Setting the Scene-

It was a night like any other, you went to bed at the usual time. Not even a particularly interesting day.

Slipping into a deep sleep you started to dream.

the world around you came to ruin, as the shapeless red mass consumed everything in sight- cars buildings and people! Breaking them down and absorbing them into it

you wake up, cold sweat covers your body “its just a dream?

several nights of seeing the same dream later, you start to suspect there is something wrong. The Vincent Chambers centre for Sleep Disorders is very sympathetic to your story.

Your invited to California for a consultation appointment- this is where our story begins.


Call of Cthulhu is a Horror RPG set in this world- no super heroes, just normal people in unusual situations.

Essentially you’ve just got to make a regular run of the mill character. You don’t have to be American, I simply felt it’d suit the plot. The only element that must be there is the reoccurring Nightmares.


Name= Gabriel King

Age= 26

Occupation= Lawyer

Description= Jet black hair and brown eyes, 5’7 attractive appearance

Background= Her career is in ruins after her constant night terrors caused her to make too many mistakes at work. Now she feels that this needs to be dealt with, so that her life can go on.

Posessions= Cell Phone and credit card :lol: