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    D&D: Abandoned Inn (super long)

    Ok, this is my first adventure that I have written. I would like the other players here to critique it and see if they think it is balanced vs a third level party. Areas in double brackets [[like this]] are intended to be read aloud to the players. This adventure uses the Haunted House map from the depths of WotC Map a Week archive, found HERE.

    The Abandoned Inn.

    Notes on the adventure: It is intended that the players explore the inn throughly so don’t pester them for taking their time. Searching is to be encouraged but not directly. You are not trying to kill the PCs but don’t coddle them ether.

    If the players are playing their characters properly it is highly likely that at some point one or more of them will run out of the building and be reluctant to return. In this case call in the weather rules. When the rain starts coming down the npcs head indoors and the PCs will likely follow. Once the PC sees a lightning bolt crack a tree in half or the hail starts to deal damage even the most recalcitrant player will likely head into the somewhat dubious shelter offered by the inn.

    Fright checks: Several times in the adventure skeletons animate and other conditions cause ‘fright checks’ these are will saves at a given DC. The DC for most fright checks is determined by how many fright checks of variable DC the person has already made. The first variable fright check is taken at a DC of 20, this will generally be seeing one or more dead bodies animate to attack. the next three checks will be at DC 15 after which all subsequent checks on this adventure will be DC 10. If a fright check is failed by more than 10 points the person becomes Frightened, incurring full negative status. Any failure of less then 10 points causes the Shaken condition. Characters which succeed are unaffected.

    Anytime the PCs encounter a room with skeletons in it they have to take a DC 10 fright check. This is just for seeing human skeletons higher DCs apply when they animate. For obvious reasons they cant take 10.

    [[Along side an all but overgrown road stands a three story building. The whole structure is old and dilapidated, in fact it looks like no one has been here in years. Many shingles are missing and the once green paint is faded and pealing. The sign above the door is so faded that it takes a minute to figure out what it says. It proclaims the structure to be the Ten Dragons Inn and is Adorned with a circle of ten stars. This is the first evidence you have seen of human habitation and the refugees all look like they want to go inside. A young girl turns to you and says “Will you make sure our new house is safe?”]]

    This begins a general clamor for the leaders to well, lead, and make sure the inn is safe before everyone enters, and quickly as its about to rain. The players should be quickly convinced to explore the building.

    1: Front Hallway.

    [[The hallway before you stretches away into darkness, the part you can see in the light from outside is an irregularly shaped entry way. The area is adorned with moth eaten tapestries that you can tell must have been beautiful once. It bespeaks of elegance and success, this inn was a very nice place before it was abandoned. Ahead and to your right is a grand ten foot wide stair case which rises up and turns right. On your left is a door set in the center of a twenty foot long wall. Directly on your right is a ten by ten alcove with a door at the back. ]]

    Description of the rest of the hall. Only read if a light source is handy.
    [[ The rest of the front hall stretches fifty feet back into the building and is ten feet wide. There are four doors along the hallway each ten feet from the ends, two on each side.]]

    This room is empty, it serves largely as a way to move between rooms. {After the inn is cleared some of the refugees will go to work fixing some of the tapestries. It will make the place look much better. The Tapestries can also be fixed with a mending spell, they mostly depict hunting scenes or battles and aren’t valuable.}

    1A: [[The door in the alcove leads to a large coat closet, it is full of old rags that were clothes before the moths got them. There also is a old lantern, dusty and rusted but still useable. It smells very musty in here and you think your about to sneeze. The closet is 10' by 10'. ]]
    The lantern is full and works, a necessary piece of equipment.
    A carful search (DC 15) will turn up two slightly rusty daggers, and 17 corroded copper pieces.

    2: First Siting Room.

    [[Everything in the room is covered in a thick layer of dust. Three skeletons sit in chairs around the room. Two seem to have been playing chess when they died, white was wining. As the rest of the room begins to register you see what looks like a high class sitting room. There is a soft looking couch and nice chairs each occupied by one of the skeletons, when they were new the colors would have been well coordinated and pleasing to the eye. The room is twenty feet long and fifteen feet wide. Unexpectedly, one of the Skeletons begins to MOVE.]]

    Moving Skeleton provokes fright check. The skeleton has 4 hp this is a CR 1/3 encounter

    After the Skeleton is defeated a search of the room will turn up 5 Cp and nothing else of interest except the chess set. If the chess set is examined read the following to the players.

    [[You get a strange sense of presence, as though there were someone unseen watching you. You feel extremely reluctant to touch the chess set.]]

