Er, hi everyone. Like a lot of people I've talked to I really want to use a chaos cult list. One that is not as overpowered, difficults nad wordy to use as the old cultist rules. As such I've come up with some. I would ask that any necromuda players could help with feedback, playtesting, anything(!) as I would really like to be able to send this the Specialist games with there being a decent chance it will be looked and accepted as experimental, if not official rules.

Any help would be brilliant,
Black Cherry

Ok here are the rules and the background.

Chaos Cultist Gangs
“Though the Imperium faces extermination from the alien and deviant a million times in but a day alone, there are far more threatening and subtle threats that we must combat. For the alien seeks to destroy mankind in the inferno of battle and war and wipe us from existence, the filth we talk of wish to corrupt and pervert each and every loyal imperial citizen to their deviant ways. This cancerous disease, which rests at the heart of the Imperium, will not stop until every citizen turns their gaze from the Emperor of Mankind and embraces damnation. What is this subtle threat you may ask? Why, I speak of the chaos cults”
Inquisitor Orphellon, at the inquisitorial concave of Hexallus M41.547

Cults exist everywhere in the Imperium, and are a great influence upon everyday life. The blessed ecclesiarchy itself is a cult itself, albeit one that is beneficial to the Imperium and endorsed by the governing bodies as a safe and holy organisation. However, there are other more secretive cults that teach a different lesson than the blessed sermons of the Emperor of Mankind. These cults seek to undermine order and stability in the Imperium, and none are worse than then those cults that worship chaos in its many guises.

These heretical, twisted, and ultimately dammed individuals would offer up the entire worlds, nay the Imperium itself, to the chaos gods, merely to further their own selfish base desires.

The ways a cult begins are far too many to possibly account for, but it is fair to say that such cults usually form in small groups, a few friends who discover the path of chaos, and use it to further their own ends. If one is lucky, the cult either grows no further, or is discovered, the heretics destroyed in the cleansing flames of the emperor.

Such is the fear of discover and retribution, these cults are hidden deep in society, usually in its upper reaches, as bored nobles or frustrated advisors seek to further their own needs for power. Very few truly realise the price they will pay after their deaths as their souls are ripped from their decaying husks to feed the insatiable hunger of the chaos gods, but all realise that they are truly dammed the minute they sign their fell pact with the gods.

In an ideal world, these deviants would keep their worship to themselves, spreading the taint no further, but as many have found, the lure of chaos can appeal to any person, no matter how pious and the foul gods of chaos will always seek to tether more souls to their thrones. Those who seek the chaos gods are usually those of strong charisma, which is enhanced or gifted to them upon their fell pact, and soon under the tuition of demons the cults will have swollen its numbers substantially, increased by the petty, the downtrodden and the weak, all drawn to him like moths to a flame. But still the cult must still be secretive of their actions, and growth must be slow. Over time, the leader of the fell group, who by now will be referred to as the demagogue will use his power and skills to allow members of his cult to gain positions in the military, the government and the ecclesiarcy, where they can corrupt others to their cause ready for the day when they will throw off the shackles of the governing body. All the while, the demagogue and his most trusted followers will attempt blood sacrifice in an attempt to contact their infernal masters allowing them to summon aid in the form of fell demons, and if the cults favour is high in their gods esteem, chaos space marines as well.

It is normally during this phase that cults are discovered as suspicious numbers of missing people, combined with odd reactions from planetary leaders attract the eye of an Inquisitor of the Emperors’ Inquisition. Nothing can escape their gaze long and if their suspicions are well founded, then the planets population can expect no mercy. The local imperial forces will descend upon them, purging the planet of its taint, making sure none survive.

Sometimes the demagogue with a few followers, or a deacon of the cult will escape into the lower reaches of the planet, in a desperate attempt to escape imperial justice. These demented individuals will think nothing of sacrificing everything they own in an attempt to be free, confident they can escape and start again. Few get the chance. Of the few who survive to reach the underhive, even fewer still survive being unable to survive the harsh conditions, of finding that the underhivers are less forgiving of unauthorised cults than even those who live above them. Those that survive are deranged, insane and usually psychopathic, yet hardened to the rigors of hardship and with a cold, calculating mind that only comes after everything has been stripped away from a man.

