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    48 hours ago a Miss Sarah Walters went missing from her home, the police are baffled but given Sarah’s rather colourful occult past, certain people have their own suspicions.

    Act 1 Criminal investigation

    [00:12] * DrHanesly is in his lab looking into a microscope
    [00:13] <Det_Serious> so, the blood, what sort is it ?
    [00:14] <DrHanesly> its human blood thats for certain
    [00:14] <Det_Serious> venious, arterial, what ?
    [00:14] <DrHanesly> oh well its a mix of the two
    [00:14] <DrHanesly> which is rather odd
    [00:14] <Det_Serious> was it from a mortal wound would you say ?
    [00:15] <DrHanesly> the chances of your friends being found alive do not look good
    [00:15] <Det_Serious> ahh, I see
    [00:15] * Det_Serious looks grim
    [00:15] <DrHanesly> especially since we found this sample here
    [00:15] * Det_Serious looks at the sample
    [00:15] <Det_Serious> whats it telling me, Doc ?
    [00:16] <DrHanesly> the cells here are normally found in a human brain
    [00:16] * Det_Serious looks grim again
    [00:16] <DrHanesly> I see no way they could be extracted without killing someone
    [00:17] <Det_Serious> right, so this might be a murder case then
    [00:17] <DrHanesly> I am simply saying that you should expect the worst
    [00:18] <Det_Serious> are there any fingerprints, trace DNA or other pointers to who did this ?
    [00:18] <DrHanesly> there was a form of fungus found
    [00:18] <DrHanesly> that may be a false lead however
    [00:19] <Det_Serious> fungus ...
    [00:19] <Det_Serious> any slime ?
    [00:19] <DrHanesly> no slime as such
    [00:19] <Det_Serious> somehow I expected slime
    [00:19] <Det_Serious> but forget I asked
    [00:20] <Det_Serious> what kind of fungus ?
    [00:20] <DrHanesly> thats the problem
    [00:20] <DrHanesly> I have never seen anything like it
    [00:20] <Det_Serious> okay ...
    [00:21] * Jane-Bremer enters the lab
    [00:21] <Det_Serious> ahh, hi Jane
    [00:21] <Jane-Bremer> I came as quickly as i could.
    [00:21] <Jane-Bremer> what happened?
    [00:22] <Det_Serious> Doc, this is my ... colleague Jane
    [00:22] <Det_Serious> she’s seconded to this case from .... (mumbles inaudibly)
    [00:22] <DrHanesly> pleased to meet you
    [00:22] <Jane-Bremer> Same.
    [00:23] <Jane-Bremer> Now will some one just tell me what is going on?
    [00:23] <Det_Serious> it seems Sarah was abducted by something that left brain tissue and fungus behind
    [00:23] <Det_Serious> its not looking good for her
    [00:23] <Jane-Bremer> Brain tissue....
    [00:23] <DrHanesly> from the DNA tests the tissue was probably hers
    [00:23] <Det_Serious> okay
    [00:24] <DrHanesly> but it gets even more interesting
    [00:24] <Jane-Bremer> go on
    [00:24] <Det_Serious> go on, Doc
    [00:25] <DrHanesly> well I think its best I let Miss Sinclair do it
    [00:26] <Jane-Bremer> But... she died
    [00:26] <Det_Serious> yeah ...
    [00:26] * Det_Serious looks grim
    [00:26] * Karren_S enters the lab
    [00:26] <Det_Serious> wha...&#33;?&#33;
    [00:26] <DrHanesly> ahh Karren would you care to explain?
    [00:34] <Det_Serious> I&#39;d sure like to hear this ...
    [00:34] <Karren_S> well we found some interesting information on her computer
    [00:35] <Det_Serious> right ...
    [00:35] <Karren_S> shortly before her disappearance she was talking to two rather infamous individuals
    [00:35] <Karren_S> the Oracle and the ticktock man
    [00:35] <Det_Serious> ahhh...
    [00:36] * Det_Serious makes notes in his notebook
    [00:36] <Karren_S> the Oracle has become a problem of more recent years
    [00:36] <Karren_S> more a source of rebellion amongst teenagers
    [00:37] <Det_Serious> I see
    [00:37] <Karren_S> the Ticktock man has been around since the start of the internet
    [00:37] <Det_Serious> right
    [00:38] <Karren_S> in 1998 the tick tock suicides started
    [00:38] <Det_Serious> yeah, just remind me of those ?
    [00:38] <Jane-Bremer> 35 people died that year
    [00:38] * Karren_S nods
    [00:39] <Karren_S> all victims of this so called Ticktock man
    [00:39] * Det_Serious slips some fresh gum into his mouth
    [00:40] <Karren_S> the Oracle gave her a contact number and a location for today
    [00:40] <Det_Serious> you found that in her PC ?
    [00:40] * Karren_S hands you a paper without the Doctor seeing
    [00:40] * Det_Serious mutters &#39;thanks&#39;
    [00:41] * Jane-Bremer reads the paper over
    [00:41] <Karren_S> Sarah was a good friend of my Sister
    [00:42] <Det_Serious> yeah, of course
    [00:42] * Det_Serious slips the paper into his pocket
    [00:43] <Karren_S> good day detective
    [00:43] <Karren_S> I hope to see you again soon
    [00:43] <Karren_S> -end of scene-
    [00:44] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m sure our paths will cross
    [00:44] * Det_Serious flashes her a winning smile, showing several gold teeth

