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Thread: Cthulhu Online

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    2 Nights ago Jane Bremer was attacked by a shadowy humanoid creature, However it is not just the Police who are interested in the goings on here as you will soon see. What follows is an account of actual events…

    ACT 1 The Investigation Location: Home of Jane Bremer

    [00:55] <HarrySerious> good afternoon, Jane Bremer ?
    [00:55] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:56] <HarrySerious> Im Detective Serious of the LAPD
    [00:56] <HarrySerious> and I am investigating the attack you suffered *consults notebook
    [00:56] <Jane-Bremer> what?
    [00:56] <HarrySerious> 2 days ago, is that correct ?
    [00:56] <Jane-Bremer> ooc
    [00:56] <Jane-Bremer> neverminde
    [00:56] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:57] * Jane-Bremer shudders
    [00:57] <Jane-Bremer> I was walking home from the library
    [00:57] <HarrySerious> I see you are distressed Ms Bremer
    [00:57] <HarrySerious> take your time
    [00:57] <Jane-Bremer> ...and..
    [00:57] * HarrySerious is a considerate detective
    [00:58] <Jane-Bremer> i saw this... thing
    [00:58] * HarrySerious makes notes
    [00:58] <HarrySerious> a thing ?
    [00:58] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:58] <HarrySerious> this was at night ?
    [00:58] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:58] <HarrySerious> what were the lighting conditions?
    [00:58] <Jane-Bremer> poor
    [00:58] <HarrySerious> street lights ?
    [00:59] <Jane-Bremer> the street light had gone out
    [00:59] <HarrySerious> ah okay
    [00:59] * HarrySerious scribbles in his notebook
    [00:59] <Jane-Bremer> well
    [00:59] <HarrySerious> you say &#39;a thing&#39; ?
    [00:59] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:59] <Jane-Bremer> it looked like a man
    [00:59] <Jane-Bremer> but i can&#39;t be shure
    [010] <HarrySerious> ahh
    [010] <Jane-Bremer> it was hunched over
    [010] <HarrySerious> so why do you think it wasnt a man ?
    [010] * Looking up Jane-Bremer user info...
    [010] <Jane-Bremer> just... the way it moved
    [010] <Jane-Bremer> it didn&#39;t seem to be from this world
    [010] <HarrySerious> okay, how did it move, can you be more specific ?
    [011] <Jane-Bremer> fast..
    [011] <Jane-Bremer> I&#39;ve never seen anything move that fast
    [011] <HarrySerious> right, i see
    [011] <HarrySerious> where did it go, moving so fast ?
    [011] <Jane-Bremer> it ran at me
    [011] <HarrySerious> right &#33;
    [012] * HarrySerious scribbles in his notebook again
    [012] <Jane-Bremer> it...it atacked me
    [012] <Jane-Bremer> but i do know some tai kwan do
    [012] <HarrySerious> right ...
    [013] <Jane-Bremer> you can see the wound on my leg
    [013] * HarrySerious looks at leg
    [013] <Jane-Bremer> after i kick it
    [013] <Jane-Bremer> it shriked and ran away
    [013] <HarrySerious> i see
    [013] <HarrySerious> how did the wound occur ?
    [014] <HarrySerious> did he have a knife or a bottle ?
    [014] <Jane-Bremer> it had...
    [014] <Jane-Bremer> it had claws
    [014] * HarrySerious crosses out &#39;he&#39; and writes &#39;it&#39; in his notebook
    [014] <HarrySerious> so, he or it had long fingernails ?
    [015] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [015] <Jane-Bremer> claws
    [015] <Jane-Bremer> like an animal
    [015] <HarrySerious> err...right
    [015] <HarrySerious> are you sure it was not a rubber Halloween glove ?
    [016] <HarrySerious> with nails or knife blades in the finger tips ?
    [016] <Jane-Bremer> what?
    [016] * Burian rolls down the street a large military truck belching thick diesel smoke, and parks a few hosues down from the detectives car
    [016] <HarrySerious> we get some weird teenagers in this city
    [016] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [016] <Jane-Bremer> of course not
    [016] <Jane-Bremer> and it had this horriable stench
    [016] <HarrySerious> okay madam, I&#39;ve made a note of that
    [017] <HarrySerious> right
    [017] <HarrySerious> did you notice if anyone else saw this creature or whatever ?
    [017] * Burian exits the vehicle, glances at a few houses as if looking for something, then casts his gaze on Jane&#39;s house
    [017] <Jane-Bremer> there was this other person who lives in my building
    [017] <Burian> EXCUSE ME
    [018] <HarrySerious> ah right
    [018] <Jane-Bremer> but he&#39;s not in right now
    [018] * Burian walks up to the two conversing
    [018] <HarrySerious> I see
    [018] <Burian> is this 1482 Miller street?
    [018] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [018] <Jane-Bremer> yes it is
    [018] <Burian> and you would be Jane Bremer?
    [018] <Jane-Bremer> I am
    [018] * Det_Serious looks at the new entrant
    [019] <Burian> sorry to intrude
    [019] <Det_Serious> don&#39;t mind me
    [019] <Burian> but I have been informed you were attacked by someone
    [019] <Jane-Bremer> How... how did you know that
    [019] <Burian> Its my business to know
    [019] <Jane-Bremer> i haven&#39;t told any one except Vlad and the police
    [019] <Det_Serious> Im Detective Serious of the LAPD Detectives Division
    [01:10] <Burian> nice to meet you sir
    [01:10] <Burian> I&#39;m Burian
    [01:10] <Burian> Burian Shevchenko
    [01:10] <Det_Serious> please tell me how you know of this incident
    [01:10] <Burian> My employer
    [01:10] <Burian> I have been hired to find a certain individual
    [01:10] <Det_Serious> right
    [01:11] <Burian> and was told he was linked to the attack on poor miss...
    [01:11] <Jane-Bremer> Bremer
    [01:11] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [01:11] <Burian> i"m sorry you are miss correct?
    [01:11] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [01:11] <Burian> anyway
    [01:11] <Burian> I was informed
    [01:11] * Looking up Burian user info...
    [01:11] <Burian> he was linked to this attack in some fashion
    [01:12] <Det_Serious> right, I have to take an interest in this, Sir
    [01:12] <Burian> I&#39;m sorry I can&#39;t reveal to you my sources
    [01:12] <Burian> but I your investigation and mine seem to be headed in the same direction
    [01:13] <Det_Serious> excuse me, but I think you might have to
    [01:13] <Det_Serious> exactly
    [01:13] <Det_Serious> so I have to ask you here and now ...
    [01:13] <Det_Serious> what is your employers interest in this assault ?
    [01:14] <Burian> Ha
    [01:14] <Det_Serious> whats his name to start with ?
    [01:14] <Burian> I don&#39;t even know his name
    [01:14] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [01:14] <Burian> i recieved a letter in teh mail
    [01:14] <Burian> no return address
    [01:14] <Burian> and the letter
    [01:14] <Jane-Bremer> Ecsuse me
    [01:14] <Burian> gave me a quarry to peruse
    [01:14] <Jane-Bremer> may i get a drink
    [01:15] <Det_Serious> by all means, miss
    [01:15] * Jane-Bremer leaves to get a drink
    [01:15] <Burian> oh of course
    [01:15] <Burian> anyway detective
    [01:15] <Burian> the letter promised a sizeable sum of money if i found the individual in question
    [01:15] <Det_Serious> I see
    [01:15] <Burian> at first
    [01:15] <Burian> i thought it was a load of horse *****
    [01:16] <Burian> but
    [01:16] <Det_Serious> understandable
    [01:16] <Burian> it appears he advanced 25% of the finders fee
    [01:16] <Burian> to my bank account
    [01:16] <Det_Serious> I see
    [01:16] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [01:16] * Jane-Bremer returns coke in hand
    [01:16] <Burian> i can&#39;t tell you anything about my employer or about my bounty
    [01:17] <Burian> as I don&#39;t know anything further
    [01:17] <Burian> but if hes good for the cash
    [01:17] <Burian> which hes proven
    [01:17] <Burian> its an offer I can’t refuse
    [01:17] <Det_Serious> you can tell me the name of the individual that you have been tasked to find
    [01:17] <Burian> not a name
    [01:18] <Burian> in fact
    [01:18] <Burian> the message was much of a riddle in itself
    [01:18] <Det_Serious> please tell it to me
    [01:18] <Burian> it listed this address
    [01:18] <Burian> and a name
    [01:18] <Burian> Jane Bremer
    [01:18] <Burian> and then below
    [01:18] <Burian> was a short script
    [01:19] <Burian> Seek the beast, and you shall find
    [01:19] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [01:19] <Burian> your actions are returned in kind.
    [01:19] <Burian> then a sort of number
    [01:19] <Burian> thats how i know the money came from them
    [01:20] <Det_Serious> what was the number ?
    [01:20] <Burian> it matches the account my payment was transferred from
    [01:20] <Det_Serious> right
    [01:20] <Burian> some offshore swiss account
    [01:20] <Burian> unimportant
    [01:20] <Det_Serious> okay
    [01:20] <Det_Serious> thank you for your frankness, Mr Shevchenko
    [01:20] <Burian> ma&#39;am
    [01:20] <Jane-Bremer> yes?
    [01:20] <Burian> are you free for breakfast?
    [01:21] <Det_Serious> I cannot prevent you asking Miss Bremer any questions
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> ye.. yes i am
    [01:21] <Burian> if so I&#39;d like to invite both you and the detective here, to accompany me so we can further discuss this whole matter
    [01:21] <Burian> but first...
    [01:21] <Burian> would you happen to have a restroom?
    [01:21] * Burian smiles
    [01:21] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> down the hall and to the left
    [01:21] <Burian> thank you
    [01:22] <Burian> ill be back momentarily
    [01:22] <Det_Serious> Miss Bremer, you have never met that person before ?
    [01:22] <Jane-Bremer> No
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> and have you ever heard that &#39;riddle&#39; before ?
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> hmmmm
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> does it make any sense to you at all ?
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> i might of
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> in a book i read once
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> well
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> a book ?
    [01:23] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> i am a librarian
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> can you recall which book ?
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> I don&#39;t think so
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> too many to remember them all
    [01:24] * Burian returns
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> but i think it was in a book about the occult
    [01:24] <Det_Serious> I see
    [01:24] <Burian> well
    [01:24] <Burian> i appologize for the delay
    [01:24] <Burian> youa re all welcome to ride with me
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> if my witness here is inclined to go with you, then i must go with her
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> but I must take my own car
    [01:25] <Burian> i hear Ssabo&#39;s has excellent coffee
    [01:25] <Jane-Bremer> thats fine with me
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> I know Ssabo&#39;s
    [01:26] * Det_Serious knows every coffee bar in LA
    [01:26] <Burian> well
    [01:26] <Burian> then Jane if you&#39;d prefer riding with me or the detective
    [01:26] <Burian> either is fine
    [01:26] <Det_Serious> but I will extend an invitation for Miss Bremer to ride with me
    [01:27] <Det_Serious> your call, Miss Bremer
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> i&#39;ll ride with Det serious
    [01:27] <Burian> shes all your detective
    [01:27] <Burian> ill meet you there
    [01:27] * Det_Serious flashes his (app 12) smile
    [01:27] <Det_Serious> okay
    [01:28] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer goes to his detective car
    [01:28] * Burian heads to his car, and once inside drives of west to SSabos&#39;s
    [01:28] * Det_Serious drives to Ssabos and parks up

    ACT 2- A Meeting of Minds Location: Local University

    [01:29] * SarahWalters looks around for Professor Alex Truth
    [01:29] * Prof-Truth is sitting reading a large dusty book in his office
    [01:30] <SarahWalters> Profesor Truth i am Sarah Walters i am here in LA on business
    [01:31] * Prof-Truth looks up from the book with a smile
    [01:31] * Prof-Truth slides the book into a drawer and closes it
    [01:31] <Prof-Truth> Ahh hello... Sarage Walters I believe... am I correct?
    [01:32] <SarahWalters> yes, I know you only by reputation professor
    [01:33] <Prof-Truth> Well thank you, what are you here for anyway?
    [01:33] <SarahWalters> well you may have heard about a series of murders in this area
    [01:34] <SarahWalters> the police are going to some lengths to hide the connection between them
    [01:34] <Prof-Truth> They are? Well those men always have their agendas... politics... you know the sort... disgusting really
    [01:34] <Prof-Truth> But how does this affect me?
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> well the killer is somewhat unusual, he or should i say it uses claws
    [01:35] * Prof-Truth is suddenly more interested
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> i was hoping that would get your interest
    [01:35] <Prof-Truth> Does it really? Well that is quite interesting
    [01:35] <Prof-Truth> What can I do?
    [01:36] <SarahWalters> well i was going to interview the woman who survived then attempt to track the creature
    [01:37] <SarahWalters> a successful capture would be a boon to both our careers
    [01:37] <Prof-Truth> Well I cant help you much with tracking, but I am... quite knowledgable on many subjects...
    [01:37] <Prof-Truth> And... I am a good driver...
    [01:38] <SarahWalters> just as well
    [01:38] * SarahWalters lifts up her ornate staff of a walking stick
    [01:38] <SarahWalters> i am not up to walking very far
    [01:38] <Prof-Truth> Well where are we off to?
    [01:39] <Prof-Truth> The victims house? The crime scene?
    [01:39] <SarahWalters> well first of all the crime scene there may be some sign the creature was there
    [01:40] <Prof-Truth> Alright... but not without my book&#33;
    [01:40] * Prof-Truth reaches into the desk and pulls out the monstous thing smiles and heads for the door
    [01:40] * Looking up Prof-Truth user info...
    [01:41] * SarahWalters gives the prof a funny look and follows behind him

    ACT 3 The Search for Truth

    [01:41] * Burian pulls into the parking lot of Ssabo&#39;s coffee hut
    [01:42] * Burian walks inside and takes a seat in an out of the way booth
    [01:42] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer are already slecting their coffee
    [01:43] * Burian sees the two seated
    [01:43] * Burian heads to join them
    [01:43] <Burian> well
    [01:43] <Burian> led foot are we detective?
    [01:43] <Det_Serious> Hello again, Mr Shevchenko
    [01:43] * Burian chuckles
    [01:44] <Burian> well lets get down to business
    [01:44] <Burian> Miss Brener
    [01:44] <Jane-Bremer> yes?
    [01:44] <Burian> about the man who attacked you
    [01:44] <Burian> did you get a good look at him?
    [01:44] * Det_Serious pulls out his notebook again
    [01:44] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [01:45] <Jane-Bremer> it was too dark
    [01:45] <Burian> alright
    [01:45] <Burian> where is it you were attacked?
    [01:45] <Jane-Bremer> about a block from my apartment
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> on the corner of Winona and Swith
    [01:46] <Burian> just some hoodlum who came out of the ally down there?
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [01:46] <Burian> no?
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> it moved to fast to be human
    [01:46] <Burian> whoah whoah whoah
    [01:46] * Det_Serious stirs his coffee thougtfully and listens to the conversation
    [01:46] <Burian> it was an animal?
    [01:47] <Jane-Bremer> no...not quite
    [01:47] * Burian interested now
    [01:47] * Burian listens on
    [01:47] <Burian> so i wasn&#39;t human
    [01:47] <Burian> but it wasn&#39;t an animal?
    [01:47] * Burian chuckles
    [01:47] <Jane-Bremer> yes..
    [01:47] <Burian> your not saying a plant here are you?
    [01:48] <Jane-Bremer> of course not
    [01:48] <Jane-Bremer> it was...
    [01:48] <Jane-Bremer> i don&#39;t know what it was
    [01:48] <Burian> strange
    [01:48] * Det_Serious butts in
    [01:48] <Det_Serious> have you been back to the location since, Miss Bremer ?
    [01:48] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [01:49] <Jane-Bremer> i haven&#39;t left the house till now
    [01:49] <Det_Serious> I&#39;d like to get an idea of the speed of the attack
    [01:49] <Burian> yes
    [01:49] <Burian> you say he was fast
    [01:49] <Det_Serious> and maybe the direction that the assailant departed
    [01:49] <Jane-Bremer> it moved like a blur
    [01:50] <Jane-Bremer> and i was to disoriented to tell wich way it went
    [01:50] <Det_Serious> would you acompany me back to the scene and we can go through the sequence of events?
    [01:50] <Burian> hmmmm
    [01:50] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [01:50] <Burian> I like the way you think detective
    [01:50] <Jane-Bremer> will
    [01:50] <Burian> if it was in human
    [01:50] <Det_Serious> being back there, when it is perfectly safe in daylight, might help you get over any distress
    [01:50] <Burian> maybe it left behind something that can help us
    [01:51] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [01:51] <Det_Serious> Mr Shevchenko, this is a matter for the LAPD Detectives Division
    [01:51] <Det_Serious> a Police matter
    [01:51] <Burian> and?
    [01:51] <Det_Serious> I cannot prevent you being at the scene
    [01:52] <Det_Serious> but I warn you not to interfere in a police investigation
    [01:52] * SarahWalters and Professor Truth have reached the scene of the attack
    [01:52] <Burian> have i tried to interfere
    [01:52] <Det_Serious> take that as a friendly warning
    [01:52] <Burian> Im insulted
    [01:52] <Burian> hah
    [01:52] <Det_Serious> Mr Shevchenko, Im just doing my job
    [01:52] <Burian> a friendly warning
    [01:52] <Det_Serious> theres no need to be insulted
    [01:52] <Burian> I realize that detective
    [01:53] <Burian> and I&#39;m just doing mine
    [01:53] * Burian finishes his coffee
    [01:53] * Burian slaps a couple bills on the table
    [01:53] * Det_Serious is a gritty, hard boiled detective of the old school
    [01:53] <Burian> well im sorry to have wasted your time ms brener
    [01:53] <Jane-Bremer> its quite alright to find a certain individual
    [01:54] <Jane-Bremer> I took they day of work
    [01:54] <Burian> well if you two will excuse me
    [01:54] <Det_Serious> so, Miss bremer, will you go back with me to the scene ?
    [01:54] * Prof-Truth gets out of the car with his book under arm.
    [01:54] <Burian> I have a feeling the only thing that will help me now is at the corener of Winona
    [01:54] * Jane-Bremer follows the detective to his car leaving her coffe untouched
    [01:55] * Burian chuckles as he heads to his vehicle
    [01:55] * Det_Serious leaves a couple of bucks on the table and leads Jane-Bremer back to his detective mobile

