Call me insane, or whatever, but this has been playing on my mind for quite a while. I wanted to do a historical re-fight for quite some time. Well, seeing as I have a little free time, I decided to put it up here. Anyone who’s interested in controlling the opposing side, please let me know. The basics are below. As a note to the mods, i couldn't think of where to put this, so move it if it's in the wrong place.

The Battle of Manassas.

A battle in the America civil war, one of the first true engagements of the America Civil war. The federal troops under General McDowell included:

First Division: Tyler
Brigades: Keyes, Schenck, Sherman, Richardson 9936
Second Division: Hunter
Brigades: Porter, burnside 2648
Third division: Hentzelman
Brigades: Franklin, Willcox, Howard 9777
Fourth Division: Runyon
Guarding communications, may not be used 5752
Fifth Division: Miles
Brigades: Blenker, Davies 6207

Total 34,320 men.

Seven Cavalry Troops
Eight companies of Infantry: Major Stykes
49 artillery cannons

This is the force available to my opponent. The troops are numerous, but they had no battle experience, many not having fired the weapons they carried. In addition, the commanders were new, and did not have the experience of the Confederate officers. These will make an impact on the fighting.

I will control the Confederate Army, consisting of 9 and a half brigades. These are under the control of General Beauregard, and consist of:

Half brigade: Evans.
Brigade 1: Cocke
Brigade 2: Bonham
Brigade 3: Longstreet
Brigade 4: Jones
Brigade 5: Ewell
Brigade 6: Early

Reserve Brigades:
Brigade 7: Holmes
Brigade 8: Jackson
Brigade 8: Bee
Brigade 9: Bartow
Each brigade has some artillery support.
The confederate army is much smaller, but it’s troops are much more able bodied, and it’s officers were much more experienced.

The map is here:

This map shows the starting positions of the forces. The white blocks are the Confederate Brigades, while the black blocks are the Unions/ Federal forces. Ignore the arrows, that is what actually happened at the first battle, and ended in a Union defeat. The battle awaits…

The rules:
Each person takes turn to give orders. You may give one order to each battalion a turn. Once this is done, the second person delivers their orders to their battalions. Once this is done, the person leading the re-fight will establish what has happened for both sides, and the orders will again be issued. The concept of time is not addressed, but night and day will be set by agreement of both generals. The winner will be decided by both generals, taking into account the wider effects the consequences of the fight have.

Well, who is up for this?