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Thread: PC Hall of Fame

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    PC Hall of Fame

    OK guys we all love talking about ourselves, so it's time to tell the story of your favourite PC, or at least one that you thought was particularly wierd or enjoyable to play. Please no gamespeak (eg. my figter pwnz coz he deso 247pts in one attack!!), just tell a story of a PC who you remember...

    I'll get the ball rolling, with my favourite PC of all time, Maladras the Treacherous, the High Elf Necromancer.

    Maladras was kicked out of his nice Elfy treehouse community because he was driven by a total lust for power and a curiosity about the dark arts of the undead.

    His defining moment came when another PC, a thief who was secretly a Ninja cultist, stole his Ring of Shooting Stars on the orders of his clan and wouldn't own up, though Maladras suspected him strongly.

    The next day the party discovered a horrific secret about a god and needed to send a message to the local temple quickly. Trouble was they were deep in some catacombs and severly injured. The Cleric was slain, and then to make matters worse they were attacked by a wave of Duergar. Maladras cast a Death Spell, making sure that the wounded Ninja was "accidentally" slain by it (even though at this point he had no proof the guy had swiped his ring), then turned invisible and hid under a table till the battle was over. He then animated the Thief's corpse, retrieved his ring, and nailed the message for the (Good) temple onto the zombie thief's chest, ordering it to walk back to the temple. The paladin protested but was weak from the battle, so Maladras threatened him with disintegration if he didn't shut up.

    He was killed one day by a Demon Lord, arrogantly back-talking to the last, and was mourned by no-one (except me!)

    Ah Maladras so evil, but no-one else liked playing wizards so they had to put up with him!

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    Titania: Queen of the Elven Races. Actualy, no. She was such a e.m.s., not gonna talk about that.

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    Probably my most recent character is my most memorable PC.

    My character came from an island which represented the 'oriental' region of the lands, between the devil infested continent and the 'New World'. All of the nobles from her clan were wiped out to a man for summonong demons - except for her. Inoe escaped the wrath of the great clans and left for the 'New World' continent.

    After learning much about self sufficiency, she arrived in the new world and soon found an ally in the form of a rogue who required a bodyguard. Teaming up with Reggie, she went on to meet a goodly cleric, a barbarian, a druid and a ranger and began adventuring for freedom, wealth, power... and the dream of re-starting her clan.

    A defining moment came when a possessing demon entered her body after being kicked out of various other PC's bodies... and she made a pact with him. Seeing it as a blessing, and that her ancestors were blessing her, she set about making a close network of allies with an evil church that was operating in the vicinity. The local (evil) church's second in command took a shine to my character's code of honour and martial prowess and I was pretty much able to cement any deal I put forth through my natural, err... charms!

    In the end, it turned out that the possessing devil was turning me into a half-fiend, and wanted the destruction of the goodly cleric in the party (a saint) and when an opportune moment arose, she turned along with her close ally Reggie on the remainder of the party with help waiting in the wings from the knights of Parius (evil god).

    From there, the campaign was evil based, and we decided to go back to town and see what havoc we could wreak. I devised a scheme to swap the bust at the local goodly temple of their divine figure for one of the evil god. Essentially, what was done, is an image of the evil god, and a permanent image illusion was placed upon it so that it still looked like an image of the good god! So, we swapped the busts (after a long stealth mission) with the help of the local thieves guild, and to make things worse, Reggie successfully did a sleight of hand to hide a lich's phylactery on the person of a lowly priest.

    The next mission involved going back to the town and killing all of the undead that the lich had created, as the evil church wanted the town in tact to recruit from. So, to cut a long story short, she cut through the masses of undead with her allies in tow and claimed lordship over the town.

    So now, she runs the town (she's retired) from her walled stone keep, and from within it's walls she is rebuilding her clan and is summoning demonic allies, while business goes on as usual in the town outside. Oh, and as for Reggie, he's now my spy master, completely subverted to the cause of evil!

    Oh, and she appears as a samurai in black and green great armour with a porcelain face mask (a mask of lie which hides her appearance and alignment). She wields a no-dachi and is 6 Ftr / 2 Ghost Faced Killer / 3 Black Guard Human Female Half-Fiend.

    Phew, hope you enjoyed her, Inoe Hatano certainly was fun to play.
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