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    Non-FASA Shadowrun is terrible.

    Third Edition AND Fourth Edition were both terrible but Fan Pro & 4th Ed makes me want to vomit. After being completely sickened by 3rd and sticking to 2nd Ed, Fan Pro comes out with another freakin edition that completely shotguns the original rules set to make it easier to play so a larger target audience buys their books, which I guess can make sense in a way considering Mage Knight was played by mainly ten year olds.

    I'd be less insulted if Little Tykes bought out FASA. I'd almost still be less insulted if Wizards would have bought out FASA and made it D20. Almost.

    SR3 was completely downgraded form SR2, a fact that was hinted at by the terrible conver art. The new skill system, while quicker/easier, was less Shadowrun-esque to me. Pretty much the whole book was divergent from the SR universe. Overall it was different enough to drive me nuts when it came out, but it still carried the FASA label. This to me was FASA trying to grab more of a audience because they were going under.

    After reading key parts in the nerd store from SR4, I almost wanted to throw every SR book I had in the trash. The people that lap up this lame addition are the same people that sold out to the D20 fad over AD&D. The best games were the complicated ones, and thats just how it is, unless its a level of complicated like Powers & Perils.

    Luckily atleast FanPro didn't fry the Battletech line too bad and Whiz Kids produced the Mechwarrior miniature game based on its clicks system. Which actually was a good game unlike Mage Knight.

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