I thought I'd do a melee test to see what would happen once Aurra Sing, Jedi Hunter, and Mace Windu, Jedi Council Master, got into melee range. Although not entirely accurate or representative of how these models would perform in a melee in the game, due to other factors, the results are staggering.

I rolled for init as one would normally do in the game. Aurra won that and got to make her attack. As she is in melee she gets +4 attack bonus for Careful Shot and another +4 attack bonus for being a Jedi Hunter. She made her attack and even with an attack of +19 needing to roll a 3 to hit she failed to do any damage to Mace.

In response Mace used a Force point to engage Lightsaber Precision on his first attack. Being in melee, and not moving, he gets to do 3 total attacks. His first attack was Critical doing double damage plus 10 for Lightsaber Precision totalling 50 points of damage. His next attack hit for 20 and his third attack went Critical doing 40. In this turn Mace did 110 points of damage! WOWZER!

Turn 2 Mace won init. His first attack he used Lightsaber Precision again scoring a hit for 30 damage. Technically Aurra was dead but he kept attacking. In a normal game he could redirect these other 2 attacks against adjacent enemy models. He hit on the 2nd attack doing 20 damage and failed on the 3rd. Turn 2 he totalled 50 points of damage, about average from what I can tell.

In two turns Mace inflicted 160 points of damage on Aurra. In a game he could have killed her and sent the other 30 points onto other opponents likely eradicating a couple soft targets or softening up a tough target.

No wonder he's Very Rare! WOW!