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    MTG: New Player Advice Wanted On W/B Aven Deck

    I have started to build a White/Blue Aven Deck my cards are as follows:


    10 White Plains
    10 Blue Islands


    1 Serra's Blessing
    1 Holy Strength


    1 Time Ebb
    1 Essance Fracture


    2 Mage's Guile
    1 Scent of Brine
    1 Astral Steel


    2 Aven Windreader
    1 Aven Soulgazer
    2 Ascending Aven
    1 Aven Flock
    1 Sage Aven
    1 Aven Cloudchaser
    1 Aven Fisher
    1 Dive Bomber
    2 Gustcloak Harrier
    1 Wingbeat Warrior
    1 Aven Farseer
    2 Coast Watcher

    I am rather confused as what to do next. I know some things from playing with this deck as is against some friends. One being that I need more Enchantments (Duhh), primarily mana producing ones. My basic question is this, what booster packs should I buy to upgrade my deck, also can you give me some specific card names you know that would help my deck. I know of one card that would already help out (Aven Brigadier), and I know that. So any advice would be appreciated.

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    wot i would do i go on and have a look on there u can buy any card from any expansion and all core sets

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    If you don't mind, I'll completely remodel your decklist. You could just look at my suggestion for reference on what you might want to change, but I think I can improve your deck a lot.

    Some things you may want to consider:

    Most decks play 22-24 lands. Mana heavy decks like U/W and control decks play as much as 26-30! So I suggest up your lands to 24, first.

    Next is to 3x for variety or 4x for power. If you have a good card, you definitely want 4 of them, to increase the chances of you getting it or to get multiples. If the card is insanely strong, but you only need 1 of them, do 2x or 3x to help you draw it when you need it.

    I see you are focusing on creatures, and not the counter-magic and creature control that Blue/White is famous for. I will provide a creature based decklist for you then:

    Lands: 24

    4x Adarkar Wastes/Coastal Tower/Skycloud Expanse <-- you need these to ensure you always have both colors of mana. If you only have Islands or Plains, what if you get stuck with one color, or your enemy destroys all Islands, or destroys all Plains?
    20x Islands and Plains <--- find the right mix that you like

    Creatures: 20

    4x Cloudreach Cavalry <-- so's a 2 mana 1/1, but if you have any flying creature it's a 3/3 Flying First Strike
    4x Suntail Hawk <-- the best mana for a 1/1 BUT WITH FLYING!
    4x Lantern Kami <-- not a bird, but it copies Suntail and powers the Cavalry
    4x Aven Envoy <--- one blue mana flying...but no attack it's a 0/2
    4x Ornithopter <--- ZERO mana flying...but no attack

    Enchantments: 12

    4x Soulcatcher's Aerie <-- when a bird dies, all other birds will get +1/ let your birdies die and watch the other birds grow
    4x Empyrial Armor <-- you will definitely need this to power up your can give +7/+7 for only 3 mana!
    4x Glorious Anthem <--- replace with Crusade if you want a faster spell...beware that the 1 lower mana cost allows your enemy's white creatures to get +1/+1, and your nonwhite creatures won't get the +1/+1. This with Soulcatcher's Aerie ensures your multiple tiny birds will be huge monsters.

    Spells: 4

    4x Pulse of the Fields <-- gotta stay alive...most theme decks are underpowered compared to strong, "themeless" cookie cutters that the pro tour players use (I didn't say synergy-less)

    Some other spells to consider are combat tricks, such as Hold the Line, which allows all your birds to get +7/+7 for a turn when they block, or Swords to Plowshares, to remove pesky monsters.

    The strategy is to play plenty of birds (don't be afraid to block with them) till you have a few lands. Pulse of the Fields helps too, because you can use it every turn as long as your life is under your opponent's. You can use it multiple times late in the's hard to kill an army of giant birds while you gain 12 life a turn!

    Play your men (or birds), stay alive, and lay the smack down once your enchantments come out and your 1/1, and 0/2's become formidable 3/3's or higher. You may even find games where you have an army of 7/7's, which can double as 14/14 blockers!

    Sorry if I sound kind of lame, but I honestly think this is a fun deck to try. Some of the rare cards may be hard for you to get, just do what you can; it's your deck. You don't even have to take my advice! The best way to make a creature theme deck is to swarm them fast and try to make them bigger. The higher level decks that utilize multiple creatures tend to synergize well with themselves, and don't need outside help. Like goblins, for example.


    If you don't want to change your deck that much, here are some suggestions:

    Ditch expensive cards like Aven Brigadier. There are cheaper (mana wise) cards that do the same, or better job. Like Glorious Anthem and Crusade.

    Lower your mana costs and up your land amounts. I'm sure you've played a few games where you didn't have enough land and didn't draw land for quite a while.

    Some cards to consider:

    Fact or Fiction from INVASION set
    Counterspell from 7th EDITION set
    Force Spike from 7th EDITION set
    Rewind from URZA'S SAGA set
    Thwart from MERCADIAN MASQUES set
    Accumulated Knowledge from NEMESIS set

    as low mana birds as possible (lowest is usually around 2)

    You really, really, REALLY want to have 1 mana creatures and only some 2, 3, 4, and above mana creatures.
    Here is a rule that many famous Magic players follow: If it costs 4 mana or more and doesn't win the game for you, you're better off not playing it.
    If you take these tips it will streamline your deck, giving you better draws and performance. You will outspeed and outpower many decks out there that aren't constructed as well as yours if you take my advice.

    Again, it's your choice. Just have fun, because if you play a lot the experience and knowledge that makes a good Magic player will come to you. I am quite embarassed at my first deck (though I still love it...I wish I still had it) and now I think that if I took a month or two to catch up to the current metagame I can slug it out with the best players.

    Harness your knowledge and skills, as these are what ultimately win you games. They also help you build your own decks, or make your own adjustments to well-established decks that other players use. I hate to sound arrogant or be a braggart, but you needn't worry about this stuff unless you're going to go into professional level competition.

    Just play and have fun. If you really want to whoop some people, then do some research online and check out cards that people use and why they use them. You will grow as a Magic player; that's how all the pro's did it.
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