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    Magic: The Gathering RPG creation thread

    Hi guys,

    I've been bitten by the PnP creation bug lately, and turned my attention to M:tG. Not just any M:tG either. Dominaria would be too easy. I'm trying to create... a MIRRODIN RPG! Granted the setting is a tad limiting, but I just find the idea of it absolutely awesome. And I'm wondering whether it should be pre- or post-Fifth Dawn (the event, not the cardset), but I'm open to suggestions.

    That said, the rules I've got so far could be transplanted into pretty much any Magic setting. It's based very heavily on WoD mechanics, so I've assumed at least a basic familiarity with those rules.

    Note that I do NOT intend for characters to be the equivalent of planeswalkers like players are in the cardgame. Minor spellcasters and warriors and the like, represented more by cards themselves than people with a whole library.

    Character Creation



    1 free point in each, 10 points to spend up to a maximum of 5 in each category. Must spend 1 point in each of the character's colour's primary characteristics, and receive the bonuses listed below.

    Choose ONE primary colour. Additional colours may be bought as described below.

    Blue spellcaster: +1 bonus to Logic or Will
    Blue fighter: +1 bonus to Will or Agility

    Green spellcaster: +1 bonus to Instinct or Charm
    Green fighter: +1 bonus to Instinct or Agility

    Red spellcaster: +1 bonus to Instinct or Charm
    Red fighter: +1 bonus to Instinct or Strength

    White spellcaster: +1 bonus to Will or Charm
    White fighter: +1 bonus to Will or Endurance

    Black spellcaster: +1 bonus to Logic or Will
    Black fighter: +1 bonus to Will or Strength

    Mana pool is determined by the total number of dots in your primary colour's characteristics. The ability to cast additional colours can be bought at the cost of 3 maximum mana pool points at character creation, provided the character has at least 2 dots in all the spellcaster or combat characteristics for those colours.

    Note that the size of your character’s mana pool is determined by original colour affiliations, and so multi-colouring does not increase the size of the mana pool. Additional points of mana (that cannot be converted into secondary or tertiary colours) can be purchased with freebie points.

    Maulgrim, insane artificer (spellcaster, black)
    Strength: 3
    Agility: 2
    Logic: 3
    Instinct: 2
    Will: 4
    Charm: 2
    Endurance: 3

    Mana pool: 7 (4 if any 2 colours where black is primary)

    My primary thoughts here were to get a distinction for the colours that cut across the race boundaries (which I have yet to think about), and influenced where they got their magic from without having to have characters owning real estate, but still having difference sources of it than a simple intelligence-based thing. Note that the possibility (indeed the certainty) of combat characters with mana was intentional, so that activated abilities (or their equivalents, when they get planned) and artefacts they possess can be used.


    Skill rolls
    To perform an action, characteristic + ability roll and any modifiers, get a certain number of successes (rolls of 7 or over). 1s subtract from the number of successes. Negative successes incur a botch, more than required give outstanding success. None of these are either failure or success to a variable degree, to the discretion of the GM.
    If a character has no dots in a trained ability, actions involving it can't be attempted at all. If it's an untrained ability, such actions can be taken.

    Note that "ability" here means an ability as per the World of Darkness Talent/Skill/Knowledge. I haven't written a Magic-specific set of these yet.

    Combat sequence
    3 actions per turn: mana, move & attack, resolved in that order. Actions are declared in reverse order of number of successes of an Agility roll, and resolved in order of the successes. In the event of a tie, highest Agility bonus goes first. If still tied, dice for it.

    One of each type may be declared per round unless a spell or ability overrides this rule.

    Spellcasting is an attack action, as are nonmana activated abilities.

    To attack, roll dice for Agility + Unarmed/Armed combat opposed to opponent’s Agility + Dodge (if any, no penalty if there are no dots in Dodge), roll Strength + weapon modifier to determine the number of damage levels done, opposed to target’s Will + Agility. Normal successes required.

    The odd declare order is so that characters that are more agile can react to the actions of slower characters, and allow a way of dealing with counterspells. Basically, a slow caster announces their spell first, and then the faster caster announces the counter, which takes effect during the first caster's attack action, cancelling the counterspelling character's attack action slot

    Mana pool refreshes every turn and can be of any balance of colours available to the caster. Spells that boost mana last for the turn after they are cast.

    Spells are cast by removing mana from the mana pool for that round/scene, and then taking a spell check on the spellcaster characteristics of the colour of the spell being cast. The difficulty is the converted mana cost of the spell being cast.

    Spells available to be cast (initially selected at character creation) are described as being in their caster's repertoire. The maximum size of a spellcaster's repertoire is the total of the spellcasting attributes of that particular colour. Overlapping attributes only contribute to one colour for the purpose of working out repertoire size.
    Example: If Maulgrim is a black-blue spellcaster, he can have a total of 7 spells in his repertoire. These can be any combination of black or blue spells, as both these colours have Logic and Will as their primary spellcaster attributes. He does not get to choose 14 spells, as the attributes do not contribute to each colour separately.

