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    real gaming tales

    Got this from the bold bit is one of the funnier things I've read for an ingame event.
    Alright. Another session tonight, and instead of bordering on the ridiculous, the session bent ridiculous over a table and had it's way with it. Good times had by all. Any real Exalted player here will probably hate me for the rules I allowed to be broken, and for the final outcome of the night's session, but what can I say, we all had fun with it, and the idea of the hugeness of the game has firmly gotten across to the group, I think.

    We left off with the circle fighting the First Age Dawn. The Twilight was powering up the Dawn's warstrider, the Night on the warstrider's back shooting from there, and the Siddie, Lunar, and Eclipse duking it out with the Dawn.

    The first thing that happened was the Lunar was knocked unconcious, because the character's player was unable to attend. School comes before gaming, so we can't really blame him. He loses out on experience, so it's no big deal. He remained unconcious the whole game, just as a plot device.

    The Dawn caste became angry, and decided that the best thing to do was prevent the warstrider being powered up. He got into an extended roll vs the Twilight to pull the guy out, and after probably 8 rolls succeeded in yanking the Twilight out and hurling him across the scene. The Dawn promptly started powering the suit up for his own use.

    The Siddie made a spontaneous prayer to the Maiden of Endings and got so many successes he basically managed to max out his prayer results, giving himself something like 1 more permanent essence, 1 more permanent willpower, and +2 to MA - all of these were only for the duration of the prayer, which got something over a thousand years, I think.

    The Eclipse beat up the Twilight so he could use Essence Gathering Stance enough to save up for an emergency Stormwind Rider in case they all needed to get out.

    The Night got a stroke of genius and basically removed the hearthstone from the still-inactive warstrider. It caused a magical explosion, but everyone survived (although the entire circle was thrown back about 50 yards and knocked prone).

    The Dawn, deprived of the hearthstone and warstrider, launched himself out of the ****pit at the Night, managing to take her down to the bottom of her -2 health levels in one death-from-above attack.

    At this point, the Twilight decided it was a life-or-death situation (something I'd been trying to get through their heads for the past two sessions, coming just short of actually killing them). The entire party was in at LEAST the -2 health levels, only one had significant Essence left, and the Dawn was still in -1 and had just managed to summon an elder version of Glorious Solar Plate, which basically removed their chance at killing him via straight combat. Yes, the Dawn had been fighting naked up till now. So what does the Twilight do? He spontaneously summons.... Octavian. I allowed it based on the sheer coonless of the situation. The rest of the circle doesn't know that the Twilight is doing this, so they continue fighting.

    The remainder of the party continues to duke it out for the two turns necessary to cast a second circle sorcery, and the Dawn even attempts (and fails to) dispel the incoming demon.

    When Octavian shows up, the party does the unexpected: the Twilight offers his soul up to the Primordials in exchange for destroying the Dawn. Quite literally, the Twilight doesn't even TRY to subdue the Living Tower, he just offers a deal off the bat. Octavian accepts, and the Sidereal, catching on, follows suit and offers access to Yu-Shan in exchange for power. Octavian senses a trend and gets both the Eclipse and Night to join in the corruption.

    That's right. Four members of the five member circle just became Akuma. They get a quick run through the Akuma-izing charm and Octavian joins the now MUCH stronger quartet in battle.

    The Dawn now has his warstrider active, leaps out of the fray onto Gem's city walls, turns, and launches a Fuel Bolt volley at Octavian, the Siddie, and the Twilight, being the three largest threats. The two Exalts dodge, and Octavian soaks with no problem and advances.

    Octavian reaches the wall, knocks it out from underneath the warstrider, and hits him with a whipcrack blow that knocks the entire thing back about a hundred yards, carving ruts into the ground as it slides.

    The Dawn, who's finally feeling some pain (mostly due to Octavian and the Siddie), shucks the yet-again-inactive warstrider and launches himself at the demon. Taking a cue from someone's description on this forum of how a First Age Dawn would act in battle, the Dawn literally dances from mote to mote of essence, flowing around the demon's head and launching a flurry of attacks as he moves. He manages to take Octavian down to -4 from full in just that one turn.

    Octavian responds by using his rod baseball bat style and smacking the Dawn across the chest. Result? Tears the ****er right in half. The lower half collapses to the ground at Octavian's feet, and the upper half is launched straight into the Abyssal army encamped to the side of Gem. Octavian, focused only on gathering his rightful trophy (ie, the Dawn's head), charges into the Underworld's army.

    The Siddie activates the warstrider, the Twilight grabs the downed Lunar, and the Night & Eclipse grab the Dawn's pile o' loot (remember, he removed all armor, weapons, artifacts, etc, when starting the fight). They all fled back to the oasis where they began. Session ends.

    Now, before you all get pissed about a) the rules being shattered and b) 4 Akuma in a 5-person party, we had fun, which is all that matters for us. Rules are there to be broken, if you do it cool enough. Oh, and we have about 2-4 sessions left with this campaign based on the semester ending, so we wanted to go out with a bang.

    The party managed to play off the Akuma thing nicely. They're basically going to leave the Lunar in the dark, since their Primordial masters want them to remain in-character in order to use the power that a group of Celestials this strong would wield. Personally, I think they did well. I know like half of the Exalted players in this forum think Infernals can't be PC's, and the other half disagree. Hell, we'll find out, won't we?

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