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Thread: Character Posts

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    Hiya Guys! Sorry for my late arrival. But...Im back and ready for some rpg-ing!

    Name: Logarth Enakil

    Age: 156 Terran standard years

    Race: Human

    Rank: None presently

    Description: He wears a many layered, long, blue robe which has intricate golden patterns which seem to shift as he moves. The many layers of the robe are all in different shades of blue, from dark inside to light outside.
    He wears thick, black iron banded boots which have a magnetic lock function.
    His face is covered by a full head mask which is made to look exactly like a human skull. It is bone white and is sealed around his neck. In the eye sockets you can see two pinpoints of light, red if agitated and blue if docile.
    On his hands he has intricately crafted gauntlets. Along the top of the gauntlets, all the way to the wrist, there are tiny nano needles which can secrete several types of poisons or chemicals. There are load-slots on the forearm for the various poisons. The tips of the fingers have barbed needle-like knives which are used to burn away nerve-ends and they can also be used for more delicate torture methods.
    He rarely uses his real voice, preferring to project his voice psychically, sounding soft and soothing. But when the need for him to use his real voice arises it sounds rasping and deep. Around his waist he wears a belt which hold several ampules filled with various poisons. He has a bolt pistol in a holster on his right side, spare clips in pouches on the back of his belt. On the left side of the belt he has a heavily ornamented scabbard. And visible is the black and silvered handle of a C'Tan phase knife.
    -Height:Approx 2.1 meters
    -Weight: 78 kilograms

    - Special gauntlets.
    - Bolt pistol.
    - C'Tan phase knife.
    - The robe acts as a psychic shield. But weapons like bolters can make short work of it. Because of this he wears an interior suit of captured eldar mesh-armor.

    - 5X spare clips.
    - 3X Stim needles.
    - 2X frag grenades.
    - 7x Waypoint markers
    - 1x waypoint tracker/motion sensor

    Beliefs: The Emperor preserves my mind.

    Initially trained in the assassinorum, Logarth (codename: Flare), was to be the next secret weapon. That is until the training camp was raided by the Thousand Sons Legion. All were killed, save a few psykers who would quikly be consumed by the dreaded Thousand Sons and Logarth, who was taken to be dissected and studied.
    Logarth's skull helmet is of an unknown Xenos origin, when Logarth was found he was commanding a small contingent of guerilla fighters in the swamp hell of Arimath (Now known as Korok'Ozur, Ork world. See ref. file #4579). Despite his refusal to leave he was apprehended at a great loss to the retrieval team. 11 days later the Arimath resistance crumbled.
    Sadly, before the secrets of Logarths immense psychic powers and of his Xeno artifacts were revealed the Thousand Sons raid took place.
    Logarth has been declared MIA by the Assassinorum and the Inquisition has despatched a team to verify his demise.

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    I'll just add in my character to see what you lot think.

    Name: Tolanus Naral

    Occupation: Arch Magos of the Cybernetica College, Former Expedite of the Pinona Forge World.

    Race: Human

    Distinguishing Marks: Cerebral enhancements, bionic pulmonary and cardiac systems, right ocular replacement (complete with auspex, gunsight, infrascope and motion tracker), bionic left arm from the shoulder (incorporating monitoring and injection systems) and mechadendrites among others.

    Details: Tolanus was deemed Technologia Excommunicate for his heretical work in cybernetics and AI. He escaped before he could be punished and has roamed the stars looking for technology and knowledge in all its forms. He still wears the robes of the Adeptus Mechanicus, but they have become battered and torn. He wears them in such a way that all his face is either covered or in shadow, the only visible object beneath his hood is the red glow of his ocular replacment. Over the centuries Tolanus' many augmentations have begun to take their toll on him; he has become irritable, paranoid and unpredictable.

    Tolanus is a firm believer in ‘Knowledge is paramount’ and he uses that belief to justify his many research experiments and studies into xenotechnology and cybernetics. Tolanus is tireless in the pursuit of knowledge regardless of the methods used to obtain it, he believes he is a visionary, carrying out his work as the Machine God had intended.

    Quote: If to show emotion is to be human, then I no longer wish to be human.

    Weapons: Eldar derivative body armour, Galatia Model 5A Bolt Pistol (Master-Crafted)
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    Name: adrian stuttgart

    Race: human

    Age: 33

    Sex: male

    Appearence: tall, muscular build, black hair

    Occupation: imperial army

    Weapons: whatever he wants (within limits)

    Beliefs: the eternal emperor is great

    History: . He was born and raised on one of the outlying Cadian worlds, Aplarus Major. His mother was killed by one of the frequent Chaos attacks on the planet when he was 17. His father was left with six children to support. Young Adrian, the oldest, helped his ailing father for a few years, then left to join the guard, promising to send his credit reciepts to his family weekly. He rose through the ranks at Boot Camp quickly, earning the nickname "Rhino" for his quick thinking and instinct to protect his own troops. Stuttgart was sent to Armageddon, where he joined the 666th and met Colonel Karl El&#39;Johnson. El&#39;Johnson was a major influence on the young Lieutenant, teaching him strategy and tactics far beyond the basic training he recieved at the Officer&#39;s Academy. Stuttgart fought with valor in the Battle of the Midnight Sons, leading his troops in an unauthorized flanking maneuver that caught the Thousand Sons in the flank and routed them. For this he recieved an award and a promotion. Most recently, Stuttgart has been operating in the Eye of Terror, and has proved himself repeatedly to be a loyal defender of the Imperium, with a unrelenting fervor for victory and an unquenchable faith in the Immortal Emperor.
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    Name: Garl Giantwulf

    Age: about 220

    Height: 9 feet tall

    Race: Human

    Occupation: Wolf Gaurd

    Weapons and armor: Power armor, bolt pistol, bolter, chainsword, and power axe. Also carries standard array of grenades and knives.
    Geneseed affected growth beyond even normal space marines, thus the height and the name. Has a wolf pelt (the head lays across the right sholder gaurd). Heavily scarred face. Exceedingly long fangs. Wolf Gaurd of Ragnar Blackmane.

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    Eziekiel Alington

    age:200 terran years


    job:Inquisitor Ordo Necros


    wargear: plasma pistol, Blooddrinker(daemon sword that heals him as it hurts his foes), grenades, club, long black cloak

    History: little is known about Eziekiel except that he is a radical member of the Ordo Necros (the guys who kill people claining to be resurrections)
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