    Take aside the two players with the highest scores in wis or int read:
    [[A whisper comes form behind you. “Please, play for me.”]]
    This provokes a fright check.

    If the present game is played through to the end the chess set and board will disappear replaced by a +1 dagger with a blade made half of cold iron and half of silver, hilt facing the winner. At that point the skeletons of the people who had been playing it turn to dust. The task which had bound them to this world is finished. To play the game make an Int or Wis roll. To win black must score higher twice, white only once.

    3: Dinning Room

    [[ This room is a Dinning hall approximately 30 feet long and twenty feet wide. In the far left corner stands a light buffet table while the center of the room is dominated by the eighteen foot long and four foot wide Dinning table the table is un-set and all the chairs are pushed in. The tablecloth is rotted and full of holes. There are two black candelabra on the table with candles still in them.]]

    An appraise check (DC 10) reveals that the candelabra are tarnished silver and each worth about 25 GP. Their more immediate value however is as a light source to explore the building. A cursory search (DC 10) of the room will reveal plates and cutlery in the drawers of the buffet table a similar appraise check reveals that they are also silver. The collection is worth about 100 gold pieces.

    4: Staging room.

    [[This room is bare and unadorned. It smells faintly of mildew and you can see where water as seeped through the ceiling. There are two twelve foot long tables here both clean and empty. The room is twenty feet square. ]]

    The room is empty.

    5: Second Siting room.

    [[This is a comfortable Siting room filled with soft chairs and thick couches. The room is 25 feet long and 20 ft wide. Everything is covered in dust and cobwebs. There are four skeletons here occupying most of the chairs.]]

    When the characters enter the room or turn to leave the skeletons animate and attack. The animating skeletons provoke a fright check. They have 12, 12, 11, and 12 hp respectively. This is a CR 3 encounter. The skeletons use a crude tactic of all attempting to attack one person, whoever is the closest member of the party is the one attacked.

    Searching the room yields the following results
    DC 10: 11Cp and 1Sp
    DC 15: A short sword taped to the back of a chair.
    DC 20: hidden in the side of the couch is a Ebony and Teak box. Inside the box is a scroll of Magic Missile as cast by a level 5 wizard, and a +1 obsidian dagger. The box is worth about 10 GP.

    6: The scorpion lair.

    [[This room reeks of mildew and mold and everything in it is discolored and rotten. You see the remains of two couches and a chair which are occupied by the broken remains of skeletons. The walls appear to have been painted peach once. In the far wall a large picture window is shattered and the floor near it is littered with shards of glass. The room is 25 feat long and 20 feet wide.]]

    Hiding on the ceiling above the door is a medium Monstrous Scorpion. It will drop tackle the first PC through the door, this grants it a + 4 to its grapple check on the first round, if the check succeeds it knocks the target prone. The next round it takes a full attack action. It uses full attack actions wile pining its first target and attacks each PC until they are incapacitated. It attacks until it has taken half its hit points in damage and then runs for it. It has 14 HP. This is a CR 1 encounter.

    Seeing a scorpion the size of a large dog provokes a fright check.

    Even the most cursory inspection of the room will reveal the bones of many tiny animals that were previous meals of the scorpion. This room was obviously its nest where it retreated to consume its prey and rest.

    A search of the room (DC 15) will reveal three potions of cure light wounds on the belt of one skeleton.

    7: The Kitchen

    [[This area was clearly a kitchen once. A large oven complex dominates one of the long walls, and at a table and chopping block take up much of the available space. There are four doors to this room including the one you just entered. Against the outer wall a staircase leads to the upper level. Unexpectedly this room is well swept and clean, there are signs that the fireplace has been used recently. This room is fifteen feet by thirty five feet.]]

    A DC 15 spot check reveals that there is light coming under the door to room eight.

    A DC 20 search check will locate a trap door next to the stairs which leads to the basement.

    8: The Pantry.

    [[This room seems to be about fifteen feet square. There is a big shelf crammed with pots pans and other equipment blocking your view of most of the room, off to the right there are two barrels, you would guess this is a store room or pantry of some sort.]]

    The first character to step through the door will take 1d4 damage as the shelf is toppled on him. Cast Iron pots pans and crockery rain down around the PCs ears with a deafening crash. Fortunately the shelf stops when it hits the wall if the PCs crouch they can get around it.

