This post is in no way meant to take the place of the "What is Forum Based Combat" rules thread but is meant as a sort of supplement. Because that post is incredibly long it makes it difficult to jump right into the game. So, I want to put forth this quickstart/faq as a way for players to jump into the game with a good knowledge and be able to learn the rest of the miscellaneous stuff at their convenience.

The Quickstart
  1. Open the "What is Forum Based Combat" thread and read the section titled "Basic Battle Introduction": (Link)
  2. Create a Character with our character template: (Link)
  3. Copy the text between the lines in the character template to the FBC Character Thread: (Link)
  4. Post a request for combat in the FBC Challenge Thread: (Link)
  5. Read the "Dice Rolling Tutorial" in the "What is FBC" thread so you know how to properly roll the dice in your combat: (Link)
Follow those steps and you'll easily be on your way to starting your first battle. It's really easy to play so the rest will come naturally and as you fight on you'll learn the rest of it easily. Just remember, all of the information you'll ever need is in the "What is Forum Based Combat" thread. If you have a rules question swing on by there.

The Quick FAQ (more questions will be posted as time goes on)

1. Q. How do I know if my opponent is cheating?
2. Q. I want to give my character a special weapon, is that okay?
3. Q. If I roll a critical hit and a critical miss what happens?

  1. A. In invisible castle when you click on a dice roll link to verify your opponents roll you can click on their name to see their previous rolls. If you see more than one roll you know what is going on. Also, if you don't see any previous rolls then you know your opponent is not using the same name for each roll which is against the rules.
  2. A. It is alright to give your character any sort of special weapon or special attack or special anything. The attack rolls are not modified by your choice of weapon. This is done deliberately so that rules stay simple and easy to maneuver around. Just try to avoid weapons that are obviously unfluffy like giant cannons or any other ridiculous object.
  3. A. As described in the "What is Forum Based Combat" thread. A critical miss negates a critical hit so that it only causes one wound instead of two. The person who takes that one wound does not get the critical miss modifier on their next attack roll.