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    The D&D Character Thread

    I thought this would be a good place to post our various D&D characters and discuss them, if that's what people want to do...

    I have two I play at the moment, one with a big group and one with a small group. The big group doesn't meet that often so my housemates and I got together to start a seperate adventure with Evil characters, because we're all Good or Neutral in the big group so I'll just post the Evil one for now:

    Character: Master Modron
    Race: Modron (Exiled)
    Character Level: 3
    Levels: Fighter (2)
    Alignment: Lawful Evil
    Age: One year since exile.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 400lbs.
    Size: Medium
    Atr: Base + Race + Levels + Items
    ---  ----   ----   ------   -----
    Str: 15   +  0   +   0    +  0 = 15 (+2)
    Dex: 12   -  2   +   0    +  0 = 10 (+0)
    Con: 14   +  2   +   0    +  0 = 16 (+3)
    Int: 10   +  2   +   0    +  0 = 12 (+1)
    Wis: 11   +  0   +   0    +  0 = 11 (+0)
    Cha: 10   -  2   +   0    +  0 =  8 (-1)
    HP: 22
    AC: 10+4[Armor]+2[Shield]+0[Dex]+0[Size]+2[Natural] = 18
    Speed: 30ft. base
    Base Attack Bonus: +2
    Initiative: 1 (Fixed)
        Saves: Fort:  +6
               Refl:  +0
               Will:  +0
    Languages: Common, Modron
    Racial Traits & Class Features: Living Construct, Surprise Vunerability, Fixed Initiative, Coordinated Ally
    Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Shield Proficiency, Weapon Focus (B. sword), Quick Draw
    Armor: Scale mail, large wooden shield
    Weapons: Bastard sword, longbow, dagger
    I think that's pretty much the basics. So far I've only actually killed one creature. Even though I have an AC of 18 and 22 HP, being in combat with three Gnolls and rolling consistently poorly on attack rolls meant I was steadily chomped and hacked to pieces. I did however buy enough time (as a tank should) for the magic missiles and arrows of my comrades to kill the Gnolls.

    With our Evil party having a Drow Ranger (Hates everyone, is a sadistic, impatient, sharp-tongued torturer who abuses his Ranger skills for less than savoury activites) and a Human Wizard (Wonders how the Hell he ended up with a Drow sadist and a confused Modron), we needed some tanking ability so I went for something a little different.

    As a Modron, once I'm below 0 HP I don't lose HP (no blood to bleed) but I don't naturally heal myself either (because clockwork doesn't heal like flesh). Healing spells only work at half-effectiveness on me, so I'm a very hard tank to keep alive. I guess I'll have to load up on healing potions, or just learn to roll those d20 better. I have +5 to attack with my bastard sword but even that wasn't enough to get the 13's and 14's I need to hit the Gnolls.

    Playing a Modron is very interesting though and has given our DM some challenges, especially because I weight 400lbs. I couldn't go upstairs in an inn because the first step of the wooden stairway gave way when I stepped on it. I didn't have a name originally (the concept is completely unknown to Modrons) but I choose Master Modron after meeting the main character of our quest, who addressed everyone as "Master" and then their race, class or name as appropriate, much the same way Bilbo Baggins would be addressed as Master Baggins. Because I didn't have a name, he just called me "Master Modron." The nice thing is, I am relatively new to D&D myself, so playing a character like this that is new to the D&D world fits in perfectly with me wanting to know and discover things.

    I didn't realise this had turned into a minature essay, but it will be interesting to see what other characters people play!

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    To be honest, I see the stats, I read the rules but I don't get any grasp what so ever of the character of your character (well, apart from him having a certain alignment and being called "master").
    Where is he from, how is his general ways? What did his parents do, why is he an adventurer? What is his favourite food,heroes,fairytale?
    Do he have some certain things he keeps saying?
    To me that is what a character is about the stats are beyond secondary.