    The person who tipped the shelf over is hiding as far back in the slot between the shelves as she can get. The elven cleric Saffron who is hiding here is very very frightened and honestly believes that she is about to be killed by some kind of undead. After tipping over the shelving she immediately casts ‘Hide from Undead’. She has her longword drawn and is ready to fight for her life. Read the following text to the party when the first PC sees her.

    [[There is an attractive young woman standing backed against the wall. She has a SWORD drawn and ready to take the head off the first person to get within five feet of her. She is wild eyed and fear full prepared to fight because she has nowhere to run. Her skin, eyes, and hair are all shades of tawny gold and there is something off about her face though you cant quite discern what. When you don’t instantly move to attack her she begins speaking in somewhat broken Latin. “Not one more step do you here me! I know how to use this sword and I know I can take at least one of you with me before you drag me down! You undead bastards aren’t going to get me today!”]]

    A sense motive roll of DC 13 reveals she is bluffing.

    This situation calls for diplomacy, though the characters may find another rout. Good roll playing and a few diplomacy rolls will get her to lower her guard. After that she can be coaxed out. The players have to spend some time talking to her assume that they can make a diplomacy check once for each minuet they spend talking. (Ware a watch.) Depending on how well they talk assign a circumstance bonus or penalty of 1 or 2 points.

    If the players talk well and without major screw ups for 20 minutes treat it as having taken 20 regardless of actual rolls. Saffron’s attitude starts as hostile, if they can somehow convince her that they are not undead it immediately moves to indifferent or better. The checks to convince the girl to not fight are a extended check at DC 15 attitude starts hostile and must be moved to indifferent. At that point the players can attempt to make normal rolls to get her to come with them or whatever.

    If the players convince Saffron to help them she is a useful ally. She will focus on providing healing spells reserving her 3 Orisons to cast cure spells to stabilize dying characters.

    9: Second floor hallway.

    9a: Front Stairs.

    [[From the front hall the stairs turn up and to your right coming to a twenty by ten landing, there are puddles of water on the floor here and the walls are streaked with moisture. ]]

    A DC 10 spot check notes the small holes in the roof which have let in the rain. This will also allow the characters to note how close the storm is.

    9b: Window

    [[You stand at the top of the grand staircase. Below you, you can see part of the front hall and the staircase landing. Directly before you is a stunning stained glass window. It depicts what you guess is the ten dragons which give this inn its name. They stand in conclave about a massive table, dressed in fine robes and bearing great scepters. You take a moment to admire the craftsmanship then move on, there are still things that need to be done.]]

    9c: Art Gallery

    [[ On the wall here are a number of paintings each one framed with a tiny plaque. The subject of the paintings varies but all have picturesque woodlands in the background. There are six paintings in all here. Most of them show some signs of water damage, you can clearly see where the roof has begun to leek.]]

    All of these paintings are masterworks by famous artists, however the artists are from this world not earth and no one would know who they are or what they had done. If the paintings were restored and a buyer could be found most of these paintings would fetch upwards of 500 gp. However the nearest person who might buy such art work is several kingdoms away.

    10: Bedroom 1

    [[This room is a well appointed but simple space. It holds a long low dresser, a bed and a simple chest. All of this rooms contents are well crafted and look relatively undisturbed. ]]

    The contents of the room are all in excellent condition. A search of the room will most likely start with the chest which appears to contain nothing but clothes. If the clothes are lifted out of the chest and examined read the following text.

    [[ These clothes are of no style you recognize, they bare vague resemblance to the styles of the early middle-ages and those of late Rome but there are also elements that can more easily be traced to Asia especially the pants which are almost directly derived from the attire of feudal Japan. All of this clothing is fine and well made. You would guess that whoever owned it was someone of high class.]]

    11: Ruined bedroom

    [[Water has gotten into this room from a few holes in the ceiling. Everything is covered in mildew and totally ruined. The room was furnished with a four poster bed, and a low dresser. The room is fifteen by twenty.]]

    The room if searched yields only moldy clothes.

    12: Library

    [[This room is obviously a library. Bookshelves line every inch of every wall except the space left open for the door. In the center of the room is a table with a chair pushed under it, it takes up almost all the available space.]]

    it is likely this room will be searched, if so a few things of interest will be turned up. One of them is a wizards primer. It is an non encoded book which teaches the basics of magery. It contains every 0 level spell and is written in Latin. Through this any player who is a wizard can teach himself the basics of magic. There are also several spell books ranging from eight tomes containing most of one school of magic levels 1-4 to a few personal spell books of high level mages. There are also manuals of sword play and tactics and several books about machines and mechanisms. They include many disgns of simple traps. In fact if you can think of a skill on the character sheet then there is a book about it here. All this however is mixed in with over a thousand works of fiction, novels, and books about economics and politics. Most of the books here are printed in Latin, but a percentage are in elven and a few are dwarven volumes.