    Act 2 the Phone Box

    [00:46] * Det_Serious and Jane draw up a little way away, in Det_Serious&#39;s powerful Mustang
    [00:47] <Det_Serious> well, there’s a few minutes to go before 10:30, like it says on the note
    [00:47] <Jane-Bremer> i think i should stay back
    [00:47] <Det_Serious> okay that’s fine
    [00:47] <Jane-Bremer> make sure we don&#39;t miss anything
    [00:47] <Det_Serious> I&#39;m gonna check out the box
    [00:48] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll signal you if anything’s unusual
    [00:48] <Jane-Bremer> alright
    [00:48] * Det_Serious gets out of the car and moves up to the phone box
    [00:48] * Det_Serious checks his watch
    [00:49] <Det_Serious> hmmm, 10:30 on the dot
    [00:49] * Det_Serious hears the phone ringing
    [00:49] * Det_Serious looks all around, there is no-one else paying attention
    [00:50] * Det_Serious goes to the phone and picks it up
    [00:50] <The_Oracle> hello?
    [00:50] * Det_Serious keeps a close look out around him to stop anyone sneaking up on him
    [00:51] <Det_Serious> hello ?
    [00:51] <The_Oracle> who... is... this?
    [00:51] * Det_Serious thinks fast
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> Sarah couldn&#39;t make it, so she sent me instead
    [00:52] <The_Oracle> where is Sarah?
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> shes in hospital
    [00:52] <The_Oracle> LIAR&#33;
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> she had a relapse of an old condition
    [00:53] * The_Oracle laughs
    [00:53] <The_Oracle> who are you? where is she?
    [00:53] <Det_Serious> you can call me Harry
    [00:54] <Det_Serious> and shes doing okay
    [00:54] <The_Oracle> Harry... Harry she mentioned you
    [00:54] <Det_Serious> just couldnt make this rendezvous
    [00:55] <The_Oracle> Harry tell me...
    [00:55] <The_Oracle> what is it like where your standing?
    [00:55] <Det_Serious> its a street in downtown LA
    [00:55] <Det_Serious> nothing special
    [00:56] <The_Oracle> it is to meee
    [00:56] <Det_Serious> I see some shops and apartment blocks
    [00:56] <Det_Serious> not too crowded on the street
    [00:56] <The_Oracle> its been so long
    [00:56] <Det_Serious> what has ?
    [00:57] <The_Oracle> all will become clear in time
    [00:57] * Det_Serious pulls his notebook out
    [00:57] <The_Oracle> now I need you to take care of something for me
    [00:57] <Det_Serious> go on
    [00:57] <Det_Serious> if Sarahs involved, then Im listening
    [00:58] <The_Oracle> sing to me
    [00:58] <Det_Serious> errr...right
    [00:58] * Det_Serious starts singing &#39;the star spangled banner&#39; softly
    [00:58] <Det_Serious> Oh say can you see...
    [00:58] * The_Oracle giggles
    [00:58] <Det_Serious> by the dawns early light...
    [00:59] <Det_Serious> what so proudly we hailed
    [00:59] <Det_Serious> by the twilights last gleaming
    [010] <Det_Serious> anything else ?
    [010] <The_Oracle> that was beautiful
    [010] * Det_Serious stifles a laugh
    [010] <The_Oracle> we will talk again soon...
    [010] <Det_Serious> err..right
    [010] <The_Oracle> you have a mobile phone?
    [010] <Det_Serious> I do
    [011] * The_Oracle laughs
    [011] <The_Oracle> too easy
    [011] <Det_Serious> hows that again ?
    [011] <Det_Serious> whats too easy ?
    [012] <The_Oracle> finding your number you silly boy
    [012] <Det_Serious> hmmm
    [012] <Det_Serious> who am I speaking to ?

    Act 3 the Mysterious Oracle

    [012] <The_Oracle> I am the Oracle silly
    [012] <Det_Serious> Sarah wasn&#39;t too clear about that
    [013] <The_Oracle> she who has her fingers on all the buttons
    [013] <Det_Serious> right ...
    [014] <The_Oracle> you have anymore questions for me?
    [014] <Det_Serious> yeah, do you know where I can find the Tick Tock man ?
    [015] <The_Oracle> the.... Tick.... Tock.... man?
    [015] <Det_Serious> thats the guy
    [015] <The_Oracle> you do not want to find the...tick..... tock..... man&#33;
    [016] <Det_Serious> I think I do, Sarah wants me to
    [016] <The_Oracle> he who ticks and tocks is he who dwells beyond
    [017] <Det_Serious> how come Sarah has mentioned him as if he is alive ?
    [017] <The_Oracle> who said he was dead?
    [018] <Det_Serious> ahh nothing, got my lines crossed here
    [018] <Det_Serious> but I do want to find him
    [018] <The_Oracle> is Jane with you?
    [019] <Det_Serious> shes not far away
    [019] <Det_Serious> I can get her
    [019] <The_Oracle> please...
    [01:10] * Det_Serious waves to Jane to get out of the car and come over
    [01:10] * Jane-Bremer walks over to Det_Serious
    [01:10] <Jane-Bremer> yes?
    [01:10] <Det_Serious> Janes here now
    [01:11] * Det_Serious passes the phone to Jane
    [01:11] <The_Oracle> hello?
    [01:11] <Jane-Bremer> what do you want?
    [01:11] <The_Oracle> I want to help
    [01:12] <The_Oracle> I want to be helped
    [01:12] <The_Oracle> is that not what everyone wants?
    [01:12] <Jane-Bremer> it is...
    [01:12] <The_Oracle> is Sarah in trouble?
    [01:13] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [01:13] <Jane-Bremer> alot of trouble
    [01:13] * The_Oracle whispers something in an arcane language down the phone
    [01:13] <Jane-Bremer> what?
    [01:14] <The_Oracle> she wanted you to have it
    [01:14] <Jane-Bremer> have what?
    [01:14] * Det_Serious passes Jane his trusty notebook and pencil
    [01:14] <The_Oracle> you shall see
    [01:15] <The_Oracle> we are friends now?
    [01:15] <The_Oracle> right?
    [01:15] <Jane-Bremer> right
    [01:15] <Jane-Bremer> what can we do to help you now?
    [01:15] <The_Oracle> could you sing for me?
    [01:15] <Jane-Bremer> I do love karaoke
    [01:15] <Jane-Bremer> Ahem
    [01:15] <Jane-Bremer> Did you ever know that your my heeerrrooooo.
    [01:16] <Jane-Bremer> your every thing i wish i could beeeeee.
    [01:16] * Det_Serious winces
    [01:16] <Jane-Bremer> i could fly hiiiiigher then an Eeeeeeeagle
    [01:16] <Jane-Bremer> with you.
    [01:16] * Det_Serious looks grim
    [01:16] <Jane-Bremer> the wind beneath my wings.
    [01:16] <Jane-Bremer> Fllllly away
    [01:17] <Jane-Bremer> you let my fly away away.
    [01:17] <Jane-Bremer> oh you you
    [01:17] <Jane-Bremer> you the wind beneth my wiingss
    [01:17] * Det_Serious fondles the butt of his service revolver
    [01:17] * The_Oracle giggles
    [01:18] <Jane-Bremer> Do you like my singing?
    [01:18] <The_Oracle> oh yes
    [01:18] <The_Oracle> thank you
    [01:19] <Jane-Bremer> your welcome
    [01:19] <Jane-Bremer> I rather enjoyed it
    [01:20] <The_Oracle> ok well I will be in touch
    [01:20] <The_Oracle> please find her&#33;
    [01:20] <Jane-Bremer> i&#39;ll do my best
    [01:20] <The_Oracle> thank you
    [01:21] <The_Oracle> A....l..... not enough yet
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> what?
    [01:21] <Jane-Bremer> not enough what?
    [01:22] <The_Oracle> all will become clear
    [01:22] * The_Oracle hangs up
    [01:22] * Det_Serious lets out a lungful of air
    [01:22] <Jane-Bremer> Well
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> shes a bit...different, isn&#39;t she ?
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> she was strange
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> yeah
    [01:23] <Det_Serious> what was that she told you ?
    [01:23] <Jane-Bremer> some thing in an old ancient language
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> i think i recognised it
    [01:24] <Jane-Bremer> i&#39;ll have to do some research
    [01:24] * Det_Serious hears the tone on his mobile phone announcing a text message
    [01:24] * Det_Serious looks at his mobile
    [01:24] <Det_Serious> "speak the truth and receive deliverance"
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> yeah right ...
    [01:25] <Jane-Bremer> Any idea what that means?
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> nope
    [01:26] <Det_Serious> but it may become clearer later on
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> I have some research to do
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> i could use a ride back to my library
    [01:27] <Det_Serious> okay, I&#39;ll give you that ride
    [01:28] * Det_Serious and Jane leave the phone, get in the car and drive off
    [01:24] <Det_Serious> "speak the truth and recieve deliverance"
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> yeah right ...
    [01:25] <Jane-Bremer> Any idea what that means?
    [01:25] <Det_Serious> nope
    [01:26] <Det_Serious> but it may become clearer later on
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> I have some research to do
    [01:27] <Jane-Bremer> i could use a ride back to my library
    [01:27] <Det_Serious> okay, I&#39;ll give you that ride
    [01:28] * Det_Serious and Jane leave the phone, get in the car and drive off
    [01:30] * Det_Serious pilots his Mustang to the front of the library
    [01:30] <Det_Serious> there you are, Ma&#39;am
    [01:31] <Jane-Bremer> thanks i think i&#39;ll be here all night
    [01:31] <Jane-Bremer> so i&#39;ll be here if you need anything
    [01:31] <Det_Serious> okay fine
    [01:32] <Det_Serious> I&#39;ll phone you if anything turns up