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    Kargile The Starseeker

    I'll try and take this a different route. Here's an overview of the build I'm making with my character:
    4 Fighter / 1 Wizard / 10 Green Star Adept / 5 Abjurant Champion

    STR 28
    DEX 10
    CON -
    INT 18
    WIS 16
    CHA 12
    (Stats assuming he makes it that high and is a few hundred years old)

    Armored Mage
    School Specialization - Transmutation (Restricted Schools - Necromancy, Conjuration)
    Focused Specialization - Abjuration (Restricted School - Evocation)
    Immediate Magic - Sudden Shift

    1st Power Attack
    Hmn Cleave
    Fgt Weapon Focus (Great Club)
    Fgt Improved Bullrush
    3rd Combat Casting
    Fgt Weapon Specialization (Great Club)
    Wiz Scribe Scroll
    6th Practiced Spell Caster
    9th Three Mountains
    12th Melee Weapon Mastery (Bludgeoning)
    15th Toughening Transmutation
    18th Crushing Strike

    I wrote a little blurb about my character. Hes currently level 7. Here is a little insight into his past.

    Kargile was born the son of respected herbalists. His father was able to arrange Kargile a mentor of alchemy. The teacher's name was Heros, widely known for his promise and notorious in some circles for his unscrupulous methods. Most of his experiments ended in complete failure, and rumored to be worse. In the end it meant a ruined reputation and thus his willingness to take on the son of a merchant. Kargile showed talent for alchemy from the beginning, but it was not his passion. Like most youth, he was fascinated by the martial disciplines. His country was renowned for its athletes,its wrestlers in particular. Kargile wanted to share in that recognition. The long hours he spent in the labs was a poor training regiment for such an ambition.

    One day Kargile confronted Heros, asking for more time to train. His mentor suprisingly agreed, but on the condition that Kargile participate in expirements Heros would perform on him to enhance his training. Kargile agreed anxiously and was allowed to train even that day. Then on, Heros would give Kargile and elixer before he began training for the day. Kargile quickly molded his physique into that of a champion, but incorrectly credited Heros's concoctions. The truth is, his body had become addicted to the toxins which were slowly eating away at his body. Even the slightest fever would make him deathly ill at times. Despite all this he rose through the ranks in the colliseum. No man his equal. After two consecutive seaons of reigning as champion. A nobel who had a son in the competitions went about to appoint Kargile a Captain for his notority and inspirational feats, and abruptly sent him out to the frontier, which streched beyond the outskirts of man's realm, encroaching on the elven lands.

    Though uninitiated in formal military procedure, he served competentily running a sentry post for a short time. One night while patroling the forests. Brigands ambushed and captured his patrol. Each was brought back to their camp and sent seperate ways to be sold as slaves or gladiators. Kargile, whether favourable or not, caught the attention of the wizard Ivyc for his knowledge of alchemy. Ivyc eventually allowed Kargile to use his library to assist in studies,but only after sealing him from disobedience by placing a powerful rune on his body. He never revealed the secret to its function, but the excruciating pain it could inflict was lesson enough. After a year and few seasons, Ivyc began to bring Kargile along on his studies abroad, even letting him serve as his retainer. Though he had no love for his master, being at least a guard dog gave him more dignity than being merely a house pet.

    One fateful day, while away from Ivyc's keep he lead them into the mountains only telling Kargile he must meet with a collegue. The cleard the summit just after dusk where stood a man in wizard robes stood gazing at the stars. Ivyc began unpacking scroll cases which he had seen contained star charts. He stood back at the horse as Ivyc walked away to converse with the other mage with privacy. After only a moment the air was filled with the screaming of half a dozen arrows. Most entangling in Ivyc's robes , but one causing Ivyc to shout in pain as it buried deep in his side. Kargile lept into action , flying towards a rock one of the arrows seemed to come from. At the last second another arrow wizzed past his head and at the same time he lept off the rock and onto one of the assassins. The two struggled for a moment, meanwhile Ivyc quickly shouted a word of magic which caused a burst of wind to explode outward in all directions, just in time to knock a second wave of arrows away, also catching the other mage off guard and nearly knocking him off the ledge. The mage then wagged his finger, and stepped backwards as if off the clift into a portal he opend , which he exited on the other side of Ivyc. As the two mages began their duel in ernst, Kargile finished off the marksman and took up his bow and arrows. He ran towards the next archer who didnt catch him but was lining up his next arrow. Before he could properly aim, Kargile readied an arrow and let it loose, missing but hitting the rock just the archer was crouched beside. The archer reactively spun and fired placing the arrow just between Kargile's arm and chest. The pain didnt even slow Kargile down as he charged pumping with adrenalin. He lunged and tacked the man.