    ACT 4 The Scene of the Crime Location: Winona and Swith
    [01:55] <SarahWalters> so this is where it all happened, it looks so normal
    [01:55] * Burian arrives at the scene and is puzzled by the car, a woman, and a strange man with a book
    [01:56] * Det_Serious arrives with his usual screech of powerul brakes
    [01:56] * Det_Serious gets out of his car
    [01:56] * Prof-Truth looks up with an uninterested look and sees that many people has just arrived
    [01:57] * SarahWalters scrapes something off the fall which appears to be some kind of mucus
    [01:57] * Burian gets out and heads to the crime scene
    [01:57] * Det_Serious helps Jane-Bremer out of his car
    [01:57] * Prof-Truth sees the cop and sighs to himself
    [01:57] <Burian> well well well
    [01:57] <Burian> looks like we have a party
    [01:57] <SarahWalters> Professor i found something
    [01:57] <Det_Serious> excuse me, ladies and gentlemen
    [01:57] <Burian> found something?
    [01:57] <Prof-Truth> What is it Sarah?
    [01:57] <Det_Serious> I am detective Serious of the LAPD detectives division
    [01:57] <SarahWalters> some kind of mucus
    [01:57] <Burian> hold it just a minute
    [01:58] <SarahWalters> not human
    [01:58] <Det_Serious> and I would like to know what you are all doing here
    [01:58] <Burian> yeah
    [01:58] * Det_Serious speaks loudly to attract everyones attention
    [01:58] <Prof-Truth> We are minding out own matters... *under breath* as some others should
    [01:59] <Det_Serious> this is a crime scene
    [01:59] <Prof-Truth> Well I dont see it taped off.
    [01:59] * SarahWalters puts the mucus in a container and notices it is going up the wall in a line
    [01:59] <Burian> I don&#39;t see any tape officer
    [01:59] <Burian> what have you got there miss
    [01:59] <Burian> a booger in a jar?
    [01:59] * Prof-Truth sighs
    [01:59] * Burian walks closer to Sarah
    [01:59] * Det_Serious spits into the gutter
    [01:59] <Burian> so
    [020] <Det_Serious> filthy coffee
    [020] * SarahWalters looks around for some kind of ladder
    [020] <Burian> it looks like whatever it was that attacked miss Brener
    [020] <Burian> has sinus trouble
    [020] * Det_Serious walks back over to Jane-Bremer
    [020] <Burian> or
    [020] <Burian> we have a bigger problem than I thought
    [020] <Det_Serious> do you know any of these people, Miss Bremer ?
    [020] <Prof-Truth> Well... that warrants further investigation
    [020] <Burian> I don&#39;t know about you guys
    [020] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [021] <Burian> but I think you can get a better view from the top
    [021] <Det_Serious> okay
    [021] <Jane-Bremer> i don&#39;t recall
    [021] * SarahWalters finds a fire escape ladder on the side of the building and climbs up
    [021] * Burian walks to the fire escape on the side of the building
    [021] * Det_Serious walks over to Prof-Truth
    [021] <Prof-Truth> Are you sure you should be doing that Sarah?
    [021] * Burian heads to the top
    [021] <Det_Serious> Prof-Truth: who are you sir, and what is your interest here

    ACT 5 Something Horrible
    [021] <Burian> ah shes fine
    [021] <Det_Serious> ?
    [021] <Burian> shell be fin...
    [021] <Burian> erm
    [022] <Prof-Truth> I am Professor Truth and I am merely helping Ms. Walters
    [022] <SarahWalters> oh my god&#33;
    [022] <Burian> i second that
    [022] <Burian> detective
    [022] <Det_Serious> Prof-Truth: and who is Ms. Walters ?
    [022] * Prof-Truth runs over and starts to climb the ladder
    [022] <Burian> you might want to get up here
    [022] <SarahWalters> oh my god&#33; oh my god&#33; oh my god&#33;
    [022] <Burian> whoah
    [022] <Burian> setlle dowen
    [022] * Det_Serious looks at SarahWalters
    [022] <Burian> whatever it is
    [022] * Prof-Truth ignores the dectectivve
    [022] <Burian> its dead
    [022] * Prof-Truth is climbing the ladder
    [023] * Det_Serious climbs the ladder
    [023] <Det_Serious> don&#39;t touch anything I warn you &#33;
    [023] * Burian pokes the body
    [023] * Prof-Truth sighs
    [023] <Burian> too late
    [023] * Prof-Truth laughs
    [023] <Prof-Truth> You my friend are funny
    [023] * Jane-Bremer lagging behinde climbs up the ladder
    [023] <Burian> its the only way to live
    [023] <Det_Serious> Mr Shevchenko do not touch that, what ever it is
    [024] <Prof-Truth> Well what do we have here?
    [024] <Burian> it appears
    [024] <Burian> we have a very dead
    [024] <Burian> very slimy
    [024] <Burian> very tattered
    [024] <Burian> corpse
    [025] <Burian> ok
    [027] * Prof-Truth walks over to the edge of the building and lets out a stream of vomit to the pavement below... being very dareful to keep his book clean
    [027] <Prof-Truth> err careful
    [027] <Burian> awww
    [027] * SarahWalters looks up at the body and scrambles to her feet as she tires to compose herself
    [027] <Burian> thats vile
    [028] * Det_Serious has seen some unpleasant sights in his time
    [028] <Prof-Truth> Me or... that thing?
    [028] <Burian> both sir
    [028] * Jane-Bremer is deathly silent
    [028] <Burian> you alright miss?
    [028] * Det_Serious notices Jane-Bremer
    [028] <Burian> look like you&#39;ve seen a ghost
    [029] <Jane-Bremer> i..mm..ok.ay
    [029] <Det_Serious> do sit on this air conditioning box thing
    [029] * Jane-Bremer takes a seat
    [029] * SarahWalters walks over to the body now far less shaken up, i guess the creature got its meal anyway
    [029] * Det_Serious is considerate for a hard-boiled cop
    [029] <Burian> well now that we&#39;ve all met Mr. Gooey
    [029] <Burian> what do we do now?
    [02:10] <Burian> looks like the thing
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll tell you what we all do now, Sir
    [02:10] <Burian> is perfectly able
    [02:10] <Burian> to climb vertical walls
    [02:10] <Prof-Truth> Hmm... well... I think it would be best to keep this under raps
    [02:10] <SarahWalters> this is an outrage, the thing that did this is going to do it again and again
    [02:10] <Burian> hmmm hear that detective?
    [02:10] <Prof-Truth> You Dectective should not tell the rest of the station
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> I get my people from forensic up here and we take it in for examination
    [02:11] <Burian> oh no no no
    [02:11] <Burian> the last thing I need is cops crawling all over this place
    [02:11] * Det_Serious is shocked
    [02:11] <Det_Serious> this, SIR, is a police matter
    [02:11] <Jane-Bremer> Detctive... i think their right...
    [02:11] <Jane-Bremer> *they&#39;re
    [02:12] <SarahWalters> the police covered up the last 4 murders&#33; thats right everyone this has happened before&#33;
    [02:12] <Burian> wait
    [02:12] <Burian> 4 murders?
    [02:12] * Jane-Bremer gasps
    [02:12] * Det_Serious looks grim
    [02:12] <Burian> you know that detective?
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> Im not at liberty to say, SIR
    [02:13] <Burian> well fine SIR
    [02:13] <SarahWalters> how dare you people play with people&#39;s lives&#33;
    [02:13] <Burian> but I&#39;d like to listen to waht this lady has too say
    [02:13] <Burian> somehow she and prof book knew enough to come looking here

    ACT 6 The Professor Takes Flight
    [02:13] * Prof-Truth Looks around and begins to slowly move towards the ladder
    [02:13] <Burian> I want to know
    [02:13] * Det_Serious stops looking grimly at Burian ,and looks grimly at SarahWalters instead
    [02:13] <Burian> where they got their information
    [02:14] * Burian dashes to the ladder
    [02:14] <Burian> nope
    [02:14] <SarahWalters> Detective tell them how the LAPD has covered up Occult murders for years
    [02:14] <Burian> sorry prof
    [02:14] <Burian> your not going anywhere
    [02:14] <Burian> whats this?
    [02:14] * Det_Serious ignores the ranting woman for a while
    [02:14] * Prof-Truth quickly goes down the ladder and runs out to Sarah Walter&#39;s car
    [02:15] * Prof-Truth hops in and rides it off at an incredible speed with a great deal of skill
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> STAY HERE, DONT TOUCH THE STIFF
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> m
    [02:15] <Burian> well
    [02:15] * Det_Serious dashes down the ladder
    [02:15] <Burian> now we have one renegade prof
    [02:15] * Det_Serious notes the car licence plate
    [02:15] <Burian> oh there goes the detective
    [02:15] * Prof-Truth races to the university
    [02:16] * Prof-Truth gets out and runs in
    [02:16] * Det_Serious goes to his own car and calls in the profs cars description and licence plate
    [02:16] <Burian> would you mind letting me know what exactly you were hoping to find here mrs...
    [02:16] * Prof-Truth goes into his office&#39;s back room which has been converted into a library
    [02:16] <SarahWalters> Miss Walters, Sarah Walters
    [02:16] <Burian> Burian
    [02:16] * Prof-Truth opens up a large book an quickly begins to look through it
    [02:16] <Burian> Burian Shevchenko
    [02:17] <Burian> it seems to me
    [02:17] * Prof-Truth he finally stops at a page which shows a grand angelic figure above a horde of beasts
    [02:17] <Burian> you had a good idea
    [02:17] * Det_Serious also does his job and calls in the fact that there is a corpse on top of a roof
    [02:17] <Burian> you would find something at this intersection
    [02:17] <Burian> and I;d like to know hy
    [02:17] * Det_Serious goes back up the ladder
    [02:17] <Burian> oh great
    [02:17] <Burian> hard ass is back
    [02:18] <Det_Serious> MISTER Shevenko, you have a bad attitude
    [02:18] * Prof-Truth turns to a page which has a very old picture on it
    [02:18] <SarahWalters> well detective? have you told your superiors to hide the evidence before people learn what is really going on?
    [02:18] <Det_Serious> why do you say that , madam ?
    [02:18] <Det_Serious> and may I have your name ?
    [02:19] <Det_Serious> I am still Detective Serious of LAPD
    [02:19] <SarahWalters> Sarah Walters, now what do you think happened here?
    [02:19] * Det_Serious flashes his impressive badge
    [02:19] <Burian> oooh shine me to death
    [02:19] <Det_Serious> first, Ms Walters, what brought you here today ?
    [02:20] <Burian> i was just asking that
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> just answer the question, Ms
    [02:20] * Prof-Truth looks at the pages with a grim expression
    [02:21] <SarahWalters> I was told about the murders by someone in forensics who thinks your hiding something
    [02:21] <Det_Serious> I see
    [02:21] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [02:21] * Prof-Truth grabs the book and heads back to the crime scene
    [02:21] * Burian sits down on the edge of the building listening to the two converse
    [02:21] <Det_Serious> so you say there have been four similar murders?

    ACT 7 New Light on the Situation?
    [02:22] * Prof-Truth returns and climbs back up the ladder
    [02:22] <SarahWalters> yes you can check your records on that
    [02:22] <Burian> well well
    [02:22] <Det_Serious> I will be doing just that
    [02:22] <Burian> nook worms back
    [02:22] * Det_Serious notices the Professor
    [02:22] * Prof-Truth shoots the obnoxious man an angry look
    [02:23] <Det_Serious> you have returned, very smart move, Sir
    [02:23] <Prof-Truth> This my friends is a book written by an germanian elder many years ago
    [02:23] <Burian> Germanian?
    [02:23] <Prof-Truth> Like germany... during roman times
    [02:23] <Burian> from Germania?
    [02:23] * Det_Serious scribbles in his notebook
    [02:23] * Burian chuckles
    [02:24] <Prof-Truth> This man was under roman control the time he wrote this book so it is in Latin
    [02:24] <Det_Serious> and what might that have to do with this situation, Sir ?
    [02:24] <Prof-Truth> Let me see if i can read it
    [02:24] <SarahWalters> more than you would think Detective
    [02:24] <Prof-Truth> Alright I can [02:25] * Det_Serious listens intently
    [02:25] <Burian> lets hear it
    [02:25] <Prof-Truth> Alright a long story short it talks about a force that killed many of the roman ministrators and delgates in the area
    [02:26] <Prof-Truth> It also killed common folk.. but the romans did not notice that
    [02:26] <Prof-Truth> Anyway...
    [02:26] <Burian> a military force?
    [02:26] <Prof-Truth> Not really
    [02:26] <Burian> then what was it?
    [02:26] <Prof-Truth> When he says force... he most likely means an entity... something of flesh and bloof
    [02:27] <Burian> something like waht our slimey friend ran into
    [02:27] <Prof-Truth> He describes the bodies as looking a great deal like this
    [02:27] <Det_Serious> sounds an extremly tenuous link to me
    [02:27] * Prof-Truth looks around for Jane
    [02:27] <Burian> do they have any descriptions of the entity ?
    [02:28] * Jane-Bremer was having horiable lag
    [02:28] <Prof-Truth> Jane did it lok like this?
    [02:28] <Jane-Bremer> sort of
    [02:28] <Jane-Bremer> it was to dark to be certin
    [02:28] * Prof-Truth holds out the book. In it is a picture of a best withing the trees stairing at a small child in a field
    [02:28] <Prof-Truth> err beast not best
    [02:29] <Jane-Bremer> i think that is it
    [02:29] <Det_Serious> hmm
    [02:29] * Prof-Truth shuts the book
    [02:29] <Burian> so we have and inhuman beast
    [02:29] <Prof-Truth> Well... this is interesting
    [02:29] <Burian> running around LA
    [02:29] <Burian> salughtering people
    [02:29] <Burian> and the best the pd can do is cover it up
    [02:30] <SarahWalters> thats what i have been saying
    [02:30] <Burian> anything to add detective?
    [02:30] <Det_Serious> this is the first I have heard about it
    [02:30] <Burian> well
    [02:30] <Det_Serious> except ...
    [02:30] <Det_Serious> i did hear a story a few weeks ago about a murder
    [02:31] <Prof-Truth> Go on
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> where a body was found covered in mucus
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> but thats all I am prepared to say
    [02:31] <SarahWalters> October 17th?
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> may have been
    [02:31] * Det_Serious gives SarahWalters a cool look
    [02:32] <SarahWalters> that was one of the dates i was given
    [02:32] <Burian> given?
    [02:32] <Burian> oh yes
    [02:32] <Det_Serious> given ?
    [02:32] <Burian> the forensics
    [02:32] <SarahWalters> clearly someone knows more than we do
    [02:32] <Burian> informant

    ACT 8 At Each Other’s throats
    [02:32] <Burian> I agree
    [02:32] <Burian> it appears
    [02:32] <Burian> detective
    [02:32] <Burian> you are hiding something from us
    [02:33] <Det_Serious> it could be confidential police business, SIR
    [02:33] <Burian> oh yes my mistake SIR
    [02:33] <Prof-Truth> OR it could be the lives of innocents
    [02:33] <Det_Serious> we are not at liberty to discuss ongoing cases under investigation
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> Detective why dod you become a police officer?
    [02:33] <Prof-Truth> left in YOUR BUMBLING hands
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> *did
    [02:34] <Det_Serious> Prof-Truth: for your information, you left a murder scene in a hurry
    [02:34] <Det_Serious> and there is currently an APB out for your car
    [02:34] <Burian> hes right
    [02:34] <Burian> erm
    [02:34] <Prof-Truth> Well it is at the murder scene
    [02:34] <SarahWalters> actually its my car
    [02:34] <Prof-Truth> Right down there
    [02:34] <Prof-Truth> Call it in
    [02:34] <Burian> great
    [02:34] <Burian> so now the police
    [02:35] <Burian> are looking for acar
    [02:35] <Burian> which is conveniently parked near our friend gooey
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m waiting for my collegues to get here and collect the body
    [02:35] <SarahWalters> some respect for the dead please
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> and do a full murder scene investigation
    [02:35] <Prof-Truth> Wonderful more cops
    [02:35] <Burian> well if you can find some id on him, her,, whatever it is
    [02:36] * Prof-Truth sighs
    [02:36] <Burian> my sentiments exactly
    [02:37] <Det_Serious> just doing my job, Sirs, ladies
    [02:37] <SarahWalters> your job it to protect people
    [02:37] <Prof-Truth> And what is your job?
    [02:37] <Prof-Truth> To protect and serve?
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> it is
    [02:38] <SarahWalters> help us detective
    [02:38] <Prof-Truth> Well it looks like you have messed up on the protect part so far... and as serving goes
    [02:38] <SarahWalters> between us we can find this thing and put a stop to it
    [02:38] <Prof-Truth> I dont find your service very helpful
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> in what way, Ms Walters ?
    [02:38] <Prof-Truth> She is right...
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> why should I help you ?
    [02:39] <Burian> well
    [02:39] <Jane-Bremer> please
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> this is a police matter
    [02:39] <Jane-Bremer> for my sake
    [02:39] <Burian> think of how it would look
    [02:39] <SarahWalters> your not helping us your helping the people who live here
    [02:39] <Burian> you found the police corruption
    [02:39] <Burian> you stopped the murders
    [02:40] <Burian> and found about the police corruption
    [02:40] <Burian> all at the same time
    [02:40] * Det_Serious is unconvinced about the idea of police corruption
    [02:40] <Burian> and even if your one of those involved in this coverup
    [02:41] <Burian> what a great way to come out smelling like a rose
    [02:41] <SarahWalters> come on Detective things have been doing that to people since the time that book was writern
    [02:41] <SarahWalters> if there were not a conspiricy someone would have found one some time ago
    [02:41] * Prof-Truth sits down an begins to flip through the book page by page
    [02:42] <Jane-Bremer> Wait
    [02:42] <Jane-Bremer> who is the author of that book?
    [02:42] <Det_Serious> so, you are seriously asking me to believe that a creature from Roman times has been attacking people in a modern US city
    [02:42] <Prof-Truth> Hmm it does not say
    [02:42] <SarahWalters> it need not be the same creature
    [02:42] <Jane-Bremer> may i see it?
    [02:42] <Prof-Truth> All I know it is from the point of view of a germanic chieftan
    [02:42] <SarahWalters> a species
    [02:42] <Prof-Truth> ...
    [02:42] <Det_Serious> this is reality, ladies and gentlemen, not a horror movie script
    [02:42] <Prof-Truth> No I am sorry... you may not
    [02:43] <Burian> and that
    [02:43] <Prof-Truth> What would you like me to do though?
    [02:43] <Burian> Det
    [02:43] <Jane-Bremer> I am a librarian
    [02:43] <Burian> happens to be a very mucus covered corpse
    [02:43] <Det_Serious> I admit I am not used to seeing mucus on corpses
    [02:43] <Burian> there you go
    [02:44] <Det_Serious> but there has to be some rational mundane reason for it
    [02:44] <Burian> hah
    [02:44] <Burian> rational
    [02:44] <Burian> how much about this place do we not know
    [02:44] <Burian> miss Walters seems to know a bit about this
    [02:45] <Burian> and we don&#39;t
    [02:45] <SarahWalters> i have encountered things before but this, this is a new one
    [02:45] <Burian> as far as you&#39;ve "said"
    [02:45] <Burian> what do you mean things?
    [02:45] <Det_Serious> Ms Walters, we have heard a lot from you about this police corruption
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> what IS your interest in this case
    [02:46] <Prof-Truth> Well Dectetive if you would be so kind as to take the APB of off Ms. Walter&#39;s car, for her sake, I can be on my way
    [02:47] <Burian> in her car?
    [02:47] <Prof-Truth> No
    [02:47] <Prof-Truth> I will walk
    [02:47] <Det_Serious> Im afaid I have to take your details first Professor
    [02:47] <SarahWalters> thank you professor
    [02:47] <Prof-Truth> She needs a warrant free car though
    [02:47] <Det_Serious> and I dare say I will be in touch
    [02:48] <Prof-Truth> I have a lecture to go to though, so I really must leave
    [02:48] <Det_Serious> please dont leave the state until then
    [02:48] <Burian> take care of your self prof
    [02:48] * Det_Serious notes the details in his notebook
    [02:48] <SarahWalters> your not sure if you believe me or not are you? you want to believe but your mind will not allow it
    [02:49] * Prof-Truth waits for detective serious to finish and then heads down the ladder
    [02:49] <Det_Serious> lets just say Im trying to keep an open mind here
    [02:49] * Prof-Truth disappears around the bend in the road off to teach a class
    [02:49] <Prof-Truth> ooc been a lot of fun guys I will try to make the next one
    [02:49] <Det_Serious> but notions of clawed mutants from 2000 years ago is just a little bit far fetched for me
    [02:50] <SarahWalters> well my point on corruption is that people who think these books may be true are branded insane
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> yeah, thats a point of view
    [02:51] <SarahWalters> yet we see here one of those books being accurate
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> that may just be coincidence though, Ma&#39;am
    [02:52] <Burian> i doubt that highly
    [02:52] <Jane-Bremer> as do I