    Act 4 the scene of the crime

    [01:35] * Natalie_R appoaches Jane
    [01:35] <Jane-Bremer> Can I help you?
    [01:35] <Natalie_R> actually your the only one who can
    [01:36] <Jane-Bremer> How so?
    [01:38] <Natalie_R> you knew Sarah Walters, right?
    [01:38] <Jane-Bremer> Yes, that correct
    [01:38] <Natalie_R> I am a friend of hers from England
    [01:39] <Natalie_R> going to investigate her apartment
    [01:39] <Jane-Bremer> right now?
    [01:40] <Natalie_R> well the police will start moving things out soon
    [01:40] <Natalie_R> they already took her computer
    [01:41] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [01:41] <Jane-Bremer> i have tlaked with them
    [01:41] <Natalie_R> you know the police cannot help
    [01:42] <Natalie_R> they refuse to admit the things she studdies exist
    [01:42] <Jane-Bremer> I&#39;ve had past experiences with them,
    [01:43] <Jane-Bremer> of... the unexplained variety
    [01:43] <Natalie_R> I follow her work
    [01:44] <Natalie_R> I am going for a look now
    [01:44] <Natalie_R> I would like you to come with me
    [01:45] <Jane-Bremer> I&#39;m in the middle of research, but i&#39;ll help a friend of Sarah&#39;s
    [01:45] <Natalie_R> someone called the Oracle told me to do it now
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> so she&#39;s talked with you too
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> i&#39;ll go
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> but i have to ask one question first
    [01:46] <Jane-Bremer> Did she make you sing?
    [01:46] <Natalie_R> oh yes
    [01:47] <Natalie_R> and play the keyboard for her
    [01:47] <Natalie_R> she likes musical instruments
    [01:47] <Jane-Bremer> what a strange person
    [01:47] <Jane-Bremer> i&#39;ll be ready in a moment
    [01:47] <Natalie_R> ok
    [01:47] * Natalie_R gets into her car
    [01:48] * Jane-Bremer gathers a few select books to read during the ride
    [01:48] * Jane-Bremer follows Natalie_R into her car
    [01:48] * Natalie_R takes them to Sarah&#39;s place
    [01:50] <Jane-Bremer> what exactl are we going to be looking for
    [01:51] <Natalie_R> if any of her artifacts were taken
    [01:51] <Jane-Bremer> why don&#39;t you go in first
    [01:52] * Natalie_R tries to pick the lock
    [01:52] * Natalie_R succeeds (36)
    [01:53] <Natalie_R> this way
    [01:54] * Jane-Bremer follows
    [01:54] * Natalie_R points out the damage to the room as if there was a struggle
    [01:57] * Natalie_R walks around the room to slowly
    [01:58] * Jane-Bremer notices some thing in the dark corner of the room
    [01:59] * Jane-Bremer bends over and picks the object up
    [01:59] <Natalie_R> what you got?
    [021] <Jane-Bremer> its a Smethson Crystal
    [021] <Jane-Bremer> found only in Antarctica
    [021] <Natalie_R> its pretty
    [021] <Jane-Bremer> said to have magical properties
    [022] <Jane-Bremer> and expensive
    [022] <Jane-Bremer> judging by the size it would cost any where between &#036;200,000 and &#036;250,000
    [022] <Natalie_R> I find it hard to believe Sarah left it on the floor
    [023] * Natalie_R looks around
    [024] <Natalie_R> her walking stick is gone
    [024] <Jane-Bremer> that’s strange
    [024] <Jane-Bremer> you would think if she was kidnapped they would want to keep here as helpless as possible
    [025] <Natalie_R> and if this was a burglary gone wrong
    [025] <Natalie_R> why did they take something so worthless
    [025] <Jane-Bremer> and yet leave some thing soo valuable
    [026] <Natalie_R> exactly
    [028] <Natalie_R> some of her books are gone too
    [028] <Jane-Bremer> i have some of them....
    [02:10] * Natalie_R spots a square shape in the floor at the centre of the room
    [02:12] <Natalie_R> what do we have here?
    [02:14] <Natalie_R> Jane do you have anything to break that square?
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> what?
    [02:14] <Natalie_R> in the floor there
    [02:14] <Jane-Bremer> i guess we could find some thing
    [02:16] <Natalie_R> there must be something around here
    [02:17] * Natalie_R finds the kitchen
    [02:18] * Natalie_R returns with a rolling pin
    [02:18] <Jane-Bremer> that should work
    [02:19] * Natalie_R beats the square in the floor causing 7 pts of damage
    [02:19] <Natalie_R> one good kick should do it