    13: moldy broom closet.

    [[ Cracks in the roof have clearly allowed moisture to seep into this room. Everything here is moldering and putrescent. From what you can see this room contained cleaning supplies, there are several mops brooms and buckets along with crates of what you think was soap once. It is unlikely that anything here is still of value.]]

    That last line is of course a lie. Hidden at the bottom of the crate of soap is a bag of mixed coins. They are extremely tarnished and corroded but still valuable as coins. The bag will be revealed on a dc 25 search check. Inside the bag is 13 Gp, 40 Sp, 143 Cp. The coins are rusted together and it will require a Craft: Alchemy check of DC 15 to get them apart.

    14: plague room.

    the door to this room is swelled shut and requires a DC 13 strength check to open.

    [[ The stench of mold and mildew assails you as you open the door Whatever was in this room once, now all has succumb to the powers of rot and decay. The room is ten feet square and you can see a gaping hole in the ceiling.]]

    if the characters attempt to search the room or otherwise interact with its contents for any significant amount of time they must all make fortitude saves or contract Black Mold Sickness. Black Mold Sickness is a disease with all associated rules. It deals 1d3 points of constitution damage on a failed save and the save DC is 10. It can affect any creature with lungs. If anyone contracts the disease here treat this room as having been a CR3 encounter.

    15: Master bedroom.

    [[There is some water damage here but most of this room contents have survived. The room is furnished sparsely but well. A bed, dresser, and chair all plain but well made comprise the rooms only contents. There are three doors out of this room, the one you entered, another by the bed, and a trap door in the ceiling.]]

    In a Hidden compartment in the floor under the bed is a primitive strong box. It is locked with a DC 25 lock and has a hardness of 10 and 30 hp. Inside is a ledger written in Latin but with Arabic numerals. It lists a weak by weak account of the inns profits and losses for the last three years of its operation. Also contained within the strongbox is the major profits of the inn for the past year. There is a total of 2 Pp, 6 Gp, 3 Sp and 2 Cp. To locate the strongbox resting place requires a DC 25 search check.

    16: Study.

    [[A desk and chair are all of the furnishings this room possesses. There is a skeleton sprawled on the floor. This room is twenty feet long and fifteen feet wide, the walls are light green.]]

    The desk holds a ledger listing the expenses and profits of the inn for the last year it was in operation. The inn was doing well, though there was an unexpected drop in profitability during the last three months.

    On the skeletons belt is a ring of keys. There is one to lock or unlock every door in the building. Each key is individually crafted and visually distinct, but it will take some time to recognize which key matches which door.

    17: Bathroom

    [[ Siting against the far wall of this room is a rusty iron tub containing the dusty skeleton of a tall woman. There is a reddish line marking where the water ended before it evaporated.]]

    You would think the skeleton was animated and going to attack the PCs but its not, its just a skeleton, feel free to play with their heads however, ‘everyone make spot checks’...

    18: Dragons Eyre

    [[ As you poke your head up through the trap door you come face to face with something so shocking that it takes your breath away. Staring back at you from the far corner of the room is an honest to god Dragon. There is no possibility that it could be some kind of mechanical fake or clever puppet. The way its eyes and neck move the way it breathes is beyond anything that Spealbergs best people could possibly cook up. The dragons scales are shiny cherry red and it regards you with a look that speaks of both calculation and fear. The creature looks ready to bolt at any moment but seems strangely reluctant to leave behind a large leather satchel its crouching over. As you stand transfixed for a moment its gaze suddenly rivets on your ear. In halting Latin it begins to speak. “You are, not, Elf. You... Something, never have heard, I don’t know. What are you, who are you?”]]

    This SHOULD convince the players to talk not fight. Klashak is a wyrmling red dragon. If they do fight Klashak will not hesitate to use lethal force to defend himself. Klashak will not allow the PCs up into his lair unless he is convinced they mean him no harm. Klashak is curious about the PCs and wants to know what the hell they are. He assumes (probably correctly) that the PCs might rob him. If the PCs convince him that they are honest and trustworthy he will reveal the following.