    ACT 9 Sarah’s Theory
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> Miss Bremer you said you worked at a library
    [02:52] * Det_Serious gives Burian and Jane-Bremer a cool look
    [02:52] <Jane-Bremer> i do
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> could you take me there i have a theory i would like to test
    [02:53] <Jane-Bremer> of course
    [02:53] <Det_Serious> may I ask what that theory would be ?
    [02:53] <SarahWalters> gentlemen?
    [02:53] <SarahWalters> all in good time Detective
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> I can&#39;t leave the murder scene until my people get here
    [02:54] <Burian> well im in
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> so I will thank you to stay until they get here
    [02:54] <Burian> have fun with your body Det
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> oh here they are
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> thats convenient
    [02:54] <Burian> quite
    [02:55] * Det_Serious watches the SOCO unit pull up and the various people come onto the roof
    [02:55] * SarahWalters goes to her car, detective do you need a lift?
    [02:56] * Det_Serious compares notes with his colleuges and decides to acompany the others to the library
    [02:56] <Det_Serious> no thanks Ms Walters, and Im sure Ms Bremer will come with me
    [02:57] <Jane-Bremer> Actualy
    [02:57] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll call off the APB on your car first though
    [02:57] <Jane-Bremer> i will go with Ms.Walters
    [02:57] <Det_Serious> okay
    [02:57] * Burian mocks the detective "I&#39;m sure she&#39;ll come with me"
    [02:57] * Det_Serious gives Burian a cool look
    [02:57] <SarahWalters> thanks for removing the APB
    [02:57] <Det_Serious> not at all
    [02:58] * SarahWalters opens the door for Jane
    [02:58] <Det_Serious> see you at the library then
    [02:58] * Jane-Bremer gets in the car
    [02:58] <Burian> as will I
    [02:58] * Burian slides down the ladder
    [02:58] * Burian heads to his car and drives off
    [02:59] * SarahWalters reaches the library
    [02:59] * Det_Serious relishes the sound of his mustang as he drives to the library
    [030] * Det_Serious parks up and enters the library
    [030] * Burian daydreams about crushing the detectives mustang with his humvee
    [030] * Burian pull into the parking lot
    [030] * Det_Serious makes a mental note to get Burians humvee tested for emissions
    [031] <SarahWalters> so anyway i assume this library has an occult section
    [031] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [031] <Jane-Bremer> its rather new actual
    [031] <Burian> lead the way
    [031] <Jane-Bremer> just got the books in last month
    [031] <Det_Serious> lead the way please miss Brewer
    [032] * Jane-Bremer leads the groups to the darkest corner of the library
    [032] <SarahWalters> also note how the occult section is always dark
    [032] <Burian> spookeh
    [032] <Jane-Bremer> of course
    [032] <Det_Serious> from a health and safety viewpoint, you ought to get some better lights in here, Ma&#39;am
    [032] <SarahWalters> i swear the next book i write is going to be glow in the dark for that very reason
    [033] <Det_Serious> you write books, Ms Walters ?
    [033] <Jane-Bremer> Who are you
    [033] <Jane-Bremer> the saftey inspecter?
    [033] <SarahWalters> only two thus far
    [034] <Det_Serious> on what subjects, may i ask ?
    [034] <SarahWalters> the paranormal of course
    [034] * Det_Serious murmers &#39;of course&#39;
    [035] <Burian> somehow I&#39;m not surprised
    [035] <Det_Serious> so why are we here ?
    [036] * Jane-Bremer starts searching for sever books that might be of help
    [036] <Jane-Bremer> *several
    [036] * Jane-Bremer finds the Books writen in some form of latin
    [037] <SarahWalters> I read Latin
    [037] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [037] * Jane-Bremer hands Ms.Walters the books

    ACT 10 Of Spell Books, Hooded Men and Mr Nemy
    [037] * SarahWalters skims the book
    [037] <SarahWalters> its a spell book, not just any spell book at that its based on the Necronomicon
    [038] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [038] <Jane-Bremer> i remember that book
    [038] <Jane-Bremer> its the most expensive one in the whole library
    [038] <SarahWalters> do you have any idea how dangerous that book is?
    [038] * Det_Serious hasn&#39;t a clue about what they are talking about
    [038] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [039] <Jane-Bremer> i just thought it would be interest because of the price
    [039] <Jane-Bremer> but i didn&#39;t notice it was in latin
    [039] <SarahWalters> it has the power to summon things that you really do not really want to know about
    [039] <SarahWalters> *remove second really
    [03:10] <SarahWalters> may i see the Necronomicon itself?
    [03:10] <Jane-Bremer> sure
    [03:10] <Jane-Bremer> hold on a sec
    [03:11] * Jane-Bremer looks for the Necronomicon
    [03:11] * Jane-Bremer finds it and hands Sarah the book
    [03:11] <SarahWalters> who else knows this is here?
    [03:12] <Jane-Bremer> just me and the website www.occultbooks4u.com
    [03:12] <SarahWalters> oh *****
    [03:13] <SarahWalters> now one last thing, tell me you did not read any of this
    [03:13] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [03:13] <Jane-Bremer> i can&#39;t read latin
    [03:13] <SarahWalters> thank god
    [03:13] <SarahWalters> unless...
    [03:14] <SarahWalters> who else has had access to this book?
    [03:14] <Jane-Bremer> any one who could come into the library
    [03:14] <Jane-Bremer> though i think only one or two people have gone into this section
    [03:15] <Jane-Bremer> Mr.Nemy and this person ive never seen here before
    [03:16] <SarahWalters> Mr Nemy?
    [03:16] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [03:16] <Jane-Bremer> he is a regular here
    [03:16] <Jane-Bremer> checks out lots of books
    [03:16] <SarahWalters> what do you know of him?
    [03:17] <Jane-Bremer> he reads lots of history books
    [03:17] <Jane-Bremer> and has one book from this section overdue
    [03:17] <SarahWalters> you certainly know your job
    [03:18] * Det_Serious is unsure if this has anything to do with his murder investigation, but makes notes anyway
    [03:18] <Jane-Bremer> i belive he is a police officer
    [03:19] * Det_Serious gives Jane-Bremer a cool look
    [03:19] <SarahWalters> ok this is far too unlikely to be a coincidence
    [03:20] <Jane-Bremer> one of the higher ups
    [03:20] <Det_Serious> do you have his name to hand ?
    [03:20] <Det_Serious> ahh, you are refferring to Mr Nemy ?
    [03:20] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [03:20] <Det_Serious> hmm
    [03:20] <SarahWalters> Jane hide this book please, it is far too dangerous
    [03:21] <Det_Serious> dangerous in what way ?
    [03:21] * Burian wakes up
    [03:21] * Jane-Bremer goes into the back book hiding room
    [03:21] * Jane-Bremer puts the book in a safe with all the other book of tremendous power
    [03:21] <SarahWalters> the things it can call
    [03:22] * Det_Serious is sceptical, but far too professional a detective to scoff openly
    [03:23] <Det_Serious> Ms Walters you said you had a theory you wanted to test here
    [03:23] <Det_Serious> what was that theory ?
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> one of the most powerful spell books in the world and a string of occult murders
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> i think we have a connection
    [03:25] <Det_Serious> I grant you the murders IF there is a string MAY have an occult basis
    [03:25] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m not sure about some gooky old book though
    [03:26] <SarahWalters> Jane you saw the creature, was it anything of this world?
    [03:26] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [03:26] <Jane-Bremer> no it wasn’t
    [03:26] <Det_Serious> hmm
    [03:27] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m gonna have to report in to my office
    [03:27] <Det_Serious> write up my notes
    [03:27] <Det_Serious> and I&#39;ll be finding out if there are any other murders with similar mucus
    [03:28] <SarahWalters> you do that
    [03:28] <Det_Serious> can I ask, Ms Walters, who your contact in Forensic is ?
    [03:28] <SarahWalters> he wishes to remain unknown
    [03:28] <Det_Serious> hmm
    [03:29] <Det_Serious> well, he shouldnt be too hard to find
    [03:29] <SarahWalters> one final question on the Necronomicon is- where did it come from?
    [03:29] <Jane-Bremer> internet
    [03:29] <Det_Serious> Ebay ?
    [03:30] <Jane-Bremer> www.occultbooks4u.com
    [03:30] * Looking up Jane-Bremer user info...
    [03:30] <SarahWalters> and where are they based?
    [03:31] <Jane-Bremer> i don&#39;t know
    [03:31] <SarahWalters> the plot thickens
    [03:32] <Det_Serious> so it does
    [03:32] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll just ask you for all your contact details
    [03:32] <SarahWalters> why would a company sell a book which has only 10 or so copies in existence to a public library?
    [03:32] <Det_Serious> and then I&#39;ll depart for my office
    [03:33] * Det_Serious collects the contact details
    [03:33] * Det_Serious has a Columbo moment
    [03:34] <Det_Serious> theres just one...err.. thing you mentioned Miss Bremer
    [03:34] * Burian laughs at eh strange detective
    [03:34] <Jane-Bremer> Yes?
    [03:34] <Det_Serious> you said there was a guy besides Mr Nemy looking at that old book
    [03:35] <Det_Serious> can you describe him ?
    [03:35] <Jane-Bremer> he wasn&#39;t looking at the book
    [03:35] <Det_Serious> and when was this ?
    [03:35] <Jane-Bremer> just in this section
    [03:35] <Det_Serious> right
    [03:35] <Jane-Bremer> but if i remember
    [03:36] <Jane-Bremer> He was wearing a hooded swear shirt
    [03:36] <Jane-Bremer> wich hid his face
    [03:36] <Det_Serious> I see
    [03:36] <Jane-Bremer> but hes was about 5&#39;3
    [03:36] * SarahWalters looks up suddenly
    [03:36] <Det_Serious> build ?
    [03:36] <SarahWalters> any distinguishing marks?
    [03:36] <Det_Serious> big, slightly built ?
    [03:37] <Jane-Bremer> i think he had a tattoo on his right hand
    [03:37] <Jane-Bremer> he was rather wirery
    [03:37] <Det_Serious> what did it depict ?
    [03:37] <Jane-Bremer> i star of some sort
    [03:37] <Jane-Bremer> with eight points
    [03:38] <SarahWalters> did the tatoo look like anything you had seen before?
    [03:38] * Det_Serious makes a note in his notebook
    [03:38] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [03:38] <SarahWalters> interesting, very interesting
    [03:38] <Det_Serious> why do you say that Miss Walters ?
    [03:39] <SarahWalters> hand tattoos are usually cult symbols
    [03:39] <Det_Serious> like gangs ?
    [03:39] <Det_Serious> crips ?
    [03:40] <SarahWalters> sort of
    [03:40] <SarahWalters> which may explain why Jane was attacked
    [03:41] * Det_Serious mutters something about &#39;enough crazy gangs in this mans city&#39; under his breath
    [03:41] <Det_Serious> how so, Ma&#39;am ?
    [03:41] <SarahWalters> did anyone else see this mystery man?
    [03:41] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [03:41] <Jane-Bremer> it was near closing time
    [03:41] <Jane-Bremer> so nobody was there
    [03:42] <Det_Serious> when was this, do you remember ?
    [03:42] <Det_Serious> what date ?
    [03:42] <Jane-Bremer> last week
    [03:42] <SarahWalters> i fear you may still be in danger
    [03:43] <Det_Serious> why do you say that ?
    [03:44] <SarahWalters> well its a precaution more than anything else
    [03:44] <Det_Serious> right
    [03:45] <Det_Serious> have you any reason to think this was anything other than a random attack
    [03:45] <Det_Serious> ?
    [03:46] <SarahWalters> the spell books, the possible cultist and the fact she is the only person who knew they were both here
    [03:46] <SarahWalters> people knew of the book
    [03:46] <Det_Serious> hmmm
    [03:46] <SarahWalters> but not of the mystery man
    [03:47] <Det_Serious> okay, thats interesting

    ACT 10 The Parting of the Ways
    [03:47] <Det_Serious> anyway, Ive gotta go
    [03:47] <Det_Serious> Im overdue at my office
    [03:47] <SarahWalters> farewell detective
    [03:47] <SarahWalters> i assume we shall meet again
    [03:47] <Burian> yes
    [03:47] <Burian> farewell
    [03:47] <Det_Serious> after all, I am in a murder investigation now
    [03:48] <SarahWalters> hopefully before someone else dies
    [03:48] <Det_Serious> oh yes, i have all your details
    [03:48] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [03:48] <Det_Serious> well, thank you all
    [03:48] * Det_Serious is a polite hard-boiled detective
    [03:48] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll be in touch
    [03:48] <Burian> yeah yeah
    [03:49] <Det_Serious> don&#39;t leave the state
    [03:49] <Burian> i will
    [03:49] <Burian> won&#39;t
    [03:49] <Burian> ^_^
    [03:49] <SarahWalters> i would not consider it
    [03:49] * Burian chuckles
    [03:49] * Det_Serious shoots Burian a cool look
    [03:49] * Burian points at Det and winks
    [03:49] * Det_Serious leaves for his office
    [03:49] <Burian> I best hit the road as well
    [03:50] <Burian> if you find some more information track the beast in or some way
    [03:50] <Burian> I may be able to provide more assistance than I have thus far
    [03:50] * Det_Serious pauses in the car park to look at the Humvees exhaust pipe
    [03:50] <SarahWalters> Jane you are going to be safer if you avoid your apartment tonight
    [03:50] * Det_Serious chuckles as he walks towards his own car
    [03:51] * Burian saunters out to his humvee
    [03:51] <Jane-Bremer> Where should i stay?
    [03:51] <Burian> and stand against the back block the tailpipe
    [03:51] * Burian lights up a cigarette
    [03:51] <SarahWalters> my apartment is relatively out of the way
    [03:52] * Burian drives off
    [03:53] <Jane-Bremer> Alright then

    So is Jane Bremer still in danger? If so will the protection of this unlikely group of heroes be enough?

    Many more questions await their answers...

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    ACT 11 Terrors in the Night