    Act 5 the Horror beneath the floorboards
    [02:21] * Natalie_R kicks the square in revealing what appears to be a flayed corpse
    [02:23] * Natalie_R recoils in horror at the sight of the body
    [02:23] <Natalie_R> is it.... Sarah?
    [02:23] <Jane-Bremer> I&#39;m not sure
    [02:23] <Jane-Bremer> i hope it&#39;s not
    [02:24] * Jane-Bremer bends down to inspect the corpse
    [02:24] * Natalie_R looks closer
    [02:24] <Jane-Bremer>
    [02:24] <Jane-Bremer> it can&#39;t be
    [02:24] <Jane-Bremer> its... Sarah
    [02:25] <Natalie_R> how can you be so sure?
    [02:26] <Jane-Bremer> i don&#39;t know
    [02:26] <Jane-Bremer> just
    [02:26] <Jane-Bremer> it has to be her
    [02:26] <Corpse> oh not quite
    [02:27] * Corpse gets up out the hole
    [02:27] <Jane-Bremer> what...
    [02:27] <Jane-Bremer> who are you?
    [02:27] <Natalie_R> holy dirt
    [02:28] * Corpse leaps onto Jane and tries to bite her
    [02:29] * Jane-Bremer jumps to the side and throws the corpse to the ground
    [02:29] * Corpse stands up
    [02:29] <Corpse> will take far more than that little girl
    [02:30] * Natalie_R hits the Corpse with the rolling pin (2 pts damage)
    [02:31] <Natalie_R> Jane little help here
    [02:33] * Jane-Bremer tries to punch the corpse but misses.
    [02:34] * Corpse laughs and moves towards Natalie
    [02:34] <Natalie_R> oh dirt... oh dirt... oh dirt
    [02:37] * Corpse bites Natalie drawing blood (4 pts)
    [02:39] * Jane-Bremer hastily says arcane words and attempts to stop the foul creature&#39;s heart (5 pts)
    [02:40] * Corpse throws Natalie (2 pts) and moves towards Jane
    [02:42] * Jane-Bremer feels the crystal&#39;s energy flowing through here
    [02:42] * Corpse continues to shamble towards her
    [02:42] <Corpse> your not the first to use magic on me
    [02:43] * Jane-Bremer with the aid of the crystal confidently says the foul words (11 pts)
    [02:43] * Corpse explodes
    [02:44] <Jane-Bremer> are you alright?
    [02:45] <Natalie_R> I will be
    [02:45] * Natalie_R sits up
    [02:46] * Natalie_R collapses
    [02:46] <Natalie_R> could you possibly drive me to the hospital?
    [02:47] <Jane-Bremer> sure
    [02:47] <Jane-Bremer> let me help first
    [02:47] * Jane-Bremer stops the bleeding from Natalie_R&#39;r neck
    [02:48] <Jane-Bremer> it seems as though you&#39;ve broken your ribs
    [02:48] <Natalie_R> oh dirt I knew that crunching sound could not be good
    [02:48] <Jane-Bremer> come on i&#39;ll help you up
    [02:50] <Natalie_R> thanks
    [02:50] <Natalie_R> did that thing have gears inside it?
    [02:51] <Jane-Bremer> I don&#39;t think so...
    [02:51] <Natalie_R> I could swear I heard gears inside it
    [02:52] <Jane-Bremer> lets just get to the hospital
    [02:52] <Jane-Bremer> you need some help
    [02:52] <Natalie_R> thank you

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    178 (x3)

    Act 6- The Abomination in the Hospital

    [23:59] * Natalie is unconsious as Jane tries to explain the Zombie bite
    [23:59] <Jane-Bremer> There was this large dog
    [000] <Jane-Bremer> and he was crazy! Just ran up and bit her >.>
    [000] <Doctor_Wu> those look more like human tooth marks
    [000] * Natalie stirs
    [000] <Jane-Bremer> it had denchers in its mouth =/
    [000] <Natalie> it was a bull dog
    [001] <Natalie> with umm denchers in its mouth
    [001] <Doctor_Wu> hmm, well we can take impressions of the bite marks later
    [001] <Doctor_Wu> for now, we must treat the infection or shock or whatever is affecting her
    [002] <Jane-Bremer> will she be alright?
    [002] <Doctor_Wu> I am going to authorise allergic reaction tests
    [002] <Natalie> uggh I hate hospitals
    [003] <Doctor_Wu> and the usual sequence of animal bite toxicity and pathogenic tests
    [003] * Doctor_Wu takes Jane slightly to one side
    [003] * Jane-Bremer feels tired with the events of the day
    [003] <Doctor_Wu> your friend is ill, and we are not yet sure why
    [003] <Jane-Bremer> yes? Doctor?
    [004] <Doctor_Wu> but we will do the best we can for her
    [004] <Doctor_Wu> under the terms and conditions of her medical insurance
    [005] * A Shoggoth smashes through the wall
    [006] * Doctor_Wu shuffles some paperwork on his clipboard
    [006] <Doctor_Wu> o.O
    [006] <Jane-Bremer> O.O
    [006] <Doctor_Wu> Nurse, run for it
    [007] * Shoggoth is huge, covered in eyes and constantly changing in shape
    [007] * Doctor_Wu scarpers in blind panic
    [007] * Jane-Bremer is confused by the thing infront of her
    [008] * Shoggoth crushes Dr_Wu
    [008] <Doctor_Wu> arrgghhh !!
    [008] * Jane-Bremer turns and starts to head to the door
    [009] * Shoggoth moves towards Jane sucking her inside it