Cults in Necromunda can range from a few hardened fighters backed by deranged and bestial mutants they have enslaved, a lone demagogue leading a mutant rebellion, hoards of simple hive workers entranced by the demagogues charisma or any mix between. And all may call upon the fearsome might of demons of the Immaterium.

To avoid detection and suspicion, most cults masquerade as redemptionist like warbands, travelling around, screaming about the doomed days to come and how the hivers must submit to the will of the gods. This is background noise to most gangers, as they have no wish to attract the attention of the redemption. As such the cult only attracts the weakest willed and most easily manipulated gangers, who heed the call of the cult, joining them in their crusade. It is only once they have been initiated into the cult, and have unwittingly sold their soul and helped in blasphemes acts that the true nature of the cult is revealed to them and they have but no choice to carry on in servitude. This way chaos cults hope to expand, giving them the numbers to assault and tear down any sites and buildings of authority before attempting to move uphive.

The Gang list
It is this part of the cult with which we concern ourselves in Necromunda. This article will allow you to field pure cult armies, or alternately how you can change your own gang to become a group of insidious and heretical demon worshippers. Also included are special skill tables exclusive to chaos cults, which are used to represent the dark blessings of the gods.

The rules for the cult itself work in a similar way to the redemption, as most of the time the demagogue will have infiltrated and corrupted an existing religious band or be posing as one to escape undue attention from the Inquisition. Also in a practical game term it allows a player to escape the attention of other gamers who could use this knowledge to their advantage and allows the player to really feel what its like to be a secret cult unbeknownst to the other players yet subtly subverting their gangs to suit your own heinous plans!

Special Rules

Trading: A chaos cult may only trade using the outlaws trading chart, wishing to escape the attention of authorities and subsequently those who may wish them ill.

As well as this, chaos cults have a unique item, the demonic icon

As chaos cults have not yet been revealed to be chaos worshippers, they are merely treated with the same watchfulness and wariness gangers’ show towards redemptionists. They will not start any campaign outlawed, but are in the often category.

Chaos Cults have territory as normal unless outlawed, in which case they will revert to the normal outlawed rules.

Demon Summoning: Demon summoning is a precarious and perilous practice that takes time, patience and a totem or fetish to bind them to real space. As such, the ritual is assumed to have happened before the battle, unless the gang had been attacked at their home base during the raid scenario (they don’t have the time to prepare) so demons may always be used unless that mission is played.

Demon summoning may be rolled for from the first turn. To summon each demon you need a model with a demonic icon on the table and be able to roll a 4,5 or 6 on a D6. You may place any summoned demons within 6” of the model with the icon. The demons can move, run, but not charge on the turn they are summoned.

Hired guns
Chaos cults have no problem with using hired guns, as they merely see them as a tool to manipulate to their will. However if the gang is outlawed, no-one but scummers or ratskins will work for them, all the other having too much of a reputation, or not wishing to bring the law down on their heads, to wish to work for such dangerous individuals.

If a gang member from another gang is captured, the gang will have one chance to either trade or capture the member back. If this fails, the demagogue will attempt to convert them (see below). If this fails they may continue to try and convert them, and the gang may make other attempts to rescue them. Alternately, in the after game sequence, the chaos cult gang may choose to sacrifice the gang member to gain +1 to summoning roll in the next game only. If members of the chaos cultist gang are captured, they will be killed as they are either killed after their true nature is discovered or find a way to take their own life.

Bounty: Chaos cults are a valuable find in the underhive. Wanted by many in the uphive, demagogues can fetch a high price with guilders, who are eager to both claim a reward and reduce the chance of an inquisitorial investigation into their territory. If the demagogue is captured and sold to the guilders the gang gains three (yes three!) times his value as he is viewed as more dangerous than the rest of the gang combined and is a rare find as well.
Death of a Demagogue
If the demagogue should die for any reason an acolyte with the highest leadership will take his place, gaining all his rules in the process but retaining all his old skills, stats and equipment. If there is no acolyte with a higher leadership roll off for the highest or alternately conduct a gang fight, with the gang counting as redemptionists for rules purposes.

1 Demagogue 180 creds

The demagogue is undoubtedly the most dangerous member of the chaos cult. Possessing amazing oratory skills and a twisted, devious mind, he is able to corrupt many of those around him and has the skill to blend many diverse elements together to suit his own nefarious ends. Without a demagogue, most chaos cults soon cease to be an organised threat to the imperium and so he is high priority target.