    [[“Two days ago... my Pater and Mater... met their end. Killed by evil men. Greed for our Draco Gelt. My parents, killed many of them, but they had wizards and dark priests. My clutch mates and I grabbed.... the best pieces and ran, one to each... compass point. I don’t know, if the others, escaped. But I saw this inn, friends to dragons once here lived. The top... window was open. I flew in. There were three Kleth Sheess Ragga. I escaped them but lost one of my pouches. I want the pouch back. You, I think, can help me. With you I can fight the Kleth Sheess Ragga. We will greater number them. If you help, I gift you the coins in the other pouch, But ONLY the coins, Rest mine!”]]

    If the characters agree to this he will let them past him into room 19. If at any point in the conversation the characters mention Saffron an she is not with the PCs Klashak will insist that they go downstairs and talk with the elf before they attack the Slaymates. In room 20. Even if she has left the building Klashak will take to the air and quickly track her down. As it is obvious the dragon is not undead she will be persuaded to accompany the PCs.

    Should the PCs mange to kill Klashak they will find the pouch he has is filled with very valuable jewelry made of gold silver and precious stones, however while they will be richer in treasure they will earn NO experience points for the encounter. Dealing with Klashak is a CR4 encounter.

    19: Attic

    [[This room brings you a sense of familiarity. This could be the attic of any house on earth. There are boxes, barrels, beds, chairs, chests, candelabra, and table all mixed up in wild profusion. everything is covered in a thick layer of dust and cobwebs which has been disturbed somewhat in a direct path from the door at the far end to the door you have just walked through. ]]

    If this room is searched it will turnup all of the equipment on the players character sheets. Also much of the furniture up here will be uesfull for refurbishing the rest of the house.

    20: Three bad apples.

    [[ This room is lit by a lantern hanging on the wall. By its light you see three small children with oddly pointed ears playing with a pile of sparkling coins and jewelry. The room is deathly cold and damp but the children don’t seem to mind. As they turn to look at you your mind recoils in horror. Whatever they were once these children are nothing human or sane now. Their eyes are soulless black pits and their teeth are razor sharp. They grin viciously and move to attack.]]

    The ‘children’ are a covey of three Slaymates. They were the children of the owners who ran and hid here when the inn was raided. They died of starvation to afraid to go downstairs. These Slaymates have special Spell like abilities each useable twice per day. They can animate dead, cause light wounds, and desecrate. They can only cast these spells if they have the appropriate material components except animate dead which they can use to resurrect another member of the covey if they have its body.

    The slaymates attack with their diseased bites, and may use their cause light wounds ability. However at the earliest opportunity Klashak uses his breath weapon on their sorry behinds. After that the Slaymates turn and run escaping out the open window down a rope. At least one should escape.

    The coinage in the room totals 83 Pp, 21 Gp, 10 sp, and 6 cp. The Slaymates dumped out the pouch and were playing with the contents. There also is a garnet encrusted broach in the shape of a dragon, a silver necklace set with cut topaz, and three chalices carved out of solid ivory. Should this additional wealth tempt the players to larceny they will face the wrath of Klashak and Saffron if she is present.

    21: Basement (not pictured)

    [[This large open space houses many forms of preserved foodstuffs and a other supplies. There are bins and boxes with shelving lining every wall. In the back behind a grill of Iron Bars is a large well stocked wine cellar.]]

    The Door to the wine cellar is locked, the DC to get it open is 25.

    So that was the adventure what do all of you think?

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    And HOW.

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    176 (x4)

    This is a rather late reply, but better late than never yes?
    I assume you've run this adventure by now so hearing how it went will also help in seeing what points need further hammering out. I'll sound harsh and maybe mean but I'm not, honest, I'm just nailing the points that I see. This adventure could play out great, don't get me wrong, but if I were a player I'd have atleast thought about the points I bring up here and having an answer to these kinds of questions is something games masters need to have at least thought about.

    Lets just get right down to it.

    The first thing that strikes me is how the inn looks nothing like a "typical" inn. The customer presumably enters through the front door and straight into a...hallway? It looks alot like a rich persons house though it could pass for a club of somesort.

    Then there's the people that convince the PC's to go in and make it safe. I assume this just a part of your adventure somehow. I don't know why these people are there or why they want to settle in that place but since you don't mention it I assume it's somehow integral to the whole thing, hearing more about them would be interesting since they are suppose to be the driving force for clearing that place out.