    Act 7 The Girl in Question

    [00:11] <SarahWalters> Jane?
    [00:11] <Jane-Bremer> wha what?
    [00:11] <Jane-Bremer> SarahWalters!
    [00:11] <Jane-Bremer> -walters
    [00:12] <SarahWalters> you have to find me Jane
    [00:12] <Jane-Bremer> where are you?
    [00:12] <SarahWalters> I wish I knew
    [00:13] <SarahWalters> dark and damp and in agony
    [00:13] <Jane-Bremer> what happened?
    [00:13] <SarahWalters> Jane help me!
    [00:13] <Jane-Bremer> Sarah!
    [00:14] <Jane-Bremer> I'll find where you are.
    [00:14] <Jane-Bremer> I promise
    [00:14] <SarahWalters> look for a violin in my possessions
    [00:14] <SarahWalters> its the key
    [00:14] <Jane-Bremer> the key to what?
    [00:15] <SarahWalters> first you have to help yourself...
    [00:15] <SarahWalters> WAKE UP!
    [00:16] * Jane-Bremer suddenly wakes up

    Act 8- The whispers of the Dreamlands

    [00:17] <Natalie> Jane? you ok?
    [00:17] <Jane-Bremer> yeah
    [00:17] <Jane-Bremer> what happened?
    [00:17] <Natalie> nothing happened
    [00:17] <Natalie> you went to sleep
    [00:17] <Jane-Bremer> But that thing came through the wall
    [00:17] <Jane-Bremer> and
    [00:17] <Jane-Bremer> ...
    [00:18] <Natalie> you must have had a nightmare
    [00:18] * Doctor_Wu walks over, with a clipboard
    [00:18] <Doctor_Wu> hello again, did you have a good nap ?
    [00:19] <Jane-Bremer> I'm fine doctor
    [00:20] <Natalie> she had a nightmare
    [00:20] <Natalie> I think
    [00:22] <Jane-Bremer> I'm okay just a little tired
    [00:22] * Doctor_Wu pulls a small flashlight out of his pocket
    [00:23] * Doctor_Wu examines under Jane’s eyelids
    [00:23] * Natalie wonders how qualified Doctor_Wu really is
    [00:23] <Doctor_Wu> you seem to have been overdoing it a little, young lady
    [00:23] <Jane-Bremer> leave me alone
    [00:23] <Jane-Bremer> I'm okay
    [00:24] <Doctor_Wu> very well, just a little professional counselling
    [00:25] <Doctor_Wu> but I would see your own doctor about these minor blackouts if I were you
    [00:25] <Natalie> shes fine
    [00:25] * Det_Serious arrives in the room
    [00:25] <Det_Serious> hi Jane, hi Natalie
    [00:25] <Det_Serious> good afternoon Doctor
    [00:25] <Natalie> how do you know who I am?
    [00:25] <Jane-Bremer> Detective
    [00:25] * Natalie gets edgy
    [00:26] <Det_Serious> I got your txt message
    [00:26] <Det_Serious> Jane
    [00:26] <Natalie> sorry, umm not used to new people
    [00:26] <Natalie> sort of the lone wolf
    [00:26] * Doctor_Wu looks at the tall rugged, hunky cop
    [00:26] * Det_Serious gives her a winning smile
    [00:27] * Natalie suspects Doctor_Wu may be gay
    [00:27] <Det_Serious> well, thats okay, I'm easy to get on with
    [00:27] <Jane-Bremer> ahem
    [00:27] <Jane-Bremer> back to the matter at hand
    [00:28] <Det_Serious> anyway, whats going on ?
    [00:28] <Natalie> is it, safe to talk?
    [00:29] <Det_Serious> I'm sure the good doctor has other patients to attend to
    [00:29] <Jane-Bremer> Doctor, may we have some privacy?
    [00:30] <Det_Serious> please don't let us keep you
    [00:31] * Doctor_Wu says he will be back later, and takes his clipboard away
    [00:32] <Det_Serious> so, what was the meaning of the text message, Jane ?
    [00:32] <Det_Serious> somethng about a zombie attack, and the name of this hospital
    [00:32] * Jane-Bremer hears a strange voice in her head saying "I never knew how to play Violin before that... abomination"
    [00:32] <Jane-Bremer> well
    [00:32] <Det_Serious> if it was anyone else but you, Id be calling for the guys with the butterfly nets
    [00:33] <Jane-Bremer> We went back to Sarah's house
    [00:33] <Natalie> Jane helped me search
    [00:33] <Jane-Bremer> and there was this... zombie under the floor boards
    [00:33] <Natalie> the damn thing bit me
    [00:34] <Jane-Bremer> I killed it and then we came back here
    [00:36] <Jane-Bremer> When we got here I sent you the message
    [00:36] <Jane-Bremer> but some thing strange happened
    [00:36] <Natalie> what happened?
    [00:37] <Jane-Bremer> when I fainted just then
    [00:37] <Jane-Bremer> I.. dreamt of this blob crashing through the wall then absorbing me and the doctor
    [00:37] <Jane-Bremer> then I heard Sarah's voice in my head
    [00:37] <Jane-Bremer> saying that she needed me to find her
    [00:38] <Natalie> Sarah?
    [00:38] <Jane-Bremer> yes
    [00:38] <Natalie> what did she say?
    [00:38] <Jane-Bremer> she said there was a violin in her apartment that was the key
    [00:39] <Natalie> did the police goon squad find one?
    [00:41] <Det_Serious> yes, they did
    [00:41] * Det_Serious checks his inventory
    [00:41] <Det_Serious> it was unusual in that it had an extra note on it
    [00:41] <Det_Serious> and an inscription on the back
    [00:41] <Natalie> like an extra string?
    [00:42] <Jane-Bremer> An inscription?
    [00:42] <Det_Serious> an extra string, a fifth string
    [00:42] <Det_Serious> and a carved inscription
    [00:42] <Jane-Bremer> of
    [00:43] <Det_Serious> the note I have here, is some kind of astrological symbol