    [00:47] * SarahWalters hears a scraping sound on the outside of her bedroom window
    [00:47] <SarahWalters> Jane is that you?
    [00:49] <SarahWalters> wait its coming from outide (passed listening test)
    [00:50] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:50] <SarahWalters> can you hear that?
    [00:51] * Jane-Bremer listens carfully
    [00:51] <Jane-Bremer> I think i do hear some thing
    [00:51] <Jane-Bremer> (passed listening test
    [00:52] <Jane-Bremer> sounds like a scratching noise
    [00:52] * SarahWalters leaps back in shock as the scraping gets louder and louder
    [00:52] <Jane-Bremer> wha.. what is that noise?
    [00:53] * SarahWalters moves back as something smashes through the window... a clawed humanoid creature similar to the one in the book
    [00:53] <Jane-Bremer> AHHHHHHHHHHH&#33;
    [00:55] * SarahWalters is frozen in shock as the thing comes bounding towards them
    [00:55] <SarahWalters> run&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;
    [00:55] * Jane-Bremer follows Sarah
    [00:56] * SarahWalters flees down the stairs the thing not far behind
    [00:57] * Det_Serious leaps out of his car on hearing the window smash
    [00:57] * Det_Serious has been parked up on the street opposite on surveilance
    [00:57] * SarahWalters reaches the bottom of the stairs
    [00:57] <SarahWalters> Jane&#33; hurry up&#33;
    [00:58] * Det_Serious runs towards the broken window, pulling his hand gun out of his shoulder holster
    [00:58] * Jane-Bremer makes it to the bottom of the stairs nearly out of breath
    [00:58] <SarahWalters> oh ***** oh ***** its still comming&#33;
    [00:58] * Det_Serious reaches the broken window, and sneeks a quick look inside
    [010] * Det_Serious notices mucus on the window frame
    [011] * Det_Serious climbs into the broken window, gun first
    [012] * SarahWalters is knocked off her feet by a spray of mucus like substance from the thing
    [012] * Det_Serious gets inside the room, and moves deftly and silently, gun first towards the sounds of commotion
    [013] * Jane-Bremer tries to help Sarah to her feet
    [015] * Det_Serious successfully hears the row from deeper in the house and tracks towards the commotion
    [015] * SarahWalters tries to wiggle free of the mucus
    [015] <SarahWalters> oh *****&#33; i do not want to die like this&#33;
    [015] * Det_Serious arrives at the scene behind the creature
    [016] <Det_Serious> what the .... &#33;&#33;
    [016] * Det_Serious lifts his magnum ./357 with hollow nose tip into a firing position and ...
    [017] * Burian kicks in the front door and rushes in taking cover amists debris of the doorframe
    [019] * Burian peers around the enterance way to the home
    [01:10] <Burian> I heard some commotion is everyone alright?
    [01:10] * Burian yells
    [01:10] * Det_Serious fires at the creature hurting it in the chest area
    [01:11] * SarahWalters watches as the creature screams in pain
    [01:11] * Burian hears the ricochet if a karge calibre revolver
    [01:11] * Burian rushes toward the source of the sound charging up the stairs
    [01:12] <Det_Serious> ladies, get out of the line of fire &#33;&#33;
    [01:12] <Jane-Bremer> I won&#39;t leave her behinde&#33;
    [01:12] * Det_Serious tracks the creature through his open sights
    [01:13] * Burian in a fluid motion, from years of training hits the top of the stairs, rushes through adoor, turns and puts his cross hairs on the beast
    [01:13] * Det_Serious does that butch legs akimbo pose
    [01:13] <Burian> I GOT HIM DET
    [01:13] * Burian lets lose a round from his rifle
    [01:13] <Det_Serious> dont hit the women FFS
    [01:14] * Burian watches the creature falter for a moment
    [01:14] <Burian> as he takes the round just grazing his neck
    [01:15] <Burian> holy crap
    [01:15] * SarahWalters hears the creature shriek as it starts to flee towards the door
    [01:15] <Burian> how can that thing shrug that off?
    [01:15] * Det_Serious tracks the creature through his open sights
    [01:15] <Burian> NO TIME&#33; GO AFTER IT
    [01:16] * Det_Serious fires a second round at point blank range
    [01:16] * Burian takes aim at the door , should the creature live through more 357 slugs
    [01:17] * Det_Serious watches amazed as the creature survives another slug in the chest
    [01:17] <Burian> *****
    [01:17] <Burian> WHAT IS THIS THING?
    [01:18] * Burian settles his sight on the creatures face
    [01:18] * Det_Serious backs away, not trusting Burians aim
    [01:19] * Burian watches his rifle shell tear a hole in the creatures face
    [01:20] * Burian lets his body relax for a moment but keeps his eye on the crumpled thing that was a monster
    [01:21] * SarahWalters watches in fear as the creature squirms around gradually falling to the ground as though a puppet with its strings cut
    [01:22] * Det_Serious tracks the creature through his open sights
    [01:22] * SarahWalters screams as the creature pulls itself to its feet once more and comes towards her
    [01:23] <SarahWalters> (sanity test people)
    [01:23] <Burian> OH *****&#33;
    [01:23] * Burian freezes up, unable to replace his magazine
    [01:24] * Jane-Bremer goes into her well memorized kung fo stance to protect Sarah
    [01:24] * Det_Serious fires at the creature
    [01:25] * Det_Serious watches as the slug blows the things neck to a pulp
    [01:26] * Burian finally gets tha magazine into the rifle, and perforates the recently moving corpse
    [01:27] * SarahWalters sees the thing fall back to the ground and sighs with relief
    [01:27] <Burian> AHHHHHHHH&#33;
    [01:28] * Det_Serious feels the situation is too bizzarre and sways on his feet
    [01:28] <SarahWalters> Burian i think its dead
    [01:28] * Det_Serious seems lost for words for a few minutes
    [01:28] <Burian> well NOW it is
    [01:28] <Burian> jesus
    [01:29] <Burian> Nothing
    [01:29] <Burian> and I mean NOTHING
    [01:29] <Burian> should take 3 slugs and 2 rifle rounds and live
    [01:29] <Burian> we have a serious problem on our hands
    [01:29] <Jane-Bremer> Wha..what are these things
    [01:30] <SarahWalters> i have no idea
    [01:30] * Det_Serious snorts and spits
    [01:30] * SarahWalters attempts to wiggle free of the mucus
    [01:30] <SarahWalters> umm little help?
    [01:30] <Det_Serious> so what is that thing ?
    [01:30] * Jane-Bremer helps Sarah up
    [01:31] * Det_Serious reluctantly reloads his pistol and holsters it
    [01:31] * SarahWalters tries to push the mucus off her noticably shaken by the experience
    [01:31] <Det_Serious> is everybody all right ?
    [01:31] * Burian sits against a dorr frame relaxing
    [01:31] <Burian> Yeah
    [01:31] <Burian> im still here
    [01:31] <Burian> aren&#39;t you pleased
    [01:32] * Burian cracks Det a smile
    [01:32] <Jane-Bremer> I&#39;m fine
    [01:32] <SarahWalters> it only hurt my pride
    [01:32] <Det_Serious> so you were watching the place as well ?
    [01:32] <Jane-Bremer> A little shaken up though
    [01:32] <Burian> of course SIR
    [01:32] <SarahWalters> why were either of you watching me?
    [01:32] <Burian> If the military tought me anything
    [01:32] <Burian> trust hunches
    [01:32] <Det_Serious> call it a little off-duty reassurance on my part
    [01:32] <Burian> and I just knew something was gonna go down
    [01:33] <SarahWalters> i am too relieved your here to be angry
    [01:33] <Det_Serious> I was part of a LAPD surveillance order on a murder witness
    [01:33] <Det_Serious> and this thing happened to break in while I was on watch
    [01:34] <SarahWalters> sure it did
    [01:34] <Det_Serious> lets get away from this broken door anyway
    [01:34] <Det_Serious> in case anything else gets in
    [01:35] * Burian moves to post watch out an upstairs window
    [01:35] <Burian> I&#39;ll keep an eye out
    [01:35] <Burian> while you three get to a car
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> i am going to take a shower
    [01:35] <Det_Serious> and then I&#39;ll have to call this in, and the place will be crawling in cops in 10 minutes
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> several showers
    [01:36] <Burian> I love cops
    [01:36] * Burian chuckles
    [01:36] <Det_Serious> Miss Bremer please go into the interior of the house, while I get the LAPD guys out here
    [01:36] <Burian> Hey misss, you got any beer in this joint? I sure could use one.
    [01:37] <Det_Serious> this is my job, buddy
    [01:37] <Jane-Bremer> Al..alright
    [01:38] <Det_Serious> although I&#39;m not sure I should call out a pathologist or a taxidermist from the natural history museum

    ACT 12 The Great Book Theft

    [01:39] * Jin peers through a window into the library
    [01:39] * Jin places padding on the window to muffle the sound, and cracks it open
    [01:40] * Jin enters the dark library and quickly moves toward the occult section
    [01:40] <Alana_> --- the security guard is not paying much attention so Jin has to be careful
    [01:41] * Jin searches the room for the guard
    [01:42] * Jin notices the guard sitting near a desk watching a monitor
    [01:43] * Jin decides not to worry too much about him seeing as he seems rather occupied
    [01:43] * Jin sneaks into the back room of the library
    [01:43] <Alana_> ---- ahead is the safe containing the Dread Necronomicon itself
    [01:44] * Jin examins the safe and retrieves a note from his pouch. entering the combination, he unlocks the safe, opens it, and retrieves a book
    [01:45] * Jin enters the room with the guard again, carefully, watching for the security guard
    [01:45] <Alana_> ---- the guard sees something suspicious on the monitor and moves to investigate
    [01:46] <Alana_> ---- the guard shines his torch around and sees nothing
    [01:46] * Jin seeks a shaded spot and conceals himself with his cloth
    [01:48] * Jin decides to move again, making sure the guard doesnt notice him, and slips out of the window he entered
    [01:49] <Alana_> --- the guard wanders away assuming it was a glitch in the system
    [01:49] * Jin packs the book inside a piece of dark cloth and slings it on his back, sliding into the shades of the night

    ACT 13 The Aftermath

    [01:50] * SarahWalters is still in the shower trying to get the creatures mucus like crap out of her hair
    [01:52] * Det_Serious has been back to the police bureau and is now coming back to the house
    [01:53] <SarahWalters> oh my god what is this stuff made of?
    [01:53] * Det_Serious gets out of his powerful mustang and strides towards the door
    [01:53] * Burian gives the waitress a tip, swigs his coffee and heads back to the house
    [01:54] * Det_Serious nods at the two SWAT team members guarding the house and dodges thru the Do Not Enter tapes
    [01:54] <Det_Serious> Good Morning &#33;
    [01:54] <Det_Serious> are you there ?
    [01:55] * SarahWalters hears the detective and puts a towel around herself
    [01:55] <SarahWalters> just a minute&#33;
    [01:55] * Det_Serious waits patiently in the hall, avoiding the messy glop in the middle of the floor
    [01:55] * Burian srolls up to the door and eyes the guards
    [01:56] <Det_Serious> let him in, hes a friend
    [01:56] <Burian> yeah
    [01:56] <Burian> you heard the man
    [01:56] * Burian cracks his devious grin and heads inside
    [01:57] <Det_Serious> quite some shooting match last night then
    [01:57] * SarahWalters gets dressed as fast as possible before going down stairs
    [01:57] <Burian> I would say so
    [01:58] <Burian> Usually when I hit something in the face
    [01:58] <Burian> it dies
    [01:58] * Jane-Bremer is sitting on the couch trying to make sense of the stuff that has been happening
    [01:58] <SarahWalters> Jane i used up all the hot water
    [01:58] <SarahWalters> i am really sorry
    [01:59] <Jane-Bremer> Thats alright
    [01:59] <Det_Serious> ladies and Mr Schevenko, may we talk ?
    [020] <Burian> I think thats a good idea
    [020] * SarahWalters pulls a small blob of the mucus from her hair
    [020] <Det_Serious> im glad we have all met together
    [021] <Det_Serious> as we have some things to discuss
    [021] <SarahWalters> someone sent that thing
    [021] <Det_Serious> and I have some things I have to ask you
    [021] <Det_Serious> SarahWalters: why do you say that ?
    [022] <SarahWalters> note how it came after Jane here&#33; someone was controlling it
    [022] <Det_Serious> it certainly looks like that
    [022] <Det_Serious> I take it that was the thing you saw in the ally way 3 nights ago ?
    [022] <Jane-Bremer> The same
    [022] <Det_Serious> right
    [023] <Burian> somehow im not surprised
    [024] <Burian> What I want to know
    [024] <Burian> is how it can shrug off 7.62 like a raindrop

    ACT 14 New Light on the Creature

    [025] <Det_Serious> well, its down at the path labs now, I can tell you that
    [025] <Det_Serious> but they have never seen anything quite like it before
    [026] <SarahWalters> i bet it goes missing before the end of the week
    [026] <Det_Serious> it has elements of human, fish, reptile and worm in its physical makeup
    [026] <Det_Serious> they are having to rewrite the manuals about it
    [027] <Det_Serious> and yes, there have been five previous deaths now
    [027] <Burian> oh
    [027] <Burian> suddenly?
    [028] <SarahWalters> including our friend on the rooftop i take it?
    [028] <Det_Serious> where the mucus and mutilations seem to point to this creature
    [028] <Burian> did the deparment just "forget" about them?
    [028] <Det_Serious> yeah
    [028] <Det_Serious> no
    [028] <Det_Serious> they just dont want to cause a panic
    [028] <Det_Serious> thats understandable isnt it ?
    [028] <SarahWalters> i think things like that are something to panic about
    [029] <SarahWalters> i want to panic at the LAPD which pretends they do not exist
    [029] <Det_Serious> you are British aren&#39;t you Ma&#39;am ?
    [029] <SarahWalters> yes i am
    [029] <Det_Serious> I thought I recognised that hokey accent
    [02:10] * SarahWalters sets mode: +v Jin
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> listen every house in this city has a gun in it
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> if we allowed them to think that there was a creture from the black lagoon out there
    [02:11] <Burian> panic
    [02:11] <Burian> mayhem
    [02:11] <Burian> murder
    [02:11] <Det_Serious> I guarentee you there would be 500 accidental gun deaths before the week was out
    [02:11] <Jane-Bremer> But they would be prepared
    [02:12] <SarahWalters> you saw how little damage a gun did to it
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> anyway, thats central policy, and we WONT be doing anything to change it
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> something else has come up
    [02:12] <SarahWalters> fine more meaningless deaths
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> just stick to decaffinated for a while is my advice, Ma&#39;am
    [02:13] <SarahWalters> how dare you
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> anyway, I have some news for Miss Bremer here now
    [02:13] * SarahWalters storms off in a rage
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> last night, your library was broken into
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> and a safe was opened
    [02:13] <Jane-Bremer> What&#33;
    [02:13] * SarahWalters overhears
    [02:14] <Burian> well isn&#39;t that wonderful
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> and a book was stolen and removed from the premises
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> Oh no
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> that is not good
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> we need you to go back to the library and ascertain what is missing
    [02:15] <Jane-Bremer> i think i already know what they took
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> as soon as possible if you dont mind
    [02:15] <Jane-Bremer> all right
    [02:15] <Jane-Bremer> ill go with you
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> there seems to be a link to this mucus monster situtaion as we all realise
    [02:15] <Burian> Ill stay here and keep an eye on miss Walters
    [02:16] <SarahWalters> actually i am going to the library myself
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> fine, I take it the broken door and window will be fixed up sometime before nightfall ?
    [02:16] <Burian> here that Det
    [02:16] <Burian> I;m coming to thed library
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> okay, thats fine
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> I guess we will see you there then
    [02:17] <Burian> btw
    [02:17] <Burian> ah
    [02:17] <Burian> nevermind
    [02:17] * Burian heads to his truck

    ACT 15 The Missing Spellbook and the Mystery Man
    [02:18] * Det_Serious pulls up outside the library and helps Jane-Bremer out of the car
    [02:18] * Burian rolls to the library
    [02:18] * Burian parks and enters the premesis
    [02:18] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer go into the library and head to the occult section
    [02:18] * SarahWalters makes her own way to the library after finally getting the crap out of her hair
    [02:19] * Jane-Bremer reminds the detective that the safe was opened and that would be the best place to start
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> my understanding is, that a security guard noticed this safe was open during one of his patrols
    [02:20] * Burian wanders around in the library, until he spots the other two
    [02:20] * SarahWalters starts to wander around the occult section
    [02:20] * Jin observe the group that walks through the library... seems like an odd group... a wierd ukrainan or something is carrying a rifle...
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> its been dusted for fingerprints
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> so can you please look at the contents and tell me whats missing ?
    [02:21] <Jane-Bremer> Certinly
    [02:21] * SarahWalters leans on her walking stick as she watches the others
    [02:21] * Jane-Bremer opens the safe
    [02:21] * Jane-Bremer gasps&#33;
    [02:21] <Burian> OMG
    [02:21] <Jane-Bremer> Oh-no
    [02:21] * Jin browses the books
    [02:21] * Jin blends in
    [02:21] <Jane-Bremer> the necronomicon is missing
    [02:21] * SarahWalters spies Jin out the corner of her eye
    [02:22] * Jin nods politely at the girl watching him and smiles
    [02:22] * Burian sees Sarahs head turn quickly snd follows her gaze
    [02:22] * Det_Serious spies SarahWalters spying something out of the corner of his own eye
    [02:22] * Burian whispers
    [02:23] * SarahWalters smiles politely
    [02:23] * Jin nods at the group of people watching him, and minds his book-viewing
    [02:23] <Burian> is it just me or has that Japanese guy been watching us since we got here
    [02:23] <Jane-Bremer> I think he has
    [02:23] <Det_Serious> this libraries supposed to be closed
    [02:23] * Jin opens Secrets of Channeling Asspower and browses it
    [02:23] <Jin> oh?
    [02:24] <Jin> im sorry, i wasnt informed
    [02:24] <Jin> i will leave
    [02:24] <Jin> my apologies
    [02:24] <Jane-Bremer> Did you not see the police and the Yellow tape with "do not cross written" on it
    [02:24] <Jin> no?
    [02:24] <Jin> there was none here when i arrived
    [02:25] <SarahWalters> he seems harmless enough
    [02:25] * Jin smiles and casually walks away toward the entrence
    [02:25] <Jin> *exit
    [02:25] <Det_Serious> well sir, the library is closed for the time being
    [02:25] <Jin> thank you, sir, and have a nice day
    [02:25] * Burian dashes to the exit after the mysterious individual
    [02:25] <SarahWalters> i think you scared him off detective
    [02:25] <SarahWalters> you can be so uncivil at times
    [02:26] * Jin notices the rifleman stepping infront of him
    [02:26] <Det_Serious> im a gritty hard-boiled detective Ma&#39;am
    [02:26] <Det_Serious> thats my job
    [02:26] <Burian> your not going anywhere
    [02:26] <Jin> oh? why is that?
    [02:27] <Burian> well mostly I&#39;m in your way
    [02:27] * Det_Serious sighs
    [02:27] <Jin> that can easily be fixed, sir
    [02:27] * Jin smiles
    [02:28] <Burian> what business does a man have in a closed library?
    [02:28] * Det_Serious realises that Burian has followed Jin out of the library and move after them
    [02:28] <SarahWalters> oh for gods sake&#33; i
    [02:28] <Jin> i was merely interested in browsing some litterature. i was not aware of the library being closed.
    [02:29] <Burian> Oh i&#39;m sure
    [02:29] <Jin> would you kindly step out of my way, as i am clearly not wanted here by that rugged officer.
    [02:30] * Jin unbuttons his suitjacket preparing for this savage to do anything that might cause harm
    [02:30] <Jin> sir?
    [02:30] <SarahWalters> Burian what are you *****ing doing?
    [02:31] <Burian> This guy puts me off
    [02:31] <Jin> oh, my dear, he is merely keeping me from following the policemans wishes
    [02:31] <Burian> something strikes me as odd
    [02:31] * Jin smiles at Sarah
    [02:31] * Jin looks at the detective
    [02:31] <SarahWalters> Burian you can not just attack people for being odd
    [02:31] <Burian> eh your right
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> Mr Schevnko, please do not do that
    [02:31] * Burian steps to the side
    [02:32] <Jin> thank you, officer
    [02:32] <SarahWalters> sorry about my friend
    [02:32] <Det_Serious> not at all sir, have a nice day
    [02:32] <Jin> that is allright, some people have no manners
    [02:32] <SarahWalters> it was nice to meet you despite the circumstances
    [02:32] * Jin eyes the greeklooking rifleman
    [02:32] * Jin nods
    [02:32] <SarahWalters> Sarah Walters
    [02:32] * SarahWalters offers out her hand
    [02:33] * Jin grabs her hand and shakes
    [02:33] <Jin> Jin Tatsenuko
    [02:33] <Jin> pleased to meet someone civil
    [02:33] * Det_Serious sniffs
    [02:33] * Burian glares at the man
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> thats America for you i guess
    [02:33] * Jin smells of flowers
    [02:33] <Jin> yes, i guess so, miss.
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> ok well have a nice day
    [02:33] * Jin buttons his expensive suitjacket
    [02:34] * Det_Serious mutters &#39;pansy&#39; under his breath
    [02:34] <Jin> thank you, the same to you too
    [02:34] * Jin eyes the smelly old detective and smiles politely
    [02:34] * Jin leaves the Library