4 4 4 3 3 1 4 1 8

Options: The demagogue may choose from the hand-to-hand, pistol, basic, special, grenades, upgrades and leader only sections on the weapons list.
Leadership: all other gang members may use his leadership within 6”
Pinning: the demagogue always counts as being within 2” of another model in regards to pinning.
Convert: If an enemy model is captured, the demagogue may attempt to convert them to his cause. Roll a 2d6 and add it the demagogues’ leadership. Then do this with the captured model. If the demagogue rolls higher, then he has converted the model. The model may then be added to the gang, copying his stats, experience and leadership counting as a Brethren model from now on. Alternately the model may be returned to the gang as a spy. After every game the converted model may attempt to convert a model in his old gang to his cause. If he fails he is killed immediately and any equipment he had is lost (burned). These converted models may reveal themselves the next time the chaos cult gang plays that gang and from that point on are controlled by the chaos cult gang. If they survive (i.e., not dead, captured) are added to the chaos cultist gangs roster with all their current experience, stats and skills and count as a brethren model for the purposes of advance rolls, skills etc.

The demagogue may not convert spyers, but get +D6 experience for converting a redemptionist model as the chaos gods reward him for his achievement.
Dark blessing: The demagogue may choose to use one of the 3 abilities below on one model a turn. However before the ability is used roll a D6. On a roll of a 1 the chosen model has insulted the chaos gods in some way and suffers a S3 hit.
Tenacious (see redemptionist rules)
Fearless (see redemptionist rules)
Indomitable (see redemptionist rules)

Experienced: the demagogue will of undoubtedly have had past experience in leading other cults and escaping the law and so gets one free advancement roll.

0-2 Acolytes-60 creds
These are the most trusted of the demagogues followers, indoctrinated to the point that there is no chance of salvation for them. Usually little more than massive slabs of muscle with very little mental capacity, never the less they are cunning and entrusted by the demagogue to find and use heavy weaponry during battle.

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7

Options: May choose from the hand-to-hand, pistol, basic, special, grenades, upgrades and heavy sections on the weapons list.

Brethren-50 creds
These are the members of the gang who have learned of the true nature of the gang, and with relish, embraced their new lifestyle. These devout followers are not yet at the level where they will learn all the demagogues’ secrets, but with time and hard work they may yet ascend to the hallowed level of acolyte.

4 3 3 3 3 1 3 1 7

Options: May choose from the hand-to-hand, pistol, basic, special, grenades and upgrades sections on the weapons list.

Mutants-35 creds
The true underdogs of imperial society, mutants are downtrodden and distrusted by society, even underhivers despite their less strict policies on what constitutes mutants. The demagogue knows this and uses this to advantage. After all, chaos refuses no one. The call of the demagogue awakens parts of their mind long closed off by imperial dogma and installs upon them an urge to throw off the shackles of imperial authority. The demagogue and his followers prey upon most, turning them into nothing more than drug crazed bezerkers intent upon rending the foe limb from limb. In dire circumstances, the demagogue may even raise a small army of mutants, intent upon a full-scale assault upon arbiters’ houses.

4 3 2 3 3 1 3 1 7

Options: May choose from the hand-to-hand and pistol sections on the weapons list
Frenzy: The mutant, injected with mind-altering drugs, or sent into religious frenzy and psychotic butchers on the battlefield. As such they are affected by Frenzy.
Mutations: Mutants obviously have a mutation of some sort, and as such may choose up to 1 of the mutations for the coat listed. See mutations, below

Initiates-25 creds
These are the basic laymen of the underhive, once pious citizens who are lured into the demagogues clutches by impassioned speeches and the promise of a new life persecuting wrongdoers. At this level of entry they know very little of the true motives of the cult, and it is only with time and by partaking in blasphemous rituals that they become aware of what they have truly done. Some embrace their fate, advancing through the ranks. Others are appalled by what they hate become and attempt to rectify their actions in some way by alerting authorities. Few get the chance, slain by their fellows. Such is the fate for those who embrace chaos, death and damnation.