    Act 9 The Powers that be

    [00:44] * Natalie notices her phone starts ringing
    [00:44] * Natalie picks up the phone
    [00:44] <Natalie> hi
    [00:44] <Natalie> yes hes here
    [00:45] <Natalie> you want to talk to him?
    [00:45] * Det_Serious looks up
    [00:45] <Natalie> its her
    [00:45] * Det_Serious takes the phone
    [00:45] <Det_Serious> hello ?
    [00:45] <Det_Serious> hello ?
    [00:45] <the_oracle> hello
    [00:46] <Det_Serious> ahh good afternoon
    [00:46] <the_oracle> your on the right path
    [00:46] <Det_Serious> ahh...okay thanks for telling me
    [00:47] <Det_Serious> can you tell me what that violin means ?
    [00:47] * the_oracle giggles
    [00:47] <the_oracle> I thought you would never ask
    [00:48] <the_oracle> long ago there was an opera
    [00:48] <the_oracle> many said it was impossible
    [00:49] <the_oracle> notes impossible on any known instrument
    [00:49] <Det_Serious> right ...
    [00:50] <the_oracle> so new instruments were found
    [00:50] <the_oracle> or given
    [00:50] <the_oracle> but the Opera was still never finished
    [00:50] <Det_Serious> okay ...
    [00:51] * the_oracle sobs
    [00:51] <the_oracle> thats all I know
    [00:51] <the_oracle> the rest HE knows
    [00:51] <Det_Serious> he ... ?
    [00:51] <Det_Serious> can you tell me who HE is ?
    [00:51] <the_oracle> the... the... tick... tock... man
    [00:51] * the_oracle cries
    [00:51] <Det_Serious> ahhhh
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> thank you for that
    [00:52] * the_oracle sniffs a little
    [00:52] <the_oracle> painful
    [00:52] <Det_Serious> can I say anything to help ?
    [00:52] <the_oracle> nothing you can say will help
    [00:53] <the_oracle> I have said all I can
    [00:53] <the_oracle> please take care
    [00:53] <Det_Serious> thank you
    [00:53] <the_oracle> and next time
    [00:53] <Det_Serious> we will
    [00:53] <the_oracle> I want a song
    [00:53] <Det_Serious> heh, ahh okay
    [00:53] * the_oracle hangs up
    [00:53] <Det_Serious> I'll sort something out
    [00:53] <Det_Serious> right ...
    [00:53] <Jane-Bremer> What did she say?
    [00:54] <Det_Serious> that was our mysterious contact who seems to know a lot about what’s going on
    [00:54] <Det_Serious> the violin is something to do with an unfinished opera
    [00:55] <Det_Serious> one that was intended to be played on impossible instruments
    [00:55] <Det_Serious> and the guy with the rest of the secrets is
    [00:55] <Det_Serious> the Tick Tock Man
    [00:55] * Det_Serious pauses for dramatic effect
    [00:56] * Doctor_Wu passes the door and shoots the hunky detective an appreciative glance
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    Act 10 Tick Tock, Tick Tock

    [22:33] * Karren_s surfs the net, looking tired and on edge
    [22:35] * Karren_s I see a turning gear animation and sigh
    [22:36] <Karren_s> the Tick tock man strikes again
    [22:38] * Karren_s see's red lettering appear on the screen "Hello Karren"
    [22:39] * Karren_s watches the lettering flow like liquid
    [22:40] <Karren_s> well thats just great
    [22:41] * Karren_s hears the speakers crackle with life
    [22:42] <Karren_s> oh just great
    [22:42] <TickTockMan> you going to say hello?
    [22:42] * Karren_s I type "no"
    [22:42] <TickTockMan> I can hear you...
    [22:43] <Karren_s> is that a fact
    [22:43] <TickTockMan> go on touch the screen
    [22:43] <TickTockMan> its a trick
    [22:43] <TickTockMan> a very fun trick
    [22:43] * TickTockMan laughs
    [22:44] <Karren_s> I don't like tricks so lets cut the crap
    [22:44] <TickTockMan> touch it
    [22:44] <TickTockMan> touch it
    [22:44] <TickTockMan> touch it
    [22:44] <Karren_s> one good reason
    [22:45] <TickTockMan> I know what you desire
    [22:45] <Karren_s> a lot of men say that, they are nearly always wrong
    [22:45] <TickTockMan> your sister?
    [22:46] <Karren_s> what about her?
    [22:46] * TickTockMan whispers
    [22:46] <TickTockMan> I know what really happened
    [22:46] <Karren_s> and how does my touching the screen help?
    [22:47] <TickTockMan> trust me
    [22:47] <Karren_s> hmm lets see....NO!
    [22:48] * TickTockMan breaths heavily
    [22:49] <Karren_s> wow, thats how you gain peoples confidence
    [22:49] <TickTockMan> you need me Karren
    [22:50] <Karren_s> I need you like I need a drill to the head
    [22:51] * Karren_s I watch the red font change to my sisters face
    [22:51] <TickTockMan> she was pretty
    [22:51] <Karren_s> shut up
    [22:53] * TickTockMan sighs
    [22:53] * Karren_s watches the image of her sister look at her as if coming to life again
    [22:54] <Karren_s> wow you even animated it
    [22:54] <Eliza_S> more than that
    [22:54] * Eliza_S smiles
    [22:54] <Eliza_S> Karren?
    [22:54] <Karren_s> please stop this, its just sick
    [22:55] <Eliza_S> I love you sis
    [22:56] <Karren_s> please just...stop
    [22:56] * Eliza_S looks directly into your eyes
    [22:56] <Eliza_S> he only wants to help
    [22:58] <Karren_s> ok i'll touch the freaking screen
    [22:58] * Karren_s I reach out and touch the screen
    [22:59] <Karren_s> it''s blood
    [22:59] <Karren_s> what the hell is going on here
    [22:59] * TickTockMan laughs
    [22:59] <Karren_s> not funny
    [231] <Karren_s> ....what the hell is going on!
    [231] <Karren_s> ?
    [232] * TickTockMan laughs more
    [232] <Karren_s> you sick son of a *****
    [234] * Karren_s watches Elizza's face turn in a skull
    [234] <skull> your tougher than most
    [234] <skull> I will remember that
    [235] <Karren_s> just leave me alone
    [235] <skull> oh but Karren your my new plaything
    [236] <skull> sweet dreamssss
    [236] * skull vanishes
    [237] * Hard_Aun is now known as Det_Serious
    [237] * Det_Serious rings Karren_s on her cell phone
    [238] * Karren_s watches her phone afraid to pick it up
    [23:10] * Karren_s reaches for the phone, hand shaking
    [23:10] <Det_Serious> hello, Karren ?
    [23:10] <Det_Serious> this is Harry Serious here
    [23:10] <Karren_s> w..who is it?
    [23:10] <Det_Serious> Harry Serious
    [23:11] <Det_Serious> the Cop, Sarahs friend
    [23:11] <Det_Serious> hey, you sound a bit shaken
    [23:11] * Karren_s walks over to the door and opens it carefully
    [23:11] <Det_Serious> is everything okay ?
    [23:11] <Karren_s> I don't know...
    [23:12] <Det_Serious> hmmm
    [23:12] <Det_Serious> I was phoning beacuse I want some information, if you have it
    [23:13] <Det_Serious> but if you are in trouble ...
    [23:13] <Karren_s> what sort of information?
    [23:13] <Det_Serious> information about a person I have spoken to a couple of times by phone
    [23:13] <Det_Serious> shes a bit ... wierd, I thought you might just have encountered her before
    [23:14] <Karren_s> who is it?
    [23:14] <Det_Serious> tis a woman who calls herself 'the Oracle'
    [23:15] <Det_Serious> she seems to be psychic or something
    [23:15] * Morden is now known as Mord|gluing
    [23:15] <Det_Serious> you get the impression she knows what I am thinking
    [23:16] <Det_Serious> hey, you okay ? really ?
    [23:17] <Karren_s> yeah i'm fine, fell assleep bad horror movies and pizza, bad mix
    [23:18] <Det_Serious> okay
    [23:18] <Karren_s> i've heard of this Oracle before
    [23:18] <Det_Serious> ahhh
    [23:20] <Karren_s> she's been known to talk people into commiting crimes
    [23:20] * Det_Serious stiffens
    [23:20] <Det_Serious> really ?
    [23:20] <Karren_s> no evidence of course
    [23:21] <Det_Serious> right I see
    [23:21] <Det_Serious> well, as you have got your memory engaged...
    [23:22] <Det_Serious> have you heard of the Tick Tock Man ?
    [23:22] <Karren_s> yes...
    [23:22] <Det_Serious> what can you tell me ?
    [23:24] <Karren_s> aparently he's gotten people to commit suicide or something
    [23:24] * Det_Serious breaths in
    [23:24] <Det_Serious> okay I see
    [23:24] <Karren_s> plays mind games
    [23:26] <Det_Serious> I'd like to talk more about him, if you can find out more
    [23:26] <Det_Serious> can we meet later ?
    [23:26] <Karren_s> yeah
    [23:27] <Det_Serious> okay, maybe later this evening
    [23:27] <Det_Serious> let me call you, or you can call me
    [23:27] <Karren_s> yeah, i'll... call
    [23:27] <Det_Serious> okay fine
    [23:28] <Det_Serious> hey take care of yourself
    [23:28] <Det_Serious> you still sound ... well, not one hundred per cent
    [23:28] <Det_Serious> catch you later
    [23:28] * Det_Serious rings off
    [23:28] <Karren_s> later
    [23:29] <Karren_s> great...going crazy