    ACT 16 The Mystery Continues
    [02:34] <Jane-Bremer> That was a little starnge
    [02:34] * Det_Serious gives Jin a cool look
    [02:34] <SarahWalters> what is with you two and manners anyway?
    [02:34] <Det_Serious> im a gritty hard-boiled detective Ma&#39;am
    [02:35] <Burian> bah
    [02:35] <Burian> In my line of work manners don&#39;t get you far
    [02:35] <Burian> then again
    [02:35] <SarahWalters> why did i get out of bed this morning? agghh
    [02:35] <Burian> i can see sometimes they come in handy
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> okay. lets get our act together, ladies and Mr Schevnko
    [02:36] <Jane-Bremer> Did any one else notice some thing sespicous about that man?
    [02:36] <SarahWalters> something odd certainly
    [02:37] <Det_Serious> what did you notice ?
    [02:37] <Jane-Bremer> Well first of all
    [02:37] <Jane-Bremer> He was in a closed library with no one else inside
    [02:37] <Det_Serious> yeah ... okay ...
    [02:37] <Burian> well
    [02:37] <Burian> he said he got here before the tape was up
    [02:38] <Burian> maybe he wasn&#39;t lying
    [02:38] <Burian> but that would mean he would have been here before they opened
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> could be ...
    [02:38] <Jane-Bremer> Det_Serious, when exactly did the security gaurd report to the police?
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> we have it logged at 6:15 am
    [02:39] <Burian> and the police have been here since?
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> but we didnt dispatch a car until 80am
    [02:40] <Det_Serious> it seemed a low-key theft
    [02:40] <Burian> Understandably
    [02:40] <Jane-Bremer> What&#33;
    [02:40] <Det_Serious> it seemed a low-key theft
    [02:40] <Jane-Bremer> public property was just stolen
    [02:41] <Jane-Bremer> do you know how hard it is to run a puplic library these days?
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> yeah, some dusty old book
    [02:41] <SarahWalters> except that this Library has more spellbooks than any i have ever seen
    [02:42] <Burian> I wonder where they all came from?
    [02:42] <Det_Serious> yeah, well maybe David Copperfield should apply to be a librarian here then
    [02:42] <SarahWalters> Jane did they come from that website too?
    [02:42] <Jane-Bremer> www.occultbooks4u.com
    [02:42] <SarahWalters> ahhh the plot thickens
    [02:43] * Det_Serious writes &#39;the plot thickens&#39; in his notebook
    [02:43] * Jane-Bremer was wondering where the decective&#39;s notebook went
    [02:44] <SarahWalters> Detective did you get someone to check out that website?
    [02:44] * Burian wonders what the detective is writing now
    [02:45] <Det_Serious> I did get one of my guys to check it out
    [02:45] <SarahWalters> and?
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> strangely enough, it was run by a local company with an office 3 blocks from the library
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> and the company no longer exists
    [02:46] <SarahWalters> interesting
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> unusual concidence, dont you think ?
    [02:47] <SarahWalters> very
    [02:47] <Burian> quite a bit I would say
    [02:47] <Det_Serious> anyway, Ive got some important LAPD business to attend to
    [02:47] <SarahWalters> why sell the books online?
    [02:47] <SarahWalters> even i can walk 3 blocks
    [02:49] <Det_Serious> hmmm ...
    [02:50] <Burian> well i dunno about you guys,
    [02:51] <Burian> But I am beat from last night
    [02:51] <SarahWalters> ok we call it quits here?
    [02:51] <Burian> I&#39;m gonnaa check on a few sources see if I can find out anything
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> yeah we can meet later
    [02:52] <Det_Serious> if there are any new developments
    [02:52] <Burian> maybe we can find out something about mir "Jin" as well
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> i am going to check out this occult books 4 u first of all
    [02:52] <Det_Serious> I take it your house will be repared by tonight, Miss Walters ?
    [02:53] <SarahWalters> well the door at least
    [02:53] <Det_Serious> I will try to make sure the police cover is maintained tonight at least
    [02:54] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll run Jin Tatsenuko through the files, but for all we know its a phoney name
    [02:54] <Burian> I don&#39;t know
    [02:54] <Burian> he seemed pretty sure of himself
    [02:54] <Burian> reminded me of someone....
    [02:55] <Burian> anyway
    [02:55] <Det_Serious> anyway, Im away to my office
    [02:55] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll be in touch ...
    [02:55] * Det_Serious leaves the library
    [02:55] * Jin watches the odd group from a distance, concealed, as they gradually leave the Library
    [02:55] * Burian jumps in the truck
    [02:56] * SarahWalters is certain someone is watching her as she struggles to get down the steps with her walking stick
    [02:56] * Burian notes a flash in a tree nearby
    [02:57] * Burian mutters to himself " you are to paranoid"
    [02:58] * Burian drives off

    Who is Jin Tatsenuko? What part if any did Occultbooks4u play in all this? the story continues

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    ACT 17 The Police Station Nightmare

    [01:17] <random_cop> hey detective i hear you had a case from the X files
    [01:17] <Det_Serious> er, yeah, but we dont want it getting out to the public
    [01:18] <Det_Serious> its a weird one, this case
    [01:18] <random_cop> you know your like the laughing stock of the department for taking those people seriously
    [01:18] <Det_Serious> who says Im taking them seriously ?
    [01:18] <Det_Serious> mind you, Ive seen some pretty weird ***** the last 24 hours
    [01:19] <random_cop> i strongly advise you leave the case, for the sake of your health
    [01:19] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll take that under advisement, and thanks for your concern
    [01:19] <Det_Serious> and your name is .... ??
    [01:19] <random_cop> actually when i say advise i am telling you...
    [01:20] <Det_Serious> oh really ?
    [01:20] <Det_Serious> that sounds like .... what do they call it ... a threat ?
    [01:21] * random_cop laughs
    [01:21] <random_cop> one i hope you will take seriously
    [01:21] * Det_Serious gives random_cop a cool look
    [01:21] * random_cop draws his gun
    [01:21] * Det_Serious draws his own weapon
    [01:22] <random_cop> come on detective, you can walk away from this...
    [01:22] <Det_Serious> you had better give it up, buster
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> this is a police station, you cant start a gun battle in here and walk out free
    [01:23] * random_cop fires his 9 mm pistol twice grazing the detectives ribs with one shot
    [01:24] * Det_Serious fires back at the random_cop
    [01:25] * random_cop is hit in the chest and stumbles back
    [01:25] <random_cop> you should have listened to me detective...
    [01:26] * Det_Serious moves forward and prepares to shoot again if the random_cop lifts his weapon
    [01:27] * random_cop falls to the ground and starts to age at an incredible rate
    [01:27] * Slai|css is now known as Jin
    [01:28] * Det_Serious is taken aback but just manages to hold himself together
    [01:28] <Det_Serious> what the fuggg...
    [01:28] * random_cop is no more in a couple of seconds
    [01:29] * Det_Serious stares at the mound of dust
    [01:29] <Det_Serious> and then becomes conscious of the blood seeping out of his shirt
    [01:30] * Det_Serious staggers away for first aid help
    [01:30] <Det_Serious> hey Sarge, i could use some help here
    [01:30] <Sargent_Pete> oh my god, Serious... we need to get you to the hospital
    [01:31] <Det_Serious> yeah, i guess ...
    [01:31] * Det_Serious allows himself to be taken to hospital
    [01:31] * Sargent_Pete takes the detective to the nearest hospital

    ACT 18 Occult Books for all but you&#33;
    [01:34] * SarahWalters looks around
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> well nobody here
    [01:36] <Jane-Bremer> it is rather quiet
    [01:36] <SarahWalters> how are you at lockpicking?
    [01:36] <Jane-Bremer> I once read a book on it
    [01:37] <Jane-Bremer> but i&#39;ve never actualy tried it
    [01:37] <SarahWalters> well i think we will find our answers inside
    [01:38] * Jane-Bremer tries to pick the lock but fails horriably
    [01:39] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [01:39] <Jane-Bremer> what should we do now
    [01:39] * SarahWalters sits down and hands Jane her walking stick
    [01:42] * Jane-Bremer swings the walking stick like a club and bashes the door open.
    [01:43] <Jane-Bremer> that fixes are problem
    [01:43] <SarahWalters> remind me not to get on your bad side
    [01:43] * Jane-Bremer hands Sarah her walking stick back
    [01:43] <Jane-Bremer> Shall we go in?
    [01:44] <SarahWalters> certainly
    [01:44] * Jane-Bremer and Sarah proced to enter the run down building
    [01:45] * SarahWalters looks around and sees a grey star symbol in the centre of the room
    [01:45] <Jane-Bremer> hmm
    [01:45] <SarahWalters> Jane be careful do not walk into that star
    [01:45] <Jane-Bremer> I think i remeber that symble from some where
    [01:46] <SarahWalters> its a protective sign i think it is keeping something in
    [01:47] <SarahWalters> too bad we can not get to the other side of the room without crossing it
    [01:47] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [01:48] * Jane-Bremer picks up a rock off the ground
    [01:48] * Jane-Bremer tosses it in the air and catches it
    [01:48] <SarahWalters> ahh i see
    [01:48] <Jane-Bremer> yes?
    [01:49] <SarahWalters> your going to see what is in the circle?
    [01:49] <Jane-Bremer> yep
    [01:49] * Jane-Bremer tosses the rock into the circle
    [01:49] * SarahWalters leaps back as an otherworldly growl comes from the circle
    [01:50] <SarahWalters> wwwwell at least we know we are in the right place
    [01:51] <SarahWalters> unless security systems growl now that is
    [01:52] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [01:52] <SarahWalters> i have an idea
    [01:53] * SarahWalters lies down on the ground and puts her walking stick into the circle wiggling it around to taunt whatever is in there
    [01:53] <SarahWalters> get to the other side quickly
    [01:53] * Jane-Bremer runs to the other side
    [01:55] * SarahWalters looks down in fear...
    [01:55] <SarahWalters> Jane we rubbed out some of the warding
    [01:55] <Jane-Bremer> great...
    [01:57] * Jane-Bremer gasps as some thing her foot and pulls her tword the star
    [01:57] <Jane-Bremer> *gasp*
    [01:57] <SarahWalters> oh *****&#33; oh *****&#33; oh *****&#33;
    [01:58] * SarahWalters stands up and tries to divert the unseen horror&#39;s attention
    [01:59] * Jane-Bremer trys to struggle free
    [020] * SarahWalters throws a stone into the centre of the star
    [020] * Jane-Bremer manages to break free of the tenticals grasp
    [021] <SarahWalters> run for it&#33;
    [021] * Jane-Bremer runs across to the wall
    [021] <Jane-Bremer> ...now what...
    [021] * SarahWalters has her walking stick snatched by the creature as she runs for it causing her to fall
    [022] * Jane-Bremer help Sarah up
    [023] <SarahWalters> oh my god my head
    [023] <Jane-Bremer> are you alright?
    [023] * SarahWalters has a few minor injuries from her fall
    [023] <SarahWalters> nothing serious
    [024] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [024] <Jane-Bremer> no problem
    [024] <Jane-Bremer> i would be lost without you
    [025] <SarahWalters> its good to feel appreciated, glad you came along

    ACT 19 Help from a friend?
    [025] * Det_Serious eats another grape and looks bored
    [026] * Shi_Hakousha walks into the room where Serious is getting hospitalize
    [026] <Shi_Hakousha> Good Evening
    [026] <Det_Serious> Evening
    [026] <Shi_Hakousha> How is the side of your rib?
    [027] <Det_Serious> its okay, its just being bandaged up
    [027] <Shi_Hakousha> that&#39;s good
    [027] <Det_Serious> why are you so interested ?
    [028] <Shi_Hakousha> I heard what what happen at the station. Couldn&#39;t believe a police officer did that..
    [028] <Shi_Hakousha> I am just showingh concern
    [028] <Det_Serious> yeah, well, he disappeared without a trace afterwards
    [028] <Shi_Hakousha> I know alot fo the police in this city. Got a rep from them all...
    [028] <Det_Serious> and I dont think he was a policeman
    [028] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [029] <Shi_Hakousha> I was actually curious
    [029] <Shi_Hakousha> what did he look like when he died?
    [02:10] <Shi_Hakousha> I am doing this case from someone that has to do about the occult book being stolen.
    [02:10] * Det_Serious is not going to admit what happened to the body
    [02:10] <Shi_Hakousha> Some sarg told me about the whole thing.
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> he didnt die, he got away
    [02:10] <Shi_Hakousha> ok
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> when he winged me, i lost track of him
    [02:11] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [02:11] <Det_Serious> he must have disappeared into the other offices
    [02:11] <Shi_Hakousha> don&#39;t be suspicous about me. I am also a Investigator
    [02:11] <Shi_Hakousha> I am just trying to help out.
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> i assumed as such otherwise I would not be discussing this
    [02:12] <Shi_Hakousha> Oh that reminds me. I have some information about the stolen occult book.
    [02:12] <Shi_Hakousha> I will only say is this
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> go on
    [02:13] <Shi_Hakousha> The guy that stole it is very sneaky and is foreign.
    [02:13] <Shi_Hakousha> I think around the Asian countries
    [02:13] <Shi_Hakousha> That is all so far.
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> hmmm....not norwegian then
    [02:13] <Shi_Hakousha> nope.
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> okay thanks for that
    [02:13] <Shi_Hakousha> no problem. I do what I can.
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> right, whats your name then ?
    [02:14] <Shi_Hakousha> well
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> Im serious, Harry Serious
    [02:14] <Shi_Hakousha> nice to meet you
    [02:14] <Shi_Hakousha> I have a couple of names
    [02:14] <Shi_Hakousha> My real name is Ryuuchu Ogawa
    [02:14] <Shi_Hakousha> or Flowing Stream
    [02:15] <Shi_Hakousha> But police and others gave me the nick name Shi Hakousha or Death Walker
    [02:15] <Shi_Hakousha> You probably might of heard of my "work"
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> hmmm...sounds a bit dramatic
    [02:16] <Shi_Hakousha> a month ago
    [02:16] <Shi_Hakousha> you heard of a drug gang that was found slashed?
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> yeah I heard of that
    [02:16] <Shi_Hakousha> 2 guys lived, but 3 died.
    [02:16] <Shi_Hakousha> I was he that did that.
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> hmmm
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll take that under advisement
    [02:17] <Shi_Hakousha> which is why I got my name. I show no mercy to other villians.
    [02:17] * Shi_Hakousha smiles a tiny bit
    [02:17] * JinTatsenuko rapidly moves up behind Shi unnoticed by either of the cops while drawing two blades, and hits Shi over the head with the sides of the blades
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> i assume you know I am a police detective of the LAPD detectives bureau ?
    [02:18] <Shi_Hakousha> yes
    [02:21] * JinTatsenuko strikes at Shi, knocking him down unconscious
    [02:22] * JinTatsenuko grabs the detectives notebook from his coat and runs out of the room
    [02:22] * Det_Serious grabs his gun and draws a bead on the escaping git
    [02:24] <Det_Serious> halt or I shoot &#33;
    [02:24] * Det_Serious fires at the fleeing JinTatsenuko, the bullet moving unerringly towards his body
    [02:25] * JinTatsenuko feels the bullet hit his thigh but manages to swipe the gun away from the detectives hands
    [02:25] <Det_Serious> the bullet strikes and does 3 points of damage
    [02:26] <Det_Serious> the buggers got my notebook &#33;
    [02:28] * JinTatsenuko disappears from view
    [02:28] * Det_Serious is too late to stop the thief escaping
    [02:28] <Det_Serious> *****
    [02:28] * Det_Serious goes over to Shi_Hakousha
    [02:29] * Det_Serious uses his own first aid skills to determine quickly that Shi_Hakousha is unconscious
    [02:29] * Det_Serious calls for medical aid for Shi_Hakousha
    [02:30] * Det_Serious watches as Shi_Hakousha is carried to the emergency treatment area
    [02:31] * Det_Serious uses the opportunity to go through Shi_Hakoushas pockets and personal effects to find identification
    [02:31] * Det_Serious makes a mental note to get another notebook as soon as possible

    ACT 20 The Team meets up
    [02:32] * Det_Serious calls his office to give them a description of JinTatsenuko
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> Detective Serious i heard you had a run of bad luck
    [02:33] <Det_Serious> bad luck ? i think it was enemy action &#33;
    [02:34] <Det_Serious> some cop no-one has ever seen before gives me a serious warning
    [02:34] <Det_Serious> and then tries to shoot me
    [02:34] <Det_Serious> and when I shoot back he turns into the contents of an ashtray
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> and while I&#39;m here getting my ribs bandaged
    [02:35] <Jane-Bremer> so what do we do now
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> some fat Oriental comes in and starts shooting his mouth off about his deadly skills
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> and is promptly knocked out by a ninja with a norwegian accent
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> I might have been mistaken about the norwegian accent though
    [02:37] <SarahWalters> could have been a ruse i suppose
    [02:37] <Det_Serious> hmm maybe
    [02:37] <SarahWalters> well you may like to know that the occult books place was not a dead end
    [02:37] <Det_Serious> okay ...
    [02:38] <SarahWalters> we nearly got killed actually
    [02:38] <Jane-Bremer> by some mystic tenticle
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> sheesh
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> this is getting wierder and wierder
    [02:39] <SarahWalters> i have a feeling all of this is somehow connected
    [02:40] <Det_Serious> what do you think about the cop who turned into dust when I shot him ?
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> i havnt told anyone at work about that
    [02:41] <SarahWalters> that is new
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> they would turn me over to the shrink factory
    [02:41] <SarahWalters> well i always suspected that something controlled the police force to hide things like our mucus creature
    [02:42] <Jane-Bremer> did Mr.Dusty say some thing to you before he poofed?
    [02:43] <Det_Serious> he warned me to give up the case
    [02:43] <Det_Serious> and said I was the laughing stock of the deapartment for believing all this stuff
    [02:44] <SarahWalters> interesting... very interesting....
    [02:44] <Jane-Bremer> What do you make of all this Sarah?
    [02:45] <SarahWalters> for once i am truely stumped
    [02:45] <SarahWalters> anyone who would summon a creature to kill 5 people would not make the effort to stun a man
    [02:46] <Jane-Bremer> Is there any thing we for the star in the book store?
    [02:47] <Jane-Bremer> a...spell... perhaps?
    [02:48] <SarahWalters> well the star is the same as the one on the necronomicon
    [02:48] * JinTatsenuko (civilian clothes) leans against the doorframe
    [02:48] <JinTatsenuko> is this Mr. Tatsyedas room?
    [02:49] <Jane-Bremer> No, no its not
    [02:49] * SarahWalters smiles
    [02:49] * JinTatsenuko nods
    [02:49] <JinTatsenuko> pardon for the inconvenience
    [02:49] * JinTatsenuko leaves
    [02:49] <Jane-Bremer> Wait&#33;
    [02:50] <Jane-Bremer> damnit he got away
    [02:50] <Jane-Bremer> Did any one else recognize him?
    [02:51] <SarahWalters> oh yes
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> yeah that was the guy from the library yesterday morning
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> was it?
    [02:52] <Det_Serious> think so
    [02:52] <Jane-Bremer> thats what i thought
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> i knew i had seen him before
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> so anyway what happened to the guy who came to visit you?
    [02:53] <Det_Serious> incidentally, the Asian guy who visited me yesterday
    [02:53] <Det_Serious> he was telling me about the guy who stole the book
    [02:53] <Jane-Bremer> My book&#33;
    [02:53] <Det_Serious> he said that the thief was Asian and very sneaky
    [02:53] <SarahWalters> is he consious yet?
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> yeah
    [02:55] <SarahWalters> i am going to talk to him
    [02:55] <Det_Serious> but I have not spoken to him again yet
    [02:55] <SarahWalters> detective, with your tone its just as well
    [02:55] * SarahWalters grins
    [02:55] <Det_Serious> however, I found this in his pocket when he was knocked out
    [02:55] <Jane-Bremer> erm
    [02:56] * Det_Serious ignores the smart-mouthed limey broad
    [02:56] <Jane-Bremer> isn&#39;t that... illegal
    [02:56] * Det_Serious produces a library card for Jane-Bremers library
    [02:56] <Jane-Bremer> hmmmm
    [02:57] * Jane-Bremer reads the card
    [02:57] <Jane-Bremer> *gasp*
    [02:57] <Jane-Bremer> Mr. Nemy&#33;
    [02:58] <Det_Serious> dun dun dun ...