    During the fight the clouds began to part and the sky began to give off an increasingly more noticeable green glow. In less than a minute it became bright as day, enough to distract Kargile from battle momentarily. After regaining his wits, he noticed first the mages battling. Ivyc began to chant another spell which was gathering energy. He noticed the magic took on a green glow of its own and when Ivyc finished the spell a scoarching ray shot from his hands, but almost as quickly the beam seemed to burst out of control and the flames became bright green. All the unbridled power caused Ivyc to flail about trying to control the energy. Blasting the nearby ground and destroying a boulder which two more archers hid behind, sending them flying. Once the spell stopped Ivyc fell to the ground exhausted and defenseless. The other had stood up from taking cover, looked down at Ivyc, saying something Kargile could not hear, before taking out a knife and slitting Ivyc's throat. Instantly the rune on Kargile's back exploded with intense pain, and he couldnt help but cry out in pain. This alerted the other mage who turned to see him thrashing in pain in the distance. The mage walked up to him too, with the same knife and prepared to plunge it into kargile. That moment the rune on his back glowed green instead of its usual reddish glow and the pain stopped. In the same second Kargile was flooded with energy and he grappled the mage and the two struggled on the ground only for a second before Kargile had put an end to him. Afterwards he fell backwards, unable to move, but he could see a massive green meteor pass over and out of the sky which slowly lost its green hue. When Kargile awoke. He gathered the bodies into a pile to burn, but he burried his master Ivyc. He gathered the charts and books Ivyc brought and read at that very spot until he found in their text what he witnessed.

    He set out for his master's estate and abided there for a few seaons as he learnt from his inner sanctum. Kargile quickly picked up the arcane arts he could from his collection and learned all he could of the green star Alhazarde. After he learned all he could, he burned down his master's estate and set out in search of fragments.

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    2 (x1)

    Stats are


    Modifications are

    Half Orc Fighter(10)/Pious Templar(

    Feats (15)

    Power Attack
    Leap Attack
    Shock Trooper
    Improved Sunder
    Weapon Focus
    Weapon Specialization
    Greater Weapon Focus
    Greater Weapon Specialization
    True believer
    Pious Defense
    Improved Toughness
    Improved Toughness
    Improved Toughness
    Improved Toughness


    Belt of Champions
    +5 Comp Bonus on Str Checks
    +4 on Saves VRS Fear

    Sword of Mighty Thews
    +3 Dragonbane Great Sword
    Immune to frightful presence
    +4 reflex on Dragonbreath

    +4 Full Plate of Cold Resist
    Absorbs 10 Cold Damage

    Enduring Amulet
    Absorbs 30 Elemental Damage for 3 turns.

    Ring of Spell Storing

    Find the Gap
    Rhinos Rush
    Draconic Might
    Bulls Strength
    Devine Sacrifice


    Base Attack Bonus

    I can do over 600 damage.

    Run, Jump, Power Attack for 18. I can possibly deal 640+ with a crit.
    7d6 + 118 Minimum Damage

    I just need some advice on what else is needed. I can kill dragons in one hit if I critical. If I don't It will take 3-5 turns.

    I have about 240 HP with 3DR.

    Fantasy Wins
    250 Skrimishers 2/0/0
    500 Skirmishers 4/1/0
    1000+ Standard 3/3/0 (damned Chaos)
    2000+ Srandard 1/0/0

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