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    MTG again: Black/White Cleric deck- help and criticism

    This is a casual deck that I just put together from a few cards that I had, and some singles which I ordered. It's intended for friendly play, so if some of the cards have phased out of relevance, I apologize. Here it goes-

    (w) 3 Dedicated Martyr: (w) sacrifice DM, gain 3 life
    (w) 4 Children of Korlis: sacrifice CoK, gain life equal to life lost this turn (damage causes loss of life)
    (w) 3 Soul Warden: whenever another creature comes into play, gain 1 life
    (w) 3 Mother of Runes: tap- target creature gains protection from color of choice until end of turn
    (1) 3 Blasting Station: tap- sacrifice a creature, BS deals 1 damage to target creature or player, whenever another creature comes into play untap BS

    (1)(w) 3 Temple Acolyte: whenever TA comes into play from your hand, gain 3 life
    (1)(b) 3 Shepherd of Rot: tap- each player loses 1 life point for every zombie in play
    (b)(b) 3 Fear: enchanted creature gains Fear
    (1)(w) 3 Disenchant: destroy target artifact or encahntment

    (2)(b) 4 Rotlung Reanimator: whenever RR or a Cleric is put into graveyard from play, put a 2/2 B zombie token in play

    (3)(w) 3 Doubtless One: DO's power/toughness is equal to the number of clerics in play, whenever DO deals combat damage, you gain that much life
    (2)(b)(b) 3 Profane Prayers: target player or creature takes X damage, and you gain X life, where X is the number of Clerics in play

    (3)(b)(b) 2 Conspiracy: whenever conspiracy comes into play, pick a creature type, creatures you control, creatures in your graveyard, and creatures in your library and hand are chosen creature type.

    9 Plains
    9 Swamps
    1 cycleable plain: comes into play tapped
    1 cycleable swamp: comes into play tapped
    The deck focuses mostly on life gain, while powering up for large damage. The main aim is to bring 'Conspiracy', 'Rotlung Reanimator' and 'Blasting Station' into play, creating an "infinite damage loop".

    I used the deck today, and I found that I felt short on mana. I could probably add in some "double mana" cards, and maybe some accelerators to help bring lands into play. Any suggestions?

    I'd also like to run some sort of accelerator to get that combo out onto the field a little more quickly, but I'm not sure how I might do that. Again- any suggestions?

    Finally, I understand that some/most of these cards may have been phased out. If you have any knowledge of similar cards which would be legal under the new formats, I'm open to suggestions. I'm not any sort of tournament player though, so it doesn't bother me excessively.

    Pts Values for AoS here!

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    As a casual deck that looks pretty fun. I'd say possibly drop the Shepherd of Rots for some land, orzhov basilica would work nicely. Check out my ToP WIP in the projects section!

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    None of the cleric lords? (can't remember their name)

    Tap 5 clerics, gain 10 life. And you can do it repeatedly
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