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    Advice to improve

    Hola everybody, it's just me deciding to see what everyone thought of this deck of mine. Namely what everyone would recommend to improve this deck of mine.

    5 Islands
    5 Planes
    5 Forests
    Akroma's Memorial
    Akroma: Angel of Wrath
    Bone Saw
    Angel's Feather
    Honor of the Pure
    Mark of Asylum
    Garruk Wildspeaker
    Trusty Machete
    Planar Cleansing
    Essence Warden
    2 Civic Wayfinder
    Soul Warden
    Genju of the Cedars
    Jace Beleren
    2 Elvish Berserker
    Borderland Ranger
    Captain of the Watch
    Essence Shatter
    Palace Guard
    Branchwood Armor
    Arrow Volley Trap
    Treetop Bracers
    Rafiq of the Many
    Martial Coup
    Wurm's Tooth
    Temporal Isolation
    Hindering Light
    Elephant Guide
    Conqueror's Pledge
    Plated Slagwurm
    Quiet Disrepair
    Nature's Spiral
    Wall of Air
    2 Honor Guard
    2 Holy Strength
    2 Remove Soul

    The main thing involving this deck is using alot of tokens to over-run the enemy, coupled with a few upgrades to boost them up. While if something comes up really nasty, then I've got something that can take it out.

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    WOAH! That's a lot of singles in a deck, as well as a lot of mana heavy cards and very few lands. You won't get many of those nice fun spells off without more lands, especially with so many needing specific mana groupings to cast (BB, GG, GBW etc.). My first tip is to narrow it down to 36 non-lands and boost your land to 24. Then have a good look at what you need in those 36 cards, what their mana dependencies are, does the deck have a good mana curve (most decks will have a bell curve when you plot each card's converted mana cost in a bar chart. This deck is rather high cost heavy). To get your curve better you're wanting to look at 4-6 CMC 1 spells, up to 8 CMC 2 (12 CMC 1+2 spells), 8-12 CMC 3s, 4-8 CMC 4s then round out the rest with bomby spells if you want. Then look at the cards you have and think "does something else fill this slot better?" To get a good deck you will have to be ruthless.

    Sorry I haven't been more specific with the cards but I don't know what your meta-game is, or recognise a fair few of those (I'm only recently into fully compeitive magic myself). Also, are you just playing fun, casual games or looking to go to tournaments and the such with it? Cause that's gonna take a bit of work to get it competitive in any format. Check out my ToP WIP in the projects section!

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