Hi everyone,

Was talking to someone i know recently, and he has told me he has released his own card game, Crap Trumps. I thought he was joking to begin with, but then he sent me 3 decks (hes got 5 made) so i thought i would just check if i am the only one who has heard of this? i know he hasnt done much in the way of advertising, but ive seen the reviews from some of the large papers, and from topgear, and they are good. (am i really living under a rock?)

Its very similar to how top trumps is played, except there are 52 cards to a deck, so it can be used the same as a normal deck of cards too (it has all of the ace of hearts, two of diamonds etc) and the other catch, its centered around bad things. The bad things at christmas, the worlds worst cars. etc


PS: ive had a word, and anyone who wants them, let me know and ill get you them with free uk postage or a good discount for people abroad (ill see what i can do)