaming Miniatures and Boardgames | Arcane Miniatures or MAELSTROM GAMES - they have a good range, and usually cheaper than the normal retail price.
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