    ACT 21 Mr Nemy I presume

    [02:58] <SarahWalters> hello
    [02:58] <Shi_Hakousha> eh..
    [02:58] <Shi_Hakousha> oh hi
    [02:59] <Shi_Hakousha> godamnit, my head..
    [02:59] <SarahWalters> i heard what happened to you
    [02:59] <Shi_Hakousha> you did?
    [02:59] <Shi_Hakousha> *****
    [02:59] <Shi_Hakousha> so who are you?
    [02:59] <SarahWalters> yes Detective Serious and i are friends
    [02:59] <Shi_Hakousha> ok
    [02:59] <SarahWalters> i am Sarah, Sarah Walters
    [030] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [030] <Shi_Hakousha> Hmm
    [030] <Shi_Hakousha> I think I seen you before
    [030] <SarahWalters> well i do write
    [031] <Shi_Hakousha> Aren&#39;t you the person that wrote the occult books?
    [031] * Jane-Bremer leaves Det_Serious&#39;s room to get refreshmints
    [031] <SarahWalters> why yes i am
    [031] <Shi_Hakousha> ok
    [031] <Shi_Hakousha> I actually had a couple of questions to ask
    [032] <Shi_Hakousha> well mainly one
    [032] <SarahWalters> oh?
    [032] <Shi_Hakousha> but, you came in here probably to ask something also
    [033] <Shi_Hakousha> but I am curious in the books
    [033] <SarahWalters> which ones in paticular?
    [033] <Shi_Hakousha> The Necro books
    [034] <Shi_Hakousha> I am curious if someone can summon these creatures I been hearing about
    [034] <SarahWalters> the Necronomicon?
    [034] <Shi_Hakousha> yes that one
    [034] <Shi_Hakousha> my mind is still a bit fuzzy at the moment
    [034] <SarahWalters> well a copy was recently stolen from a local library
    [034] <Shi_Hakousha> yeah I know
    [035] <Shi_Hakousha> know so far what the guy sort of looks like
    [035] <SarahWalters> its certainly no petty spellbook, reading it will slowly turn the reader insane
    [035] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [036] <SarahWalters> the thing scares the hell out of me
    [036] <Shi_Hakousha> yes?
    [036] <SarahWalters> something mankind was never supposed to know
    [036] <Shi_Hakousha> hmm?
    [036] <SarahWalters> that book contains a lot of those somethings
    [036] <Shi_Hakousha> ok..
    [037] <SarahWalters> sorry i interrupted you
    [037] <Shi_Hakousha> no problem
    [037] <SarahWalters> what were you saying?
    [037] <Shi_Hakousha> I was wondering if one of your books can summon these monsters
    [037] <Shi_Hakousha> that was all
    [038] <SarahWalters> not my books, but those i write about such as the Necronomicon can
    [038] <Shi_Hakousha> Have a couple of weird cases about them, so I needed some info
    [038] <Shi_Hakousha> ok sorry to bother you about it
    [03:10] <Shi_Hakousha> was there anything else wanted/needed to ask?

    ACT 22 Dark Past

    [03:10] <SarahWalters> i have seen winged monsters, clawed horrors, things that are twisted mockeries of human form
    [03:11] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [03:11] <SarahWalters> nothing i would ever encounter by choice
    [03:11] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [03:11] <Shi_Hakousha> no one wants too
    [03:12] <Shi_Hakousha> unless if you are insane
    [03:12] <SarahWalters> my fiancée did
    [03:12] <SarahWalters> alas he is gone now
    [03:12] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [03:12] <Shi_Hakousha> sorry to hear that
    [03:13] <SarahWalters> well i continue his work in many ways, he is survived through me
    [03:13] <Shi_Hakousha> that&#39;s good
    [03:14] <SarahWalters> it still hurts, all the time
    [03:14] <Shi_Hakousha> so why still do it if it still hurts?
    [03:15] <SarahWalters> everything i do, reminds me of him
    [03:15] <SarahWalters> nothing else left in my life but this...
    [03:15] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [03:15] * SarahWalters sighs
    [03:16] <Shi_Hakousha> Well it been nice talking to you Sarah, but I have to get back to my office to do some paperwork
    [03:16] <Shi_Hakousha> Sorry to leave at a short notice.
    [03:16] <Shi_Hakousha> I hope you and Serious have a pleasant night
    [03:17] <SarahWalters> it is day now
    [03:17] <Shi_Hakousha> day
    [03:17] <SarahWalters> damn you did get hit hard&#33;
    [03:17] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [03:18] <Shi_Hakousha> ok..Have a nice day than
    [03:18] <SarahWalters> ok
    [03:18] <Shi_Hakousha> Hope you catch that guy
    [03:19] <SarahWalters> oh we will, this is the only mission in my life now
    [03:19] <Shi_Hakousha> I will give more info to you guys when it arises
    [03:19] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [03:19] * SarahWalters hands Shi her cell phone number
    [03:20] <Shi_Hakousha> thanks
    [03:20] * Shi_Hakousha gives Sarah his number
    [03:20] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [03:20] <Shi_Hakousha> no problem
    [03:20] * Shi_Hakousha gets up out of the bed and walks out of the room
    [03:20] <SarahWalters> oh and out of interest, why the interest in the monsters
    [03:20] <Shi_Hakousha> oh
    [03:21] <Shi_Hakousha> just curious that&#39;s all
    [03:21] * Shi_Hakousha does sort of a weak bye motion and is gone
    [03:21] <SarahWalters> really?
    [03:22] * Shi_Hakousha pops head in
    [03:22] <Shi_Hakousha> really
    [03:22] * SarahWalters smiles to herself having figured something else out
    [03:22] <Shi_Hakousha> nothing serious.
    [03:23] <SarahWalters> if you say so
    [03:23] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [03:23] <Shi_Hakousha> well later
    [03:23] * Shi_Hakousha leaves

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    ACT 23 New Plan
    [00:32] <Det_Serious> Hello Ms Walters
    [00:32] <SarahWalters> Detective, are you feeling better?
    [00:32] <Det_Serious> yeah thanks, its a bit painful when I move but otherwise fine
    [00:33] <Det_Serious> any news come your way ?
    [00:33] <SarahWalters> thank god, we seem to be dropping like flys here&#33;
    [00:34] <SarahWalters> i think our invisible friend was too much for Jane to handle, i have not seen Burian since the library and Professor Truth has not returned my calls&#33;
    [00:35] <Det_Serious> *****, err..excuse me Ma&#39;am
    [00:35] <Det_Serious> did we establish what it was you found at the website company ?
    [00:36] <SarahWalters> other than a huge invisible monster we found nothing
    [00:36] <Det_Serious> right ...
    [00:36] <SarahWalters> ironically we found the only invisible thing in the room
    [00:37] <Det_Serious> well, we know that theres a sneaky asian guy weve been warned about
    [00:37] <Det_Serious> we know Shi_Hakousha had a library card for Janes Library
    [00:37] <Det_Serious> what else do we know ?
    [00:37] <SarahWalters> speaking of him, i was going to see him
    [00:38] <Det_Serious> okay, mind if I tag along ?
    [00:38] <SarahWalters> very well but please act like a homosapien for a change&#33;
    [00:38] <Det_Serious> Im on sick leave technically, but this case isn&#39;t gonna go away
    [00:39] * Det_Serious gives SarahWalters one of his famous cool looks
    [00:39] <SarahWalters> well are we going or not?
    [00:39] <Det_Serious> yip, I&#39;ll drive ...
    [00:40] * Det_Serious and SarahWalters go to the powerful Mustang and drive off ...
    [00:40] * Det_Serious and SarahWalters arrive at Shi_Hakoushas place
    [00:41] * Shi_Hakousha is organizing alot of papers, files, and other crap
    [00:41] * Det_Serious and SarahWalters go inside to find Shi_Hakousha
    [00:41] <Det_Serious> Hallo, we meet again ...
    [00:41] <Shi_Hakousha> oh
    [00:41] <Shi_Hakousha> hello
    [00:41] <SarahWalters> hi
    [00:41] <Shi_Hakousha> hi
    [00:41] <Det_Serious> how do you feel now ?
    [00:42] <Shi_Hakousha> much better
    [00:42] <Shi_Hakousha> thanks
    [00:42] <Det_Serious> good, cos we&#39;re up against it I feel
    [00:42] <Shi_Hakousha> Came to visit for the fun of it or you here for business reasons?
    [00:42] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [00:42] <Shi_Hakousha> up against want?
    [00:43] <Det_Serious> something supernatural it seems
    [00:43] <Shi_Hakousha> I see
    [00:43] <Det_Serious> soemthing they didnt train me for at the academy
    [00:43] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [00:44] <Shi_Hakousha> I am not of much help with this supernatural business
    [00:44] <SarahWalters> yet you knew about the Necronomicon
    [00:44] <Shi_Hakousha> yes..
    [00:44] <Shi_Hakousha> but that is personal reasons why I know about it
    [00:45] <Shi_Hakousha> Would you guys like a pepsi or something?
    [00:45] <SarahWalters> i would love one thank you
    [00:45] <Det_Serious> no thanks, Im on the Atkins diet
    [00:45] * Shi_Hakousha gives one to Sarah
    [00:45] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [00:45] <Shi_Hakousha> no problem
    [00:45] * SarahWalters smiles politely
    [00:46] * Shi_Hakousha gives sort of a weak smile
    [00:46] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m out of the information loop now, Im supposed to be on sick leave
    [00:47] <Det_Serious> Ive not heard any more about the creature we shot
    [00:47] <SarahWalters> so when you say personal business...
    [00:47] <Shi_Hakousha> hmm?
    [00:48] * SarahWalters looks around
    [00:48] <SarahWalters> i see a lot of books here on some rather interesting subjects
    [00:48] <Shi_Hakousha> yeah..
    [00:49] <Shi_Hakousha> alot of occult books
    [00:49] * SarahWalters picks up one of the books
    [00:49] <Shi_Hakousha> I got into them like 2 years ago
    [00:49] <SarahWalters> one of mine
    [00:49] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [00:49] <Shi_Hakousha> I like your books personally
    [00:49] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [00:49] * SarahWalters blushes
    [00:49] <Shi_Hakousha> has some. Interesting stuff
    [00:50] <SarahWalters> well what i am doing now may well be my fourth book
    [00:50] <SarahWalters> can you help us
    [00:50] <SarahWalters> please?
    [00:50] <Shi_Hakousha> eh I have to think about it
    [00:50] <Shi_Hakousha> I have alot fo work as you can see
    [00:50] <Shi_Hakousha> of*
    [00:51] <Shi_Hakousha> but if I get the free time yes
    [00:51] <Shi_Hakousha> but that might be awhile
    [00:51] * Det_Serious listens to the intellectuals chat
    [00:52] <Shi_Hakousha> alot of unsolve murder cases etc. that was giving to me
    [00:52] <SarahWalters> hmm
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> hmm
    [00:52] <Shi_Hakousha> and other crap that the normal police can&#39;t solve
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> hmm &#33;
    [00:53] * Shi_Hakousha gives Serious a strange, sort of concern look
    [00:53] * Det_Serious decides not to give Shi_Hakousha a cool look
    [00:53] <Shi_Hakousha> sorry
    [00:54] <Shi_Hakousha> but I never understood them really
    [00:54] <Det_Serious> no problem
    [00:55] <Shi_Hakousha> Was there anything else you wanted?
    [00:55] * Shi_Hakousha sips more of his pepsi
    [00:55] <SarahWalters> other than answers? not really
    [00:55] <Shi_Hakousha> heh
    [00:55] <Shi_Hakousha> About the stolen book thing
    [00:55] <Det_Serious> yeah ?
    [00:55] <Shi_Hakousha> I still haven&#39;t got any new information
    [00:56] <Shi_Hakousha> my authorites must be slagging off or something
    [00:56] <Shi_Hakousha> I don&#39;t know really..
    [00:56] * Shi_Hakousha sighs
    [00:56] <Det_Serious> okay, well thanks anyway
    [00:57] * SarahWalters follows the detective out
    [00:57] <Shi_Hakousha> later sarah and serious
    [00:57] * Det_Serious and SarahWalters get into the Mustang and drive back up town
    [00:57] <SarahWalters> he is hiding something
    [00:58] <Det_Serious> yeah, I registered that myself
    [00:58] <Det_Serious> well, what do you reckon ?
    [00:58] <SarahWalters> hes afraid of someone or something
    [00:59] <SarahWalters> not like i blame the guy
    [00:59] <Det_Serious> yeah, could well be ..
    [00:59] <Det_Serious> well ... what leads do we have now ?
    [010] <Det_Serious> you are sure theres nothing at all in the website company place ?
    [010] <SarahWalters> anything at that old building is useless to us unless we get rid of that creature
    [010] <Det_Serious> apart from an invisible octopus ?
    [010] <Det_Serious> yeah
    [010] <Det_Serious> do you have any ... spells ... to get rid of it ?
    [011] <SarahWalters> i am going to read up on that
    [011] <SarahWalters> most spells are a little dangerous though
    [011] <Det_Serious> okay, well somehow I missed spell classes at the Police Academy
    [012] <Det_Serious> so you are the specialist there
    [012] <SarahWalters> ok could you drop me off at home please, i need to do some reading
    [013] <Det_Serious> so - unless we can find your friend Jin, who was at the library after the book was stolen ...
    [013] <Det_Serious> okay
    [013] * Det_Serious drops SarahWalters off at her home

    ACT 24 The Man in the Grey Trench Coat
    [014] * Shi_Hakousha still fondles with some papers
    [014] <Shi_Hakousha> hi may I help you?
    [015] <Lydecker> you and i need to talk
    [015] <Shi_Hakousha> ok
    [015] * Lydecker is bald and very tall, wearing a grey trench coat
    [015] <Shi_Hakousha> is it about the call you guys gave me?
    [016] <Lydecker> we understand that you have talked to them again
    [016] <Shi_Hakousha> yes..
    [016] <Shi_Hakousha> but I told them that I might not help them again because of my "work"
    [016] <Lydecker> now you understand we supplied you with power
    [016] <Lydecker> lots of power
    [016] <Shi_Hakousha> I know
    [017] <Shi_Hakousha> don&#39;t worry
    [017] <Shi_Hakousha> I doubt they will return
    [017] <Shi_Hakousha> and for meto make sure I can move to someotherplace
    [017] <Shi_Hakousha> me to*
    [017] <Lydecker> that aragement has already been made
    [017] <Shi_Hakousha> ok
    [018] <Lydecker> now see to it that you uphold your end
    [018] <Lydecker> otherwise...
    [018] <Shi_Hakousha> hmm?
    [019] <Lydecker> i never told you what happened to Sanderson did i?
    [019] <Shi_Hakousha> no..
    [019] * Lydecker walks away shaking his head
    [019] <Lydecker> tragic, tragic talke
    [019] <Lydecker> tale
    [019] <Shi_Hakousha> I can guess you killed him
    [019] <Lydecker> now we do not say that
    [019] <Shi_Hakousha> just from how you sound
    [01:10] <Shi_Hakousha> traand the words you said
    [01:10] <Shi_Hakousha> tragic
    [01:10] <Shi_Hakousha> and*
    [01:10] * Lydecker moves towards Shi
    [01:10] <Lydecker> you little man are too smart for your own good
    [01:10] <Shi_Hakousha> meh, I have to be to live up what I do.
    [01:11] <Shi_Hakousha> or the evil in the dark alleys wil not fear me
    [01:11] * Lydecker smiles
    [01:11] <Lydecker> real evil does not hide like that
    [01:11] <Shi_Hakousha> I can imagine
    [01:11] <Lydecker> read the book we sent you
    [01:11] <Shi_Hakousha> ok
    [01:12] <Lydecker> the rest will become clear soon enough...
    [01:12] <Shi_Hakousha> got it
    [01:12] * Lydecker walks towards the door
    [01:12] <Shi_Hakousha> by the way
    [01:12] <Lydecker> yes?
    [01:12] <Shi_Hakousha> what is your name?
    [01:13] <Shi_Hakousha> you never told me on the phone
    [01:13] <Shi_Hakousha> or when you entered
    [01:13] <Lydecker> call me Lydecker sir
    [01:13] <Lydecker> that is all you need to know...
    [01:13] <Shi_Hakousha> ok Lydecker
    [01:14] * Lydecker sees Jin concealed near Shi&#39;s house and approaches him
    [01:16] <Lydecker> An impressive job you are doing here
    [01:16] * JinTatsenuko rises to meed the man
    [01:17] * JinTatsenuko nods
    [01:17] <Lydecker> you shall be rewarded
    [01:17] * JinTatsenuko gazes casually at the balded man
    [01:17] <Lydecker> now go... i fear you have been spotted
    [01:18] * JinTatsenuko casually strolls off
    [01:19] * Lydecker walks in the opposite direction

