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Thread: Sin City RP

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    Sin City RP

    This RP is based upon Frank Miller’s Sin City graphic novels and the movie, Sin City. It is being run by myself and Ezekiel1990 (but mostly ezekial1990). It would be best if you have at least seen the movie if you want to join in this RP.

    The setting is obviously Sin City, about a year after Marv killed Senator Roark’s brother and Hartigan killed Senator Roark’s only son.

    Everyone participating in this RP must create a character, and must describe their equipment, clothing, appearance, etc. They must have a brief background, and what sort of thing they are after, their quest, ambition, etc.

    Since this is sort of a PG-13 site, let’s keep the references to old town to a minimum (references only, no extensive exxxplanations).

    After five or six people have joined the RP, and everyone has decided what their character will do, we will determine how all our stories will be interrelated (like in the Sin City movie).

    All of the posts need to follow a certain format. The following is an example of an acceptable post.

    Cops. They’re telling me too much, arriving before no one but me and the killer can know there’s been a murder. No reason to play it quiet. No reason to play it any way but my way.

    (Cops come rushing up stairs)
    (Marv, to Goldie)
    “Whoever killed you is gonna pay, Goldie.?
    (Cops knock on door)
    “Open up! Police!?

    (Marv, behind door, clicking a lighter closed)
    “I’ll be right out.?
    (Smashes door out)[/example]

    The character’s narration should be in italics, dialogue in non-italic font, action in (parenthesis) and any OOC comments should be in [brackets]. Also, each post should include a title with the character’s name and current location.

    The Action thread will be started after we get a brief idea of the story and all the characters."

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    Thank god, it's up.

    Name: Zach “UZI? Ravier

    Appearance: Short black hair, lightish grey skin (It’s Sin City!), 6’ 2?.

    Clothing: Black Trench coat, black pants, shoes are black DCs.

    Equipment: 4? Switchblade (un-extended), 2x 9 mm Micro Uzis, 2 extra clips for each gun, 9 mm Walther P99, 2 extra clips, electric picklock, 4 blocks of C4 with remote detonator, $200.

    Miscellaneous: 2005 Saleen S281 E Coupe (500 horsepower, Silver)

    Background: Does dirty jobs for people who are too scared to kill someone.

    Story for RP: After learning that Senator Roark’s brother had been killed, and his bank account was to be transfered to Senator Roark’s son, Zach discovered that 10 Million dollars was to be left in a bank in Sin City until transfered to the new account. He plans to steal it.

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