    There's another point that kept jumping out at me as I read through this. Why is this going on? What's the "point" of all this? Where did this or that come from? I'll give a few examples:

    The dagger in the chess puzzle. Why does it appear? Where does it come from? Did the ghosts of the long departed chess players conjure it up, and if so why this specific dagger?
    The scorpion is also slightly weird, though I suppose I just didn't picture the inn in that kind of climate.
    The neurotic elf why is she there? What's her purpose for the story or the setting?
    Another point is the furnishing of the inn. You mention extravagant paintings, extensive libraries and what not and yet the major profits of the inn were around 26 gold pieces? How did they do it, unless they inherited the place or simply stole them. There was almost as much money in the crate of soap! True enough the inn had been running at decreased profit so that might be the reason.
    A large overall matter is the period in which this is to take place in. When is this happening? I know we're dealing with a fictional world here but most fantasy settings take their cues from some period of actual history. Is this Victiorian? Middle Ages? Early-industrial? Answering that question brings in alot of other things like what people are wearing, furnishing, level of available extravagance etc.
    While libraries may seem simple they're quite complicated creatures. Books don't thrive in just any environment, infact you want as little "thriving" of any kind you can get away with. All the moistness on the second floor is something you want well away from your library. Books of the "fantasy" kind are generally written on leather or parchment and written with ink. Ink doesn't respond kindly to excessive moisture and humidity. Leathery books are also quite scrumptious for rodents and insects!

    There's alot of questions, to avoid making this a flood of them I'm going to stop here for now just ending with a final thought.
    Why did the people in the inn die so suddenly and why are they animating? It is hinted at that the Slaymates might be responsible, but it's not clear.

    My approach to GM'ing is to know what is going on, even behind the scenes. Even if all the players see is someone coming and going ,knowing where he came from and where he goes next helps give the world an organic feel, there's continuity to think of and such.

    Overall I think this could be a fun evening of D&D'ing but it could be better, there's alot of seemingly random elements thrown in for no "apparent" reason. Don't take this as negative criticism but rather as something to think about. If this is to stand alone as a module you also need to be sure to provide the GM with as much info as possible.

    On the positive side, it's great you have a map (although I believe in making the adventure and building the map around it, not the other way around, no matter this is the positive stuff dammit!) and the layout of things is good. It's great to have a seperate text for players and for the GM since the GM is really required to have a good overview of things.

    This has turned into abit of a ramble.
    I hope you'll look into my suggestions and I hope to hear from you soon!

    Your fluffraping hurts my eyes. - TehDarkPredator

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    14 (x1)

    Better one reply than none at all too. You have given me allot to think about and the questions are very telling, the good news of course is that I have answers to most of them. (Don't know if you will even read this but it's still on page one so here goes nothing.)

    1: You are quite right it is a club, this was more a Salon for idle nobility than what you typically picture when you say 'INN'. It's and out of the way place for the rich and influential to gather and plot and scheme.

    2: This RIGHT HERE is why i asked for critique and advice. This thread should answer some of your questions but it will also likely raise others. I would love your input over there as well. i think i need to write up 3 paragraph bios for the people in the npc group. Thank you.

    3: Again thats the kind of question i needed. Answer; there is no reason, its just loot for completing a special encounter. I think that should be changed to an exp. bonus, or something else that fits with the ghosts better.

    4: the scorpion is a bit out of place, perhaps a monstrous spider would be more fitting, but the scorpion seemed less cliché'. Its only real justification was to have a monster that wasn't undead.

    5: The elf is a doxie ex machina, her sole reason for existing is to provided healing and to service the metaplot later. She has a very limited background, only two paragraphs and to be honest I don't know how i would expand on it.

    6: The profits and the crate are related, the crate contains moneys stolen by one of the servants. I have thought about the backgrounds more than I let on in the text. Perhaps I should have told the readers more about the back-story...

    7: The culture was late middle ages, just prior to the invention of gunpowder, and is stuck there because the physics of the world essentially deliberately impedes any greater technology. At least until the N.U.S. people start forcing the issue with gun-barrels made of Obdurium.

    8: I should add something about ether the library being unusually dry or the books badly damaged but mostly still readable. Thanks again.

    9: The Inn was attacked by a squad of dark knights from the undead army that is in control of these lands and the killed and animated everyone they could as free undead with instructions to kill anyone who entered the room. The adventures which follow this one in the campaign go into more detail about what is going on around here and why all the undead.

    One last time, Thank You. You have helped me more than you realize.
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    Thought for the Day: Armylists are a three-edged sword. The list your backstory wants. The list that is optimal. The list of models you actually own.
    And HOW.

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