Yesterday I gamed with Creon at Battleground Games over in Abington. While there I saw people playing that Star Wars Miniatures game and decided to pick some stuff up. I bought 3 Clone Strike Boosters, 1 Rebel Storm Starter, and 2 Rebel Storm Boosters.

That cost a pretty penny but you get a ton of figs in each set. The RS starters come with rare, limited edition, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader plus 10 random miniatures (they tend to be stormies and Rebel people). Each of the other boosters comes with roughly 7 guys. Not too bad for $20 USD per old starter and $12.99 per booster.

Additionally, there's a new Revenge of the Sith Starter to go with the RotS booster. The RotS starter is $22 but it comes with rare, limited edition, Obi-Wan Kenobi & General Grievous PLUS 2 Clone Troopers and 2 Super Battle Droids in addition to all the other stuff (like a hard map and whatnot).

I was apparently lucky in what I got. I pulled a Very Rare Mace Windu, Very Rare Aurra Sing, Rare Zam Wessel (who, like Mace is very hard to pull) for the Clone Strike Set. For Rebel Storm I pulled Rare Luke Skywalker, Rare Darth Vader, Rare Grand Moff Tarkin, and Rare Lando Calrissian.

The game is fairly straightforward. People place down a map, choose warbands of usually 100pts but I played 150, roll for initiative and go at it. You can move/shoot/action 2 guys at a time until everyone has moved all their guys. Then a new round starts where you roll initiative again. There's scenarios, ability for team or multiplayer games, and of course "fight till they're dead" things.

I played a game against two kids who had been playing awhile and had a lot of fun. Below is the warband I used:

1 Mace Windu
1 Zam Wessel
1 ARC Trooper
1 Clone Trooper Commander
1 Clone Trooper Sergeant

One of the kids had to leave when his mom came, he had Yoda with a ton of Wookiees, but I continued playing against the other kid. That kid was fielding Darth Vader with a Royal Guard plus lots of Stormtroopers (including Heavy, Commander, and others).

The pace is very quick and easy to follow. Characters have special abilities, usually, and Jedi have Force Powers. I ended up winning but not by much. Mace was half dead, the ARC Trooper was dead, the Clone Trooper Commander was dead, Zam was untouched, and the other Clone was hanging on by a thread.

All in all a good game. I highly recommend this to all. Has anyone else played?