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Thread: General Advice

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    General Advice

    Hello everyone, it's been a while I know. But I've got a question I was hoping atleast a couple of people here could help me with. Namely a friend of mine is starting up a 3.5 DnD campaign, with those of us who are recently joing into the campaign starting at level 3 to be close to equal with the two players he's been running with recently.

    Now from what I've noticed, the DM is using the Unearthed Arcana rulebook but I don't know heavy of a use he's using. The result being that so far it looks like my group is going to consist of a thief heavy rogue, a paladin of tyranny, a chaotic neutral barbarian, a chaotic neutral bard, and I myself am playing a true neutral ranger. We've got one more person joining in, but I'm not too sure what he's going to play in the group.

    My main question is if there's any advice for figuring out just how to handle this in regards to those situations involving divine or arcane situations. As the only one of us who'll be starting with any magic, atleats to my knowledge, is the group's bard.

    For anyone who's wondering, I'm playing a archery path human ranger who's main weapons of choice are a bastard sword and a light crossbow. If anyone wants any more information don't hesitate to PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BDThrall89 View Post
    My main question is if there's any advice for figuring out just how to handle this in regards to those situations involving divine or arcane situations.
    Have the evil paladin and/or barbarian hit them and stock up on healing potions (or cure light wands for the bard / divine casters).

    If your DM is writing the game then he won't (or shouldn't) throw anything at you that beyond the abilities of the group, and not having any full casters should make things easier for him when it comes to doing that.

    If he's running a pre-written game then remember to bring utility gear like rope, extra food and water, light/fire sources, and so on. It's only 3rd level.

    Your main problem isn't a lack of spellcasters, it's that your thief is stealing all the loot, the paladin is a moustache twirling evildoer, your barbarian is a mentally unhinged sociopath, and the bard think's it's all a great laugh (going by the posted alignments that is).

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