4 2 2 3 3 1 3 1 7
Options: May choose from the hand-to-hand and pistol sections on the weapons list

Demons-200 creds
Demon. The mere mention of the word can sanction the death of a planet. As such when summoning then, the demagogue must be very careful in their summoning and use. If word gets out that a gang is using a consorting with demons, then all a demagogues plans will have been for nought. Thankfully in the underhive, the abundance of mutations, hallucinogenic gases and other multiple things that could account for an explanation makes the likelihood of detection less likely. In battle, demons are monstrous opponents easily able to shrug off the most powerful of blows and throw even the strongest of men around like rag dolls. They can greatly aid a cults progress, yet the pacts made to bind these powerful creatures are great and who knows what they will ask for payment…

4 4 4 4 4 2 4 1 9

Fear: demons are terrifying opponents, able to reduce strong willed men to gibbering wrecks. As such they cause fear.
Demonic Aura: Demons are amazingly resistant to damage, being formed of raw power from the warp. Many a time, lazcannon shots have failed to even slow their advance. As such they have an unmodified save of 4+ always.
Injury: demons can never be pinned and ignore flesh wounds or knocked own results.
Summoned: Demons are summoned. See the rules at the beginning of the article.
Warp creatures. Being creatures with no real sentience and intelligence, demons do not gain experience.

Weapons list

Hand to hand Cost
Knife free/1
Club/Maul/Bludgeon 10
Chain or Flail 10

Pistols Cost
Auto pistol 15
Laspistol 15
Stub gun 10

Basic Weapons Cost
Autogun 20
Lasgun 25
Shotgun 20

Special weapons Cost
Flamer 40

Heavy weapons Cost
Heavy stubber 120
Heavy bolter 180

Leader only Cost
Chainsword 25
Meltagun 95
Bolt pistol 20
Hand flamer 20

Upgrades and Grenades Cost
Frag Grenades 30
Krak Grenades 50
Dum dum bullets 5
Demonic Icon 50
Bolt shotgun shells 15
Hotshot shotgun shells 5
Manstopper shotgun shells 5

Chaos cult Items
Demonic Icon: This profane icon serves as a stable focal point from which demons can be summoned from the warp into real space. This has the effect of being able to hold up to 5 demons per game. If there is more than 1 icon in the gang, then it must be specified before that game which demons are in which icon. It counts as a two handed weapon in game terms as does not allow any basic, special or heavy weapons to be used by the wielder

I’ll add the tables in a bit though it’s the normal gang one.

Max Stats
These cannot be raised higher by mutations or bonuses.
Cultists: M WS BS S T W I A Ld
5 6 6 4 4 3 6 3 9

Mutants: M WS BS S T W I A Ld
5 5 4 5 5 4 5 3 8

Starting Experience
Demagogue: 60+D6
Acolytes: 60+ D6
Brethren: 20+ 1D6
Mutants: 20+ 1D6
Initiates: 0

The gang has access to the following skills:
Demagoguetealth,Muscle,Combat, Agility,Ferocity,
Acolytes: Techno,Muscle, Shooting, Stealth
Brethren: Stealth, Muscle, Combat
Mutants:Ferocity, Muscle, Combat
Initiates: Stealth, Muscle

These can be taken by mutants and with (bad?) luck other gang members as well(all except those mentioned are exactly like the scavvy mutations):
Eyestalks: 10 creds
Claw 10 creds
Tentacle 10 creds
2 heads 25 creds
Spikes 30 creds
Extra arm 10 creds
Wings 30 creds
Horns (+1 on charge) 5 creds
Hooves (+1 M) 10 creds

Advancements of the dark gods: If a model should happen to roll a 2 or a 12 on the advancement table, you may choose to roll on this table instead of picking a skill, representing that the chaos gods have blessed them.
D6 roll Effect
1 Displeased the gods: miss next D3 games them roll on table again. If another 1 rolled they are dead.
2 Free Mutation. The cultist gets a free mutation chosen by the player. If they get 3 or more than a become a mutant (same equipment options, max stats etc).
3 Warp Focus. Plus 1 to summoning rolls. Only affect bearer of icon, but can be taken by anyone.
4 Increase any stat on the cultists profile by 1. May not exceed max stats.
5 Demagogue only. Can use 2 Dark blessings a turn on the same or separate models.
6 May choose 1 skill on any of the skill tables.