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    Physics and the Hulking Hurler

    Much theory has been proposed regarding the Umber Hulk Hulking Hurler. They have the ability to throw an object of any size. In D&D Terms, he can throw an object five range increments in six seconds. I would estimate that the range increment for a planet the size of the earth is thirty feet. The velocity of each object is negligable to begin with because they are traveling in very simaler paths.

    I may have no physics education to speak of, but I know enough formulas to put this all togather.

    Now, back onto the subject matter, that means that a creature that weighs no more than 4000lbs, or 1814kg
    The speed that the planet is thrown at is 7.6 Meters per second. The Earth sized planet has a mass of 6.0 sextillion metric tons, or 6.0 x 10^24 kgs. 7.6 Newtons of force must be applied per kg in order to achieve a speed of 7.6m/s. The force comes to ~4.6x10^25 N.
    In accordance with the third law of motion, the same force of 4.6x10^25 pts newtons is applied to the 1814kg Umber Hulk. The speed he will travel at is 2.5x10^22 m/s. or 8.3x10^13 times the speed of light.

    Now, as an object approches the speed of light, its mass approaches infinity. This object, the umber hulk, is travelingat 83,000,000,000,000 times the speed of light, and has a mass of 83,000,000,000,000 times infinity. That seems to be quite impossible, but so is throwing a planet the side of the Earth. This can be looked at as Infinity to the infinity to the infinity ad nausiam.

    Here comes the interesting part the force of gravity is Mass 1 times Mass 2 over Distance squared. A number times infinity over a finite number causes it to still equal a number far over infinity. All objects immediataly smash into the "Umber Hulk" Immediataly. That, in effect, destroys the first dimension. Now, what about the extra force. Clearly the fower of the immense weight and gravity could annihilate the second and third dimension as easily as the first because if there is no distance, there can be no area or volume. If there is no distance, volume, or area, time has no meaning, and is ended. Noww, where does all the remaning force go?

    The answer is that it goes to collapsing more dimensions. Dimensions one through four were annihilated easily enough, so what of those that remain? If you subscribe to A Wrinkle in Time cosmology or dungeons and dragons cosmology, the fifth dimension is extradimensional movement. Then the inner planes, and the outer planes. That is seven dimensions. I would estimate one more destroyed, and that would have to be the province of the first layer of the greater gods.

    Whatever is left would be the god of all D&D. A god with a secret name that is worshipped by the gods that the greater dieties worship.

    This is just one example of what happens when physics meet bordom.

    Where's your Baritone Saxophone?

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    5 (x1) Umber Hulk who is the greatest of all gods? I'd at least vote for him as president, hell, he'd be better than the thing we have now. ^__^

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