    ACT 25 Searching for the Spell
    [01:20] <SarahWalters> Jane&#33; are you ok?
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> Yeah i&#39;m fine
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> i just wish we could check out occult books 4u more
    [01:21] <SarahWalters> well funny you should say that
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> there has to be some thing important there
    [01:21] <SarahWalters> i need your help researching a spell
    [01:22] <Jane-Bremer> What sort of spell?
    [01:22] <SarahWalters> a banishing spell
    [01:22] <Jane-Bremer> what would you have me do?
    [01:23] <SarahWalters> well i need you to find me a book
    [01:23] <SarahWalters> the Book of Glaaki
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> hmmmm
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> the name sounds familar
    [01:24] <SarahWalters> excellent i was hoping it would
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> i don&#39;t know where i would find a copy around here though
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> but im shure i could find it some how
    [01:24] <SarahWalters> true
    [01:25] <SarahWalters> but you do know book and this area better than anyone i know
    [01:26] <Jane-Bremer> i
    [01:26] <Jane-Bremer> will try my best to find it
    [01:26] <SarahWalters> thank you
    [01:26] <SarahWalters> now are you ok with going back there?
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> yeah
    [01:27] <SarahWalters> you really are brave
    [01:27] <SarahWalters> i am glad we met
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> me too
    [01:28] <Jane-Bremer> i probly would of been dead if it weren&#39;t for you
    [01:28] <SarahWalters> likewise
    [01:31] * Jane-Bremer goes on her computer to find where said book might be found
    [01:31] * Jane-Bremer finds that the only copy of said book belongs to *gasp* Mr.Nemy
    [01:32] <SarahWalters> i just got back from there
    [01:32] <SarahWalters> i am sure he would be only too happy to lend us his book
    [01:32] <Jane-Bremer> excelent
    [01:33] <Jane-Bremer> the perhaps we will find this mystery
    [01:33] <SarahWalters> ok well should we bother Detective Serious right now?
    [01:34] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [01:34] <Jane-Bremer> i think that would be a good idea
    [01:34] <SarahWalters> ok
    [01:34] * SarahWalters calls the Detective
    [01:35] <Det_Serious> Hello, Detectve Serious here
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> guess who?
    [01:35] <Det_Serious> oh Hi Sarah
    [01:35] <Det_Serious> whats occurring ?
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> well i need to go back to Shi&#39;s
    [01:35] <SarahWalters> he has a book i need
    [01:36] <Det_Serious> right ... okay
    [01:36] <SarahWalters> sorry about this
    [01:36] <Det_Serious> do you want me to ride shotgun ?
    [01:36] <SarahWalters> ok
    [01:36] <Det_Serious> you at your place ?
    [01:37] <SarahWalters> i am at Jane&#39;s now
    [01:37] <Det_Serious> okay, I&#39;ll be right round ..
    [01:37] * Det_Serious drives around to Janes home
    [01:37] <Det_Serious> Hi there ladies
    [01:38] <SarahWalters> hi
    [01:38] <Det_Serious> how you doing, Jane I heard you had it rough earlier ?
    [01:38] <Jane-Bremer> i&#39;m fine
    [01:38] <Det_Serious> okay good
    [01:39] <Det_Serious> you want I should drive you round to Shi&#39;s ?
    [01:39] <Jane-Bremer> yes i think that would be best
    [01:39] <Det_Serious> okay lets go ...
    [01:40] <SarahWalters> did you get the feeling he did not want us there before?
    [01:40] <Det_Serious> yeah I did
    [01:40] <Det_Serious> he was very defensive and not all that welcoming
    [01:40] <Det_Serious> you gonna phone him before we set out ?
    [01:40] <SarahWalters> it could be a cop thing
    [01:41] <Det_Serious> or shall we just bust in on him ?
    [01:41] * SarahWalters calls Shi on his cell phone
    [01:41] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m a cop, lady, I&#39;m supposed to have a cop thing
    [01:42] <Shi_Hakousha> ***This is Shi. I am currently not able to pick up the phone atm. So just leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible***
    [01:42] <Shi_Hakousha> *beep*

    ACT 26 Breaking and Entering

    [01:43] <SarahWalters> well we need that book
    [01:43] <Det_Serious> lets go visit him anyway ...
    [01:44] <SarahWalters> detective?
    [01:44] <Det_Serious> yeah ?
    [01:44] <SarahWalters> you have a rebellious streak in you afterall...
    [01:44] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m getting riled by some of the comments back at HQ
    [01:44] <Det_Serious> so I wanna prove somethin about this once and for all
    [01:45] <SarahWalters> fair play
    [01:45] <SarahWalters> lets go&#33;
    [01:45] * Det_Serious leads the ladies out to the Mustang outside
    [01:45] * Det_Serious pilots the powerful car round to Shi&#39;s house
    [01:46] * Det_Serious and the ladies get out and walk towards the house
    [01:47] * Det_Serious spots something unusual
    [01:47] * Det_Serious sees a large footprint in the soil around the path
    [01:47] * Jane-Bremer spots a library card on the ground
    [01:47] <SarahWalters> whats up?
    [01:48] <Jane-Bremer> i just found Mr.Nemy&#39;s library card
    [01:48] <Det_Serious> its a big footprint, really big
    [01:49] <Det_Serious> must be a big fuc.... excuse me ladies
    [01:49] <SarahWalters> is that his footprint?
    [01:49] <Det_Serious> i dont think its Shi&#39;s
    [01:50] <SarahWalters> he may have worn clown shooes
    [01:50] * Jane-Bremer giggles
    [01:50] * Det_Serious measures it against his own foot
    [01:50] <Det_Serious> just to check if we run into this joker again
    [01:51] <SarahWalters> good god that is huge
    [01:51] * Det_Serious leads the ladies up onto the porch of Shi_Hakousha&#39;s house
    [01:51] * SarahWalters sees a note on the door
    [01:51] <SarahWalters> out to lunch...
    [01:52] <Det_Serious> the footprints lead up to the house
    [01:52] <Det_Serious> and I reckon it was made by a real foot
    [01:52] <SarahWalters> can anyone here pick locks?
    [01:53] <Det_Serious> yep
    [01:53] <Det_Serious> ive got a bit of experiance
    [01:54] * Det_Serious fiddles with the lock for a few minutes
    [01:54] <Det_Serious> and open sesame ...
    [01:55] * Det_Serious opens the lock
    [01:55] <Det_Serious> you guys did NOT see me doing that
    [01:55] <SarahWalters> saw what?
    [01:55] <Det_Serious> exactly
    [01:55] * SarahWalters nods
    [01:56] * Jane-Bremer enters the house
    [01:56] <Det_Serious> lets get in
    [01:56] * Jane-Bremer starts searching for the book
    [01:57] * SarahWalters looks around
    [01:57] * Det_Serious stays for a minute making sure the lock does not look as if it has been picked
    [01:57] <Jane-Bremer> Yes&#33;
    [01:57] * Jane-Bremer find the book she was looking for
    [01:57] <Det_Serious> just make sure you don&#39;t see any burglar alarms, ladies
    [01:58] <SarahWalters> good job
    [01:58] <Jane-Bremer> i got it&#33;
    [01:58] <SarahWalters> now lets go
    [01:58] * Det_Serious makes sure that no fingerprints have been left behind
    [01:59] * Det_Serious closes the front door behind them
    [01:59] * Det_Serious escorts the ladies back to the car
    [020] * Det_Serious and the ladies get into the car and drive slowly away
    [020] <Det_Serious> now what ?
    [020] <SarahWalters> well i need to figure out what it says
    [020] <Det_Serious> okay, back to your place ?
    [021] <SarahWalters> sounds good
    [021] * Det_Serious pilots the car back to Sarahs place and they all enter
    [022] * SarahWalters flicks through the book
    [024] <SarahWalters> i think i found it
    [024] <Det_Serious> yeah ?
    [025] * Det_Serious is enjoying a nice pastrami on rye sandwich
    [025] <SarahWalters> this is going to be a nasty spell to cast though

    ACT 27 That Which is Unseen
    [025] <Det_Serious> what have you found ? something to take care of Squiddely Diddely ?
    [026] <SarahWalters> 2 spells are needed
    [026] <SarahWalters> one to reveal it
    [026] <SarahWalters> the other to destroy the seen abomination
    [027] <Det_Serious> okay ...
    [027] <SarahWalters> complicated...
    [027] <Det_Serious> so...err...what does that involve ?
    [028] <SarahWalters> i say the magic words and the thing goes away
    [029] <Det_Serious> right ....
    [029] * Det_Serious is not entirely convinced about this procedure
    [029] <Det_Serious> its a bit out of my league, you realise
    [029] <SarahWalters> i understand
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> you sure you&#39;ve got the words there and can say them ?
    [02:10] <SarahWalters> well i need protection while i cast the spell
    [02:10] <SarahWalters> for all of 28 seconds that thing will be free
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> what sort of protection /
    [02:10] <Det_Serious> what sort of protection ?
    [02:11] * Det_Serious stutters for the first time in years
    [02:11] <SarahWalters> but we need that gone so we can continue our search
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> sure, but what sort of protection ?
    [02:12] <Jane-Bremer> come on
    [02:12] <SarahWalters> generally try to stop it from eating me
    [02:12] <SarahWalters> if its not too much trouble of course
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> you mean us then
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> wheres Burian when he might actually be useful
    [02:13] <SarahWalters> well we do not have him here i guess
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> ah well, the shows gotta go on ...
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> precisly
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> so when are we gonna do this ?
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> do you need to get anything together ?
    [02:14] <SarahWalters> well you saw how fast Shi left
    [02:15] <SarahWalters> the sooner the better
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> yeah
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> okay, you got all your stuff together ?
    [02:15] <SarahWalters> i am ready
    [02:15] <Jane-Bremer> lets go
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> may as well do it while its still light I guess
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> I should have handed in my service shotgun while I am on sickleave
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> but its in the trunk of the car
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> lets roll then ...
    [02:16] * SarahWalters goes to the car
    [02:17] * Det_Serious lets the ladies into the car
    [02:17] * Det_Serious drives round to the website company place
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> okay ...
    [02:18] * SarahWalters leads them to the seemingly empty room
    [02:18] <Det_Serious> just a minute, I&#39;m gonna get some stuff out of the trunk
    [02:18] * Det_Serious retreives and loads the Remington pump action shotgun
    [02:19] * Det_Serious also brings a crowbar
    [02:19] <Det_Serious> right, whats the deal ?
    [02:20] <SarahWalters> it is there but we can not see it
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> okay ...
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> in that star on the ground ?
    [02:20] <SarahWalters> yes
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> riiiight ...
    [02:20] <Jane-Bremer> hand me the crow bar det
    [02:21] <Det_Serious> there you go
    [02:21] * Det_Serious is somewhat incredulous but lifts his shotgun to his shoulder
    [02:21] <SarahWalters> ok everyone this thing is probably going to be scary so brace yourself
    [02:22] * SarahWalters starts to chant in an ancient form of latin that changes into an older and fark darker tongue
    [02:22] * Det_Serious braces himself
    [02:23] * SarahWalters gasps in horror at the creature revealed, masses of tenticles, insect like legs and a sigular great maw
    [02:23] <Det_Serious> eee
    [02:24] <Jane-Bremer> eeep
    [02:24] * Det_Serious was perhaps more prepared for this than he realised
    [02:24] * SarahWalters starts shaking at the sight of the monster
    [02:24] <SarahWalters> its....not....a.....squid
    [02:25] * Jane-Bremer gets over the initial shock and is prepared to react
    [02:25] <Det_Serious> shall I shoot it ??
    [02:25] <Jane-Bremer> hurry Sarah start your spell
    [02:26] * SarahWalters resumes to chant in the dark tongue as the beast starts to move forward
    [02:26] <Jane-Bremer> duh
    [02:26] * Det_Serious fires once at creatures head
    [02:27] * SarahWalters watches helplessly as the shot does little or no damage and continues coming
    [02:27] * Det_Serious racks another shell into the chamber and fires again
    [02:28] * Det_Serious is taken aback that the creature seems to shrug off another direct hit
    [02:28] * Jane-Bremer stands back with the crow bar at the ready
    [02:29] <Det_Serious> can&#39;t you speak a little faster there, lady ?
    [02:29] * Det_Serious racks another shell into the chamber and fires once again
    [02:29] * SarahWalters looks on in horror as the creature wraps a tentacle around the detective&#39;s arm
    [02:29] <Det_Serious> *****
    [02:29] * Jane-Bremer bashes a tentacle with her crowbar
    [02:30] * Shi_Hakousha charges in and hacks off the tentacle around the arm of Serious with his samurai sword
    [02:30] * Jane-Bremer watches the tentacles recoil
    [02:30] * Det_Serious tries to smash the tentacle with the butt of the shotgun
    [02:30] <Det_Serious> where did HE come from ?
    [02:31] <Jane-Bremer> does it matter?
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> nope &#33;
    [02:31] * Det_Serious racks another shell into the chamber and fires once again at the creature
    [02:31] * SarahWalters screams as 3 of the tentacles move towards her
    [02:31] * Jane-Bremer wacks the creature with her crowbar repeatedly
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> just cool it lady and say the spell
    [02:32] * SarahWalters resumes the chant, the spell clearly taking its toll on her body
    [02:32] * Jane-Bremer bashes the tentacles
    [02:32] * Shi_Hakousha charges at the creature dodging the tentacles and strikes the creature again
    [02:32] * Shi_Hakousha this times hits it with his sword and dagger
    [02:32] * Det_Serious reloads and blasts at the creature again
    [02:33] * SarahWalters is greatly weakened
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> need more power to finish the spell
    [02:33] <SarahWalters> this ***** is tough
    [02:33] <Det_Serious> can we help ?
    [02:33] * Det_Serious pauses from systematically blasting the creature
    [02:34] * Shi_Hakousha donates some power to Sarah
    [02:34] <SarahWalters> i... i... don&#39;t know
    [02:34] <Shi_Hakousha> HERE&#33;
    [02:34] * SarahWalters resumes chanting using up the last of her own power and the borrowed power
    [02:34] * SarahWalters watches the creature sink back into oblivion
    [02:35] * Det_Serious fires the last load of shot into the fading phantasm
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> *****...that was...different

    ACT 29 Some answers at last?

    [02:35] * SarahWalters stumbles back and falls to the ground
    [02:36] <Jane-Bremer> are you alright?
    [02:36] * Det_Serious goes over to SarahWalters
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> we&#39;d better get her back to the car
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> then we can check out this place
    [02:37] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [02:37] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer help SarahWalters back to the car
    [02:37] * Det_Serious puts SarahWalters into the passengers seat and finds some water for her
    [02:38] * Shi_Hakousha vanishes after the fight
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> he&#39;s gone
    [02:38] <Jane-Bremer> damnit
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> what IS he up to ?
    [02:38] <Det_Serious> Jane, have you got any first aid skills ?
    [02:38] <Jane-Bremer> no
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> okay, well I have
    [02:39] <Jane-Bremer> im rather a dunce at that
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll stay and look after her
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> you go and check out that place
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> be careful &#33;
    [02:39] <Jane-Bremer> by..myself....
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> i&#39;m not pleased about it
    [02:40] <Det_Serious> but Sarahs in trouble
    [02:40] <Det_Serious> and I&#39;m best at looking after her
    [02:40] <Det_Serious> and if we spend any time to take her to hospital
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> whatever we want might not be there when we get back
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> take the crowbar
    [02:41] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> just do a quick search for now
    [02:41] <Jane-Bremer> if i learned any thing from half life i learned that crowbars kick ass
    [02:42] <Det_Serious> and get back here in 10 minutes
    [02:42] * Jane-Bremer enters the run down bookstore
    [02:42] * Jane-Bremer enters the back room
    [02:43] * Jane-Bremer searches for any thing of intrest in the room, but finds nothing
    [02:43] * Det_Serious administers first aid to Sarah and manages to bring her back to consciousness
    [02:44] * SarahWalters looks up
    [02:44] <Det_Serious> hey, Sarah, how many fingers am I holding up ?
    [02:44] <SarahWalters> did the spell work?
    [02:44] * Jane-Bremer turns around to leave the room when she trips on some thing
    [02:44] <Det_Serious> guess so, the thing disappeared
    [02:44] <Det_Serious> Janes checking the place out now
    [02:44] <SarahWalters> i think i am bleeding inside my head
    [02:44] <Det_Serious> *****
    [02:45] <SarahWalters> i hate spells
    [02:45] <Det_Serious> she&#39;ll be back out in a few minutes
    [02:45] <Det_Serious> then I&#39;ll get you straight to hospital
    [02:45] <SarahWalters> again with the hospital&#33;
    [02:45] * Jane-Bremer finds that she tripped on an odd shaped box
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> hey, just take it easy
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> drink some of this ...
    [02:46] * Det_Serious has a soothing bedside manner
    [02:47] <Det_Serious> Jane shouldn&#39;t be long now ...
    [02:49] * Jane-Bremer opens the odd shaped box with a bit of force and finds a plane ticket from prauge and an ID card for Markus Lydecker
    [02:49] <Jane-Bremer> strange
    [02:50] * Jane-Bremer leaves the build to return to Sarah and Det_Serious
    [02:50] <Jane-Bremer> look what i found
    [02:50] <Det_Serious> hey hi
    [02:50] <Det_Serious> what you got ?
    [02:51] * Jane-Bremer show the shows the group the tickets and the id card
    [02:51] <SarahWalters> Prague hmm
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> okay, we&#39;ve got to get Sarah to a hospital
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> don&#39;t worry about that now
    [02:52] <SarahWalters> i feel like *****...
    [02:52] <Jane-Bremer> lets hurry then

    ACT 30 Sarah’s Wounds

    [02:52] * Det_Serious pulls the women into the car and drives to the nearest neurology equipped hospital
    [02:54] <Det_Serious> hey Doc, hows she doing ?
    [02:54] <Dr_Sampson> i have seen nothing like it
    [02:55] <Det_Serious> go on, what havnt you seen ?
    [02:55] <Det_Serious> that sounds worrying
    [02:56] <Dr_Sampson> it is as if she is totally exhausted but no signs of muscle damage
    [02:56] <Det_Serious> shes been under a lot of stress lately
    [02:56] <Dr_Sampson> i think she will recover though
    [02:56] <Det_Serious> can we see her ?
    [02:57] <Dr_Sampson> certainly
    [02:57] <Det_Serious> hey Sarah
    [02:57] <SarahWalters> hi...
    [02:57] <Det_Serious> looks like you may be laid up for a while
    [02:57] <SarahWalters> Doctors are at a loss as to how i nearly burnt out my nervous system
    [02:58] <Det_Serious> yeah, bum deal for you
    [02:58] <SarahWalters> did you find anything?
    [02:58] <Det_Serious> well, we&#39;ve got the new leads
    [02:58] <Det_Serious> this ID card for Lydecker
    [02:59] <Det_Serious> and a Plane ticket from Prague
    [02:59] <SarahWalters> i did not see that coming
    [02:59] <Det_Serious> i can track these back from some friends of mine in the bureau
    [02:59] <Det_Serious> time to call in some favours ...
    [030] * SarahWalters nods
    [030] <Det_Serious> does the name Lydecker mean anything to you ??
    [030] <SarahWalters> no..should it?
    [030] <Det_Serious> dunno, Im just asking
    [031] <SarahWalters> i hate this&#33;
    [031] <SarahWalters> i can barely move
    [031] <Det_Serious> he probably knew something about the creature back at occultbooks4U
    [031] <Det_Serious> well, short of getting you a wheelchair ...
    [031] <SarahWalters> promise me that if i do not last, you will get the *****
    [032] <Det_Serious> hey, I&#39;m in this up to my neck now
    [032] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll see it thru
    [032] <Det_Serious> but you concentrate on getting better
    [033] <SarahWalters> that is all i have done for 3 years
    [033] <Det_Serious> and none of this crap about not pulling thru
    [033] * Det_Serious is a tough-talking gritty hard-boiled cop
    [033] * SarahWalters passes out
    [034] <Det_Serious> well, perhaps I ought to change my mouthwash
    [034] * Det_Serious leaves the hospital room

    ACT 31 The Mystery Man Returns
    [035] <Lydecker> Detective&#33;
    [035] <Det_Serious> yeah ?
    [035] <Det_Serious> who are you, sir ?
    [035] <Lydecker> who i am is no concern of yours
    [036] <Det_Serious> hey, you just addressed me
    [036] <Det_Serious> anyway what can I do for you ?
    [036] <Lydecker> i would simply like to tell you to not worry about your friend
    [037] <Det_Serious> oh right. thats good to hear, but why not ?
    [037] <Det_Serious> are you a medical man ?
    [037] <Lydecker> you could say i am a lot of things
    [037] * Lydecker starts to walk away
    [037] * Det_Serious notices the size of Lydeckers feet
    [038] * Det_Serious watches Lydecker leave
    [039] * Det_Serious doesnt hear anything unusual
    [03:10] <Lydecker> oh and detective....
    [03:10] <Det_Serious> yeah ?
    [03:10] <Lydecker> we know you gained illegal access to Occult Books 4 U
    [03:11] <Lydecker> continue your course of action and there will be consiquences
    [03:11] <Det_Serious> oh really.
    [03:12] <Det_Serious> thanks for the advice
    [03:12] <Lydecker> my pleasure
    [03:12] <Lydecker> now have a nice day
    [03:12] <Det_Serious> nice to know someones looking out for us
    [03:12] * Lydecker departs
    [03:12] * Det_Serious breaks wind silently
    [03:12] * SarahWalters passes out again

    Who is Lydecker? Has Shi put himself in danger? Will Sarah recover?

