I recently got into the Star Wars Miniatures game and created a Jedi warband out of what I pulled. I'm wanting to create an all Jedi warband for 100pts, and one for 150pts. Below is one I made at 150pts, it isn't all Jedi. I'm looking for advice on how to make this better and also for what Jedi to include.

I'm bidding on stuff on eBay, don't bid against me grr, and I'm hoping to get some of those common/uncommon Jedi to go with Mace. Or, perhaps to get a different major Jedi to lead the group. If possible I could get some Unique Jedi in the warband if their points will allow that.

Without further adieu here's the warbamd

1 Mace Windu (Republic)
1 Zam Wessel (Fringe)
1 ARC Trooper (Republic)
1 Clone Trooper Commander (Republic)
1 Clone Trooper Sergeant (Republic)

The idea behind this warband is as such. Zam goes on her own to hunt Unique characters. As a Bounty Hunter she receives an Attack Bonus against them. Plus, she receives another Attack Bonus (also +4) when more than 6 squares away from a friendly model. On top of that she has Sealth and can use Kouhun Infestation that basically allows her to do 60 damage if her attack is successful.

The ARC Trooper is there solely to throw Grenades and for his Hit Points. He can take significant damage before he dies. He did 20 points of damage, via Grenades, on Darth Vader yesterday thereby softening him up for Mace Windu.

The Clone Trooper Commander and Clone Trooper Sergeant are there to boost other troopers. The way I understand this they can boost each other, themselves, and the ARC Trooper due to their Commander Effect.

Mace Windu is there because he's Mace, a Jedi, and with Lightsaber Precision (using a Force point) he can do 30 points of damage in a single attack or when doing a Triple Attack he can do up to 70 points of damage in a turn...more if any are Critical Hits on 18, 19, or 20. He can only melee so he goes up close, getting into the thick of things, after the ARC Trooper has softened hard targets and killed soft ones with Grenades (these affect adjacent models to the target).

Right now the two Clone leaders (Sergeant and Commander) seem to just bt there. I'd like something a little more useful and important in their stead.