Dwarf Grudgemaster.

Glorel Delsten marched down into the dark forgotten halls of Kazzad Dolvir. Very few dwarves dared to travel in this part of the hold after the great ogre siege 43 years ago where several gorgers managed to make their way into the holds mines. Only the holds Iron breakers and the master rune lord Barauk Falfik worked with his two apprentices.

Glorel and his small retinue of dwarves made their way into the great forges of Barauk to find the mighty rune lord fussing over one of his apprentices. The significantly younger runesmith stood wearing a heavy suit of mail adorned with a multitude of runes and symbols, a pair of steel wings on his back and what could only described as a manling halberd in his hands. The runelord finished his work before turning to greet his lord with a brief nod which Glorel himself returned, while king of the hold he was still a good 150 years minor to the great runelord who still held the strength of his prime, a dwarf you had to respect or face serious dishonour.

“I thank you for coming my young king” the great dwarf started “I thank you for coming so quickly”

“to take any longer would have been a dishonour my friend, what is it you wish to show me?”

“as you know I’ve been working with your master smith Drokki Grungbad over the last 20 years and we believe we may have made a great breakthrough.” The dwarf lord gave a sharp glance across the room to see drokki standing to one side his mechanical leg whirring silently in the dark. He bowed unsteadily to his king. “I believe I may have recovered one of the steps to the master rune of sorcery.”

Glorel Blinked but managed to contain his instant reaction to the rune masters claim and quickly glanced over to young Cohag Redforge who was currently standing with immense pride inside the suit of armour holding the halberd. Barauk marched over swiftly and turned Cohag around sharply to reveal that a book made from blue steel had been attached to the back of the armoured suit. Opening the pages Barauk swiftly turned the book to the centre and secured the pages. Across the two pages spread a great rune forged from gromril and inlaid with gold and gems.

“may I present, the master rune of channelling”

You may field one Dwarf Grudgemaster in your army at the cost of 265 points. He uses a hero choice but also expends one of your rare choices. A grudge master uses the following profile and may not be given any extra equipment.

M3 WS4 BS3 S4 T4 W3 I4 A2 Ld9

Equipment: Runeglaive – Drokki Grungbads lightning mail

The Grudge master draws his powers from the master rune of channelling inscribed on his armour and lets him bend and anchor the winds of magic to be absorbed by the rune and then released in a significantly more useful form. This takes the form as a previously unknown part of runelore. Named aptly as grudge lore.

In game terms the Grudgemaster is a level 3 mage and uses the lore of grudges. All spells items and effects that would effect a normal magic user would also effect a grudgemaster.

Special items:

Runeglaive – the runeglaive counts as a halberd in close combat but also provides a +1 to all dispel rolls made.

Drokki Grungbads lightning mail- the combination of engineering and runelore the lightning mail will send a burst of energy through the armour at the moment of impact producing a flash light a lightning bolt at the point of impact. The armour strengthens itself with this suddern burst of energy and becomes incredibly resistant to damage.
The lightning mail provides a 4+ ward save.

Grudge lore

5+ Wrath of Gromthi

The Grudgemaster remembers every grievance and offence committed by the enemy and bombards their minds with a tide of hate.

The Wrath of Gromthi is a magic missile attack with a range of 24” and strikes with 2d6 strength 2 hits.

6+ Wards of Grungni

The Grudgemaster invokes the power of Grungni and forms a rune powered shield around his comrades.

This spell can be cast on one friendly unit anywhere on the battle field, even if engaged in close combat. Until the start of the next turn every model in the unit receives a 5+ ward save.

7+ Reminisce of Oaths

The Grudge master amplifies his voice and booms across the field with past grudges and oaths sworn by the dwarven nation. Dwarves wounded in combat grimly pick up their weapons again and return to the front as determined as ever.

Each unit in the dwarf army is given back 1 model that has been removed as a casualty during the game. The model is placed back in its original unit with its original unit with its full compliment of wounds. This spell has no effect on units who have been destroyed or have fled off the table. All characters or models with 4 or more wounds (but not war machines) who have been wounded regain one wound up to the maximum of their original number of wounds. War machines can reclaim lost crew members as long as one of the original crew members is still alive. (So if all crew are dead but a master engineer remains you may not recover lost crew).

8+ Spirit of Grimnir

