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    Harry Potter and The Pursuit of Voldemort


    A large Barn owl tapped relentlessly on the window, behind which sat a rather tall and bulky man scribbling on a large sheet of parchment.
    "Alright, alright I'm coming..." he muttered as he threw down his quill and opened the window. The owl soared in and perched itself on his chair and clucked its beak impatiently. The man took a step away from the window and took the parchment from the owl, which took flight again immediately.
    The man unrolled the parchment and read aloud to himself,

    Dear Drake,

    I trust you are well and that my owl has reached you safely. As you know the Ministry is denying the truth of Voldemorts return, so i must now ask that we who know the truth can unite, I am reinstating the Order of The Phoenix, I would very much appreciate your skills.

    Awaiting your reply owl.

    Albus Dumbledore

    Drake read the letter three times over before grabbing a piece of spare parchment from his desk and scribbling the reply "Would be glad to help Dumbledore, see you at Hogsmeade" and walked to the corner of his dimly lit office. There was a large Barn owl asleep with it head tucked roughly under its wing.
    'Horace, wake up!' said Drake as he prodded the owl, it gave a squawk and nipped Drakes finger lightly.
    He tied the parchment to Horace's leg and took him to the window on his arm.
    'Make sure this gets to Dumbledore Horace, its very important.'
    He gave his arm a small shake and the huge figure of the Barn owl slowly flapped out of sight, when Drake turned away from the window his candles had blown out and he retreated to his bed......


    Drake Metison swirled out of the fire and stepped out into the great hall that proceeded the Ministry of Magic.
    Today was the day he was being assigned a new team of Aurors, they were going to track down Voldemort and the Death Eaters, and bring them in for questioning, or, if left no other choice, kill them.
    He strolled through security and a large parchment aeroplane came and bounced repeatedly off his head.
    He grabbed it in midair and un-folded it, read it quickly, then folded it and slipped it inside his cloak.
    When he stepped into the Aurors office he was confronted by three people all sat in chairs.
    'Good Morning, I'm Drake Metison, I assume you've all been assigned to my Auror team?'
    The figures nodded and murmered in agreement and Drake smiled slightly.
    'In that case you better get used to a very unorthadox way of how things happen around here, I'm slightly different to the other Aurors you know....'


    Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, once the home to a great friend of Drakes, now stood quite silent and still, the Ministry of Magic were still contemplating whether it should remain open for students.
    Drake, however, was carefully prowling round the astronomy tower, muttering to himself. Suddenly a crash below made him freeze...there shouldn't be anyone else at the school, he was the only one who was here, apart from Hagrid, the gamekeeper, who Drake could see, was bumbling about in the pumpkin patch through the semi-darkness. No-one else had been given permission to enter the grounds, and it would take the most serious dark magic to break the enchantments surrounding the castle.
    Drake quickly whipped his wand out from under his robes and heard voices below him...lots of them, this wasn't good at all and he was sure he could hear the icily cold voice of Severus Snape, the very same Death Eater who had killed Albus Dumbledore. He fumbled with something inside his robes and rubbed it rather harder than was necessary, within seconds he heard the faint popping sounds from outside the castle grounds as his fellow Auror team arrived. Drake pulled Horace from his cloak and scribbled hastily on a spare scrap of parchment,

    Hagrid, Aurors are outside waiting for me, let them in, I must remain undetected, i believe there are Dark Wizards in the Castle.

    He placed the parchment in Horace's beak and whispered, 'Take this to Hagrid, immediately.'
    He watched the owl float to the ground infront of Hagrid and peered through the growing darkness and watched him turn to look up at the astronomy tower Drake was on. Drake waved and Hagrid gave the thumbs up, he rushed off and moments later returned flanked by a group of Aurors who proceeded through the great oak front doors and into the entrance hall........

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    alex shivered beside drake
    "its damn cold to be out tonight, i should of stayed indoors instead of being called to this wild goose chase, damn."
    we're not running, we're attacking in another direction!
    -Call Of Duty 2
    imperial guard

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