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    Act 11: Not over yet!
    [23:55] * Karren_s closes and locks the door
    [23:56] <UndeadThing> Karren!
    [23:56] <Karren_s> who said that?
    [23:56] <UndeadThing> Karren!
    [23:57] <Karren_s> i'm armed
    [23:57] * UndeadThing shuffles towards Karren
    [23:57] <Karren_s> what the hell
    [23:58] * Karren_s pulls her Desert Eagle out of her handbag
    [23:59] * Karren_s steps back and fires a shot at the undead thing
    [000] * UndeadThing recoils as the bullet passes through its shoulder doing no major damage
    [000] * Karren_s fires again
    [001] * UndeadThing opens its jaws impossibly wide as the bullet misses
    [001] * Karren_s fires again
    [002] * UndeadThing is hit right between the eyes and slumps backwards
    [003] * Karren_s turns and runs away toward the exit
    [004] <UndeadThing> Karren! Karren! Karren!

    Act 12: Meet up
    [005] * Det_Serious chews a pencil and looks cool
    [005] * Natalie_R draws around her hand looking bored
    [005] <Natalie_R> where is she?
    [006] <Det_Serious> her text message said she would be leaving shortly
    [006] <Det_Serious> shes only 15 minutes away, and theres no traffic snarl ups
    [007] * Karren_s enters the cafe
    [007] <Det_Serious> hi there
    [007] <Karren_s> hello
    [007] <Natalie_R> wow you look like hell
    [007] <Det_Serious> you want a coffee, I'm just getting another for myself
    [007] <Jane-Bremer> hmm
    [008] <Karren_s> could go for somthing stronger, but coffee's fine
    [008] * Det_Serious gets the coffee
    [009] * Natalie_R bites her finger nails
    [009] <Det_Serious> you look shaken, is everything okay ?
    [009] <Karren_s> not really
    [00:10] <Det_Serious> whats up ?
    [00:10] * Natalie_R suspects Jane is asleep
    [00:10] <Karren_s> you wouldent believe me if I told you
    [00:11] <Det_Serious> we've seen some weird stuff the last few months, try us
    [00:11] <Jane-Bremer> i wouldn't be so sure
    [00:11] <Natalie_R> we buy into lots of crazy ****
    [00:11] <Natalie_R> you would be surprised
    [00:11] <Karren_s> I recognise you
    [00:11] <Natalie_R> who? me?
    [00:12] <Karren_s> yup
    [00:12] <Natalie_R> I get that a lot
    [00:13] <Natalie_R> I need a cigarette
    [00:14] <Karren_s> arent you a little young to be smoking?
    [00:15] <Natalie_R> I am 21
    [00:15] <Karren_s> not acording to your criminal record
    [00:15] <Natalie_R> what are you?
    [00:16] <Natalie_R> I have no criminal record!
    [00:16] <Karren_s> Police admin
    [00:19] <Karren_s> anyway
    [00:20] * Natalie_R finds a pack of cigarettes
    [00:20] <Natalie_R> go on
    [00:21] <Karren_s> something weird happened to my computer
    [00:22] <Natalie_R> The Oracle?
    [00:22] <Karren_s> The tick tock man
    [00:23] <Natalie_R> she warned me about him…
    [00:23] * Natalie_R shudders as she lights up
    [00:24] <Det_Serious> I've heard nothing but bad about him
    [00:24] <Natalie_R> the bastard is pure evil
    [00:24] <Karren_s> he told me to touch the screen
    [00:24] <Jane-Bremer> hmmmm
    [00:24] <Karren_s> there was blood
    [00:25] <Natalie_R> oh my god
    [00:26] <Karren_s> you got another of those?
    [00:26] <Natalie_R> sure
    [00:26] * Natalie_R hands Karren a cigarette
    [00:28] * Karren_s lights up and sighs
    [00:29] <Karren_s> then when I leave my place something tried to get me
    [00:29] <Karren_s> shot it three times
    [00:30] <Karren_s> first two did sod all
    [00:31] <Karren_s> third may have got it but I didn't hang about to find out
    [00:31] <Natalie_R> its him then
    [00:31] * Natalie_R shivers
    [00:31] <Jane-Bremer> him?
    [00:31] <Karren_s> him?
    [00:31] <Det_Serious> who ?
    [00:31] <Natalie_R> the ****ing tick tock man ok!
    [00:32] <Natalie_R> he... he... killed my Dad
    [00:33] <Karren_s> what is he?
    [00:33] <Natalie_R> the thing that looked like a man?
    [00:33] <Natalie_R> it was not though
    [00:33] <Karren_s> yeah
    [00:34] <Karren_s> gathered that
    [00:34] * Natalie_R looks at Jane
    [00:34] <Natalie_R> like the one in the house
    [00:34] <Jane-Bremer> right
    [00:35] <Natalie_R> he creates them
    [00:36] <Karren_s> would this be a good day to invest in a sawn off shotgun?
    [00:37] <Natalie_R> you think this is funny!
    [00:37] <Karren_s> no i'm being practical