    All this on the next episode&#33;

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    ACT 32 Investigation
    [02:11] <Det_Serious> okay Jane
    [02:11] <Jane-Bremer> yes?
    [02:11] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ve just taken a call from a colleague at the Detectives bureau
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> theyve got a trace on Lydecker
    [02:12] <Jane-Bremer> excelent
    [02:12] <Det_Serious> the Id tracks back to a law firm called Sampson and Sons
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> Sarahs gonna be flat on her back for a few days at least
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ve had a police guard placed on her
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> shes gonna have to take it very easy until she gets better
    [02:13] <Jane-Bremer> So what are we going to do untill then?
    [02:13] <Det_Serious> so, what do you reckon ?
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> are we gonna check out Sampson and Sons ?
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> or go back and have another look at the Website place ?
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [02:14] <Det_Serious> or check out Shi ?
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> i think we so finish checking out Occult Books
    [02:15] <Jane-Bremer> there are problly some clues that i missed
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> yeah i think anything else there would have been moved out
    [02:15] <Jane-Bremer> why do you say that?
    [02:15] <Det_Serious> its been a few hours since we turned it over
    [02:16] <Jane-Bremer> its not like any one knows that we where there
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> Lydecker told me that he knew I was involved in a illegal entry to the place
    [02:16] <Jane-Bremer> i didn’t know that you talked to lydecker
    [02:16] <Det_Serious> yeah, when i took Sarah into the hospital
    [02:17] <Jane-Bremer> What&#33;?
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> he was hanging about outside
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> he said (consults new notebook)
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> he knows I was involved in the break-in
    [02:17] <Det_Serious> and not to worry about Sarah
    [02:18] <Jane-Bremer> did he say anything else?
    [02:18] <Det_Serious> which is why I put a armed police guard on her
    [02:19] <Det_Serious> hang on, i can hardly read my own writing here
    [02:20] <Det_Serious> ah nothing significant
    [02:21] <Det_Serious> so, shall we go pay them a visit ?
    [02:21] <Jane-Bremer> hmmmm
    [02:21] <Jane-Bremer> that seems like the best thing to do
    [02:21] <Det_Serious> just a house call, nothing heavy
    [02:21] <Det_Serious> okay, lets go
    [02:22] * Det_Serious leads Jane-Bremer to his powerful Mustang
    [02:22] * Det_Serious drives fast (but legally) to the location of Sampson and Sons
    [02:23] <Det_Serious> did you get any more out of that spell book by the way ?
    [02:23] <Det_Serious> the one we &#39;borrowed&#39; from Shi ?
    [02:24] <Jane-Bremer> well
    [02:31] <Jane-Bremer> a spell that can be used to heal some one, and other to stop one&#39;s heart
    [02:31] <Det_Serious> wow, sounds pretty heavy
    [02:32] <Jane-Bremer> im still a little sceptical if they will work
    [02:32] <Det_Serious> mind you, I have a .357 calibre heartstopper right here
    [02:32] <Det_Serious> yeah, i read you loud and clear
    [02:32] * Det_Serious pulls up a little way from Sampson and Sons
    [02:33] <Det_Serious> lets just walk past to start with, and decide if we want to enter
    [02:33] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [02:33] * Jane-Bremer gets out of the car

    ACT 33 Sampson and Sons
    [02:34] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer stroll nonchalently down the sidewalk outside the building
    [02:34] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> thats one big old building
    [02:35] <Det_Serious> and all Sampson and Sons
    [02:35] <Jane-Bremer> sure is
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> well, do we go in and ask to see Mr Lydecker ?
    [02:36] <Det_Serious> I know, lets get an envelope from that stationers over there
    [02:37] <Jane-Bremer> what for?
    [02:37] <Det_Serious> ive got a cunning plan ..
    [02:37] <Jane-Bremer> excellent
    [02:37] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer buy a small pack of envelopes from a convenient stationers
    [02:38] * Det_Serious writes &#39;Mr Lydecker, Sampson and Sons&#39; on the front of one of them
    [02:39] <Jane-Bremer> i think i see where your going with this
    [02:39] * Det_Serious folds another envelope to seem like a document and seals it inside the first, addressed one
    [02:39] <Det_Serious> okay, lets go see if they accept this
    [02:39] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [02:40] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer walk back to Sampsons and enter the plush, well-appointed reception area
    [02:41] * Det_Serious goes up to on of the plush, well-appointed receptionists
    [02:41] <Det_Serious> Hi, good afternoon
    [02:42] * Jane-Bremer stands back, realising it would seem odd to have two people deliver a letter
    [02:42] <Det_Serious> we have a urgent message here to pass to Mr Lydecker, an employee here
    [02:42] <Det_Serious> but we have to give it to him in person
    [02:44] <Sec_Guard> ok
    [02:44] <Det_Serious> can you fetch him to us, or take us to see him ?
    [02:44] <Sec_Guard> ok
    [02:44] * Sec_Guard takes them to Lydecker

    ACT 34 Face to Face
    [02:45] * Lydecker is sitting at his desk with one lit candle on it
    [02:45] <Det_Serious> Good afternoon, we meet again
    [02:46] <Lydecker> Detective
    [02:46] <Jane-Bremer> Lydecker
    [02:46] <Det_Serious> Jane, alow me to introduce Mr Lydecker
    [02:46] <Lydecker> pleased to meet you
    [02:47] <Jane-Bremer> I&#39;m shure
    [02:47] <Det_Serious> he likes to visit our friends in hospital and sometimes at their homes too
    [02:47] <Lydecker> so what brings you here?
    [02:48] <Det_Serious> just a call to return the courtesy of your visit to Sarah
    [02:48] <Det_Serious> and to ask you to expand on a couple of things you said and have done recently
    [02:48] <Det_Serious> you mentioned &#39;dont be concerned about Sarah&#39;
    [02:49] <Det_Serious> well, when a stranger says something like that
    [02:49] <Lydecker> i simply meant that the young lady has quite a future ahead of her
    [02:49] <Det_Serious> the little alarm bells can sometimes go off in my head
    [02:49] <Det_Serious> right, I hope so, I do hope so
    [02:50] <Lydecker> that almost sounds like an acusation
    [02:50] <Lydecker> one i hope you have backing for
    [02:50] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [02:50] <Jane-Bremer> why do you have a candle on the table
    [02:50] <Det_Serious> no, but I didnt get to be a Detective, without having a nasty suspicious nature
    [02:51] <Jane-Bremer> i mean your in a rather nice office
    [02:51] <Det_Serious> but no offence intended
    [02:51] <Lydecker> the candle is simple decoration
    [02:51] <Lydecker> as for the suspicious nature...
    [02:51] <Lydecker> well this is a law firm everything must be questioned for there to be... law
    [02:52] <Det_Serious> a typical lawyers response
    [02:52] * Lydecker smiles
    [02:53] <Det_Serious> and you are a lawyer then, I take it ?
    [02:53] <Lydecker> i am simply the son
    [02:54] * Jane-Bremer sense a....power.... coming from the candle on the desk
    [02:54] <Jane-Bremer> Mr. Lydecker
    [02:54] <Jane-Bremer> is there anything "special
    [02:54] <Jane-Bremer> "
    [02:54] <Jane-Bremer> about that candle?
    [02:54] <Lydecker> well it is rather hot if that is what you mean
    [02:55] * Det_Serious notices Jane-Bremers interest
    [02:55] <Jane-Bremer> is it from any where special?
    [02:55] <Lydecker> i would not advise touching it anyway
    [02:56] <Det_Serious> she collects unusual candles, by the way
    [02:56] <Lydecker> ah will as you mention it
    [02:56] <Lydecker> it comes from
    [02:56] <Lydecker> India
    [02:56] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [02:56] <Jane-Bremer> India you say
    [02:57] <Jane-Bremer> do you happen to know what part?
    [02:57] <Lydecker> it was purchaced by an associate
    [02:58] <Det_Serious> very nice too
    [02:58] <Jane-Bremer> may i ask who this associate is?
    [02:58] <Lydecker> A Mr Sanderson
    [02:59] <Jane-Bremer> does he work here?
    [02:59] <Lydecker> he used to
    [030] <Det_Serious> if he has access to cute candles like that, then I guess Jane will want to know where he is now
    [030] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [030] <Det_Serious> shes a candle nut
    [030] <Lydecker> alas i am not sure where he is
    [030] <Lydecker> just vanished
    [031] <Lydecker> he is on a missing person list
    [031] <Det_Serious> hmm ... oh well
    [031] <Jane-Bremer> strange
    [031] * Jane-Bremer does sense alot of power coming from that candle
    [032] <Lydecker> i wish you people would look for him rather than...
    [032] <Lydecker> whatever the hell your doing
    [032] <Det_Serious> yes ?
    [032] <Jane-Bremer> could i buy that candle off of you?
    [033] <Lydecker> I would sooner not part with it
    [033] <Lydecker> it is the last thing Sanderson got me
    [033] <Jane-Bremer> before he... dissapered
    [034] <Det_Serious> anyway, good to meet you again Mr Lydecker
    [035] <Lydecker> the pleasure was all mine and by the way Miss Bremer
    [035] * Lydecker hands her the candle
    [035] <Jane-Bremer> thank you
    [035] <Det_Serious> thats uncommonly decent of you
    [036] <Lydecker> Detective... i do have a heart
    [036] <Jane-Bremer> may i ask why you changed your mind?
    [036] * Det_Serious shakes Lydeckers hand
    [037] <Lydecker> well i miss Sanderson as much as the next person but i guess i have to move on
    [037] <Jane-Bremer> Ah
    [037] <Jane-Bremer> of corse
    [037] <Det_Serious> thats often a good idea
    [038] <Det_Serious> anyway, we&#39;ve got to take some grapes to someone
    [038] <Lydecker> besides i think he will turn up
    [038] * Lydecker gvies a knowing smile
    [038] <Jane-Bremer> Farwell Mr. Lydecker
    [038] <Det_Serious> lets hope so
    [039] <Lydecker> goodbye
    [039] <Det_Serious> goodbye now
    [039] * Det_Serious amd Jane-Bremer walk out of the building

    ACT 35 Jin’s Mission
    [039] * JinTatsenuko climbs up the wall unnoticed and enters Lydeckers office through the window
    [039] <Lydecker> i was wondering when you would get my message
    [03:10] * JinTatsenuko stands still looking at Lysander
    [03:10] * Lydecker produces a scroll
    [03:11] <Lydecker> you know what this is?
    [03:11] * JinTatsenuko eyes the scroll
    [03:11] <JinTatsenuko> yes
    [03:11] <Lydecker> if you take care of something for me it is yours..
    [03:12] <JinTatsenuko> whats the mission
    [03:12] * Lydecker produces a picture of Sarah
    [03:12] <Lydecker> bring her to me
    [03:13] <Lydecker> i will provide backup for you if necessary
    [03:13] <Lydecker> oh Sanderson&#33;
    [03:13] * Sec_Guard is now known as Sanderson
    [03:13] <Sanderson> Yes sir?
    [03:13] * JinTatsenuko shifts gaze towards Sanderson
    [03:14] <Lydecker> how is the new form?
    [03:14] <Sanderson> it is fine sir
    [03:14] <Sanderson> little unconfortably, but who is complaining
    [03:14] * Lydecker laughs
    [03:14] <Lydecker> thats the spirit
    [03:15] <JinTatsenuko> i prefer working alone
    [03:15] <Lydecker> he is only there for backup
    [03:15] <JinTatsenuko> if you insist, i guess i can use him
    [03:15] <Lydecker> what he lacks in appearence he makes up for in power
    [03:16] <JinTatsenuko> by the way, i wish to claim my reward mentioned at our previous encounter
    [03:16] <Lydecker> very well
    [03:18] * Lydecker hands Jin a sword
    [03:18] * JinTatsenuko examins the blade
    [03:18] <JinTatsenuko> very well
    [03:18] <Lydecker> this was forged by beings you could not even understand
    [03:19] <Lydecker> now go&#33; test your new metal&#33;
    [03:19] * JinTatsenuko watches the blade pulse a feint blue light
    [03:20] * JinTatsenuko sheaths it and straps it to his back

    ACT 36 The hospital Blood Bath
    [03:21] * Det_Serious and Jane pull up outside the hospital and enter it
    [03:21] * Det_Serious and Jane-Bremer go to SarahWalters room and sit by her bedside
    [03:22] <SarahWalters> any news?
    [03:22] * Det_Serious acknowledges a nod from the armed cop at her door
    [03:22] <Det_Serious> well, we&#39;ve been to see Lydecker
    [03:22] <Jane-Bremer> and ive gotten this strange candle
    [03:22] <Det_Serious> he&#39;s the guy who I met not far from your room here
    [03:23] <Det_Serious> what do you make of the candle, Sarah ?
    [03:23] * Jane-Bremer holds out the candle
    [03:23] <SarahWalters> something odd about it
    [03:23] <Det_Serious> its from india apparently
    [03:23] <Jane-Bremer> don&#39;t you sense a ... power coming from it?
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> oh yes
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> this is not from India
    [03:24] <Jane-Bremer> its not?
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> oh no
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> there is power
    [03:24] <SarahWalters> otherworldly power
    [03:25] <Jane-Bremer> hmmm
    [03:27] * Sanderson comes in clutching a nurse in his arms with a blade against her neck
    [03:28] * Sanderson slits her neck with a dagger and runs out of the room in the process of hearing death screams
    [03:28] * Det_Serious chases him witha drawn gun
    [03:29] * Jane-Bremer stays back with sarah
    [03:29] <Det_Serious> Officer , get that man &#33;
    [03:29] <Sanderson> Follow me you mother*****ing weaklings&#33;
    [03:29] * JinTatsenuko cracks the window open, climbs halfway in and places a smoke grenade on the floor
    [03:29] * Det_Serious tells the armed cop to chase Sanderson
    [03:29] * Sanderson fires at a gun at others
    [03:29] * Sanderson also gives Serious the finger
    [03:30] * JinTatsenuko runs to sarahs bed and grabs her concealed by the thick smoke
    [03:30] * JinTatsenuko throws her over his shoulders and exit the window, climbing hastily down the wall and leaves
    [03:31] * Det_Serious finds Sarah gone and dashes to the window
    [03:31] <Jane-Bremer> nooooo&#33;
    [03:31] * SarahWalters struggles
    [03:31] * Sanderson disappears around some corner
    [03:31] <SarahWalters> get off me&#33;
    [03:33] * Det_Serious tells Jane to get out to his car, and starts to climb out of the second story window
    [03:33] * JinTatsenuko drops sarah on the ground, and knocks her over the head with the side of his blades
    [03:34] * Jane-Bremer runs out to his car
    [03:34] <SarahWalters> aggh help me&#33;
    [03:34] * Det_Serious gingerly lowers himself to the full extent of his arms and drops to the ground
    [03:35] * Det_Serious starts running after the sound of Sarahs voice
    [03:35] * Sanderson appear in the open and starts firing on Serious and Jane
    [03:35] * Det_Serious drops to the deck and aims his powerful .357 at Sanderson
    [03:36] * Sanderson fires his machine gun at Serious
    [03:36] * Jane-Bremer atempts to cast the stop heart spell at Sanderson
    [03:36] * Sanderson takes cover while firing still
    [03:36] * Det_Serious &#39;s powerful slug catches Sanderson in the chest
    [03:37] * JinTatsenuko grabs the wounded Sarah and tosses her over his shoulders again
    [03:37] <Sanderson> *****
    [03:37] * JinTatsenuko runs off
    [03:37] * Sanderson keeps firing
    [03:37] * Jane-Bremer Fires off the spell stoping Sanderson&#39;s heart
    [03:38] * Det_Serious sees Sanderson crumple to the ground and takes off after JinTatsenuko
    [03:38] * Det_Serious finds he has been hit after all
    [03:39] * Det_Serious slows to a crawl and gives up the chase
    [03:39] * Jane-Bremer runs to the hospital asking for help
    [03:39] <Det_Serious> *****, I could use some help here
    [03:40] * Jane-Bremer comes back followed by two people with a streacher
    [03:40] * Det_Serious moves slowly towards where Sandersons body lies, keeping his gun on the prostate form
    [03:40] * JinTatsenuko drops Sarah as she wiggles free
    [03:40] * Det_Serious kicks Sanderson over with his foot
    [03:40] <JinTatsenuko> hrmph
    [03:40] <SarahWalters> Help&#33;
    [03:41] * Jane-Bremer lets the hospital workers take care of Det_Serious and cases after JinTatsenuko
    [03:41] * Det_Serious hears SarahWalters squeal
    [03:42] * JinTatsenuko picks her up again and keeps on running
    [03:42] * Det_Serious shouts
    [03:43] <Det_Serious> we are coming Sarah &#33;
    [03:43] * JinTatsenuko is gone
    [03:43] * SarahWalters too
    [03:43] <Jane-Bremer> Noooo&#33;
    [03:44] * Det_Serious grimaces in pain, but leaves the stretcher bearers waiting while he professionally serches Sandersons body for clues
    [03:45] * Det_Serious finds ID with the name &#39;Richard Sanderson&#39;
    [03:46] * Det_Serious finds a huge wound in the chest of the corpse, that had been stiched up previously
    [03:47] * Det_Serious collapses onto the strecher and is carried into the hospital

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