    Only spells in a caster's repertoire can be cast. Spells are only returned to the caster's repertoire after all their effects have been resolved or they have been countered. If a spell is removed permanently from a caster's repertoire, he must spend time learning a new spell (either by spending a week with a teacher, or researching for a month on his own) before he can fill that empty slot in his repertoire.

    Spells are only "spells" on the turn they are cast. If they last for turns after that they are either enchantments or creatures.

    I'm uncertain about the rate of mana recharge. I listed it as once per turn to emulate the untapping of the cardgame, but this may be a bit powerful. Any comments on the usefulness (or not) of this are welcome.

    Non-spell mana
    Mana can be used as part of activated abilities of either characters or artefacts, and to boost certain characteristics. Mana of a given colour can only boost the primary characteristics of that colour.

    Abilities which are achieved by mana boosting can be increased by XP at half the normal cost.

    I introduced the XP effect to allow characters to level out to whatever kind of characters players want/need quickly. For example, a character using a lot of stealth techniques but with little Agility will need to burn mana to do them effectively, which will later give them the option of increasing those characteristics quickly in order to alter the way their character acts efficiently, if they wish to do so. The costs for cross-classing skills in something like D&D are stupid.

    Types of Spell

    Creature - creature is summoned, draining its mana cost constantly while in play. When the creature is killed, the spell is returned to the caster's repertoire. The caster can dispel it as a free action, restoring his or her mana for that turn and returning the creature to his or her repertoire. Note that free actions still need to be declared in initiative order.
    Creatures cannot act on the turn they come into play, through whatever means they do so, unless they have Haste.

    Enchant Creature - the spell drains its mana cost constantly while in play. The caster can dispel it as a free action. The spell is automatically dispelled and returned to the caster's repertoire if the creature it is cast on dies.

    Instant - the spell is selected and cast as part of a single attack action and then returned to its caster's repertoire.

    Sorcery - the spell is selected as one attack action, and cast as a second. This usually means that they will take two rounds to cast. Once it is cast it is returned to its caster's repertoire.

    I've written out Enchantments as a distinct type for now, their effects seem too difficult to simulate. The extra turn may well render sorceries a tad useless, but I wanted a distinction between them and instants, otherwise the costs for them (which I intend to transpose directly from the cardgame) would be skewed to make them a little too good.

    What do people think? I also intend to introduce racial bonuses/limits to various characteristics, and have "techniques" (similar to Disciplines in V:tM) that are mostly restricted by race but have some which multiple races can take.

    Any feedback would be utterly awesome.

    Last edited by Xerxes; August 29th, 2010 at 15:54. Reason: Had more to add to it

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    Ok. First off, your missing a color. You don’t discribe black at all and thats the one you use in the example. Also your example guy is two points high for a starting char.

    Second, if we are working off white wolf’s stuff your two stats short. Not only that but you don’t have mental, phisical, and I guess magical seprated. You probably did that on purpose but the less you screw with the system the easyer it goes.

    Third just to prove Im good sport I made one up your way.

    Lunisa Fire-eyes
    Red warrior-shaman (fighter)


    Mana pool:10

    Repertoire: Lightning Bolt, Solar Ritual, Icy Manipulator, Fire Ball, Shivan Dragon, Mons Goblin Raiders, Goblins of the Flarg, Goblin Cave, Goblin Shrine, Goblin Feild Marshal

    Now for my revised “improved” version which sticks to white wolf & borows heavely from MAGE: Dark Ages/ Exalted

    To start with I changed the colors around a bit please reveiw the updated chart.

    Blue spellcaster: +1 bonus to Logic or Power
    Blue fighter: +1 bonus to Logic or Will

    White spellcaster: +1 bonus to Will or Logic
    White fighter: +1 bonus to Will or Instinct

    Green spellcaster: +1 bonus to Instinct or Will
    Green fighter: +1 bonus to Instinct or Strength

    Red spellcaster: +1 bonus to Strength or Instinct
    Red fighter: +1 bonus to Strength or Power

    Black spellcaster: +1 bonus to Power or Logic
    Black fighter: +1 bonus to Power or Strength

    Lunisa Fire-eyes
    Red warrior-shaman (spellcaster)



    Power: 3




    Animal Ken:


    Hearth Wisdom:

    Mana pool:12

    Repertoire: Lightning Bolt, Solar Ritual, Icy Manipulator, Fire Ball, Shivan Dragon, Mons Goblin Raiders, Goblins of the Flarg, Goblin Cave, Goblin Shrine, Goblin Feild Marshal

    Artifact 5
    Manse 2

    There this char is all ready to play and if I do say so myself would under this systm PWN. She can in one Round sumon her shit and lay the smack down on just about anything. Nothing short of a Chanle Ball could stop her awsom crackdown.
    Last edited by The_Ghost; May 25th, 2007 at 01:10.
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