    Act 13: Split Up
    [00:38] * Natalie_R hears her phone ring
    [00:38] * Natalie_R answers
    [00:38] <Natalie_R> Karren its for you
    [00:39] * Karren_s takes the phone
    [00:39] <Karren_s> hello?
    [00:39] <The_Oracle> I am so sorry
    [00:39] <Karren_s> sorry/
    [00:39] <The_Oracle> I tried to stop him
    [00:40] <The_Oracle> he is just too powerful
    [00:40] <Karren_s> the tick tock man?
    [00:40] <The_Oracle> yes yes him!
    [00:41] <The_Oracle> Karren there was nothing I could do for your sister
    [00:41] <The_Oracle> but let me help you!
    [00:42] <Karren_s> how?
    [00:42] <The_Oracle> leave the city
    [00:42] <The_Oracle> go see an Opera
    [00:42] <Karren_s> what?
    [00:43] <The_Oracle> its never been finished
    [00:44] <The_Oracle> it must never be finished
    [00:44] <The_Oracle> I am loosing the fight
    [00:44] <Karren_s> whats never been finished?
    [00:44] <The_Oracle> when your done come back and help me
    [00:44] <Karren_s> when whats done>?
    [00:45] <The_Oracle> the fractal the fractal the fractal
    [00:45] <Karren_s> fractal?
    [00:45] <Det_Serious> fractal ?
    [00:45] <The_Oracle> yesss now hurry! Please!
    [00:45] <The_Oracle> I cannot hold him off much longer
    [00:46] * The_Oracle screams
    [00:46] <TickTockMan> hello again
    [00:47] <Karren_s> you again
    [00:47] <TickTockMan> Karren you say that like its a bad thing
    [00:47] <Karren_s> it is
    [00:47] <TickTockMan> oh Karren
    [00:47] <TickTockMan> stay and play with me
    [00:48] <TickTockMan> we have eternity
    [00:48] <TickTockMan> my servitors will not hurt you... bring the brat along too
    [00:48] <Karren_s> i'd really rather not
    [00:48] * TickTockMan laughs
    [00:49] <TickTockMan> The Oracle can help you no longer
    [00:50] * Karren_s throws the phone to the ground
    [00:50] <Karren_s> yuck bleeding phone
    [00:50] * TickTockMan laughs again
    [00:51] * Det_Serious looks concerned (in a cool way)
    [00:51] <Karren_s> he really tries hard at intimidate people
    [00:52] <Natalie_R> what happened?
    [00:52] <Karren_s> Tick Tock freak again
    [00:52] <Natalie_R> that was the Oracle before
    [00:52] <Natalie_R> someone do something
    [00:52] <Natalie_R> shes in trouble
    [00:53] <Karren_s> I think the Oracles dead
    [00:53] <Natalie_R> oh god no
    [00:53] * Natalie_R stubs the cigarette out on her hand
    [00:53] <Karren_s> what the...
    [00:54] <Det_Serious> woah ...
    [00:54] <Natalie_R> its nothing compared to what I feel inside
    [00:55] <Karren_s> she told be to get out of town
    [00:55] <Karren_s> see an Opera
    [00:55] <Natalie_R> the violin
    [00:55] <Karren_s> huh?
    [00:57] <Natalie_R> Sarah's violin!
    [00:57] <Karren_s> what about it?
    [00:58] <Natalie_R> did some research last night
    [00:58] <Karren_s> and>?
    [00:58] <Natalie_R> this great unfinished opera includes notes which do not exist
    [00:59] <Det_Serious> I see
    [00:59] <Karren_s> she said something about it not letting it be finished
    [00:59] <Natalie_R> so we find those instruments
    [00:59] <Natalie_R> we find the opera
    [010] <Karren_s> it must never be finished
    [010] <Natalie_R> if the Oracle said that its good enough for me
    [010] <Karren_s> ok
    [011] <Natalie_R> Karren how about you and me go after the instruments?
    [011] <Karren_s> sounds good
    [012] <Natalie_R> someone still needs to look for Sarah
    [013] <Det_Serious> well, that sounds like my area
    [013] <Karren_s> eah
    [013] <Natalie_R> the fellowship is split
    [013] <Karren_s> and I thought I was a geek
    [013] <Det_Serious> that sounds like a quote from a book or summat
    [016] * Natalie_R sighs
    [016] * Det_Serious notices Jane-Bremer is practically speachless
    [017] <Det_Serious> we'll work out what you would be best doing, later Jane
    [017] <Natalie_R> lets go Karren

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