Hey all.
I'm not sure if this is allowed, sorry if it isn't.

I know that there is the other Star Wars RP thread here, and I respect that. But, the one I run (off site, PM me for the address) covers more than the time after Episode VI.

Revan Vs Malak covers the Mandalorian Wars (Knights of the Old Republic era, about 4,000 years before Episode IV), the Clone Wars (Episodes I, II and III, but also any time between them and Episode IV) and the Galactic Civil War (any time from Episode IV onwards).

You can create your own character, I encorouge it, but, if you wish it, you can use one of the heros during these times. Rules apply to how you can use them (we don't want 5 people using Vader) but I think they are fair.

There is also a General area and a section to talk about anything Star Wars related.

Also, there are very few members at the moment, (8 at time of writing) but I am trying as hard as I can to build it up, and have extreme respect for sucessful forums, its hard to run your own!

As said, please join, even if it is just to bulk out our numbers a bit, I'd be in your debt. Also the board is off site and uses Proboards, I would have used Invision, but I prefer Proboards flexibility.

PM me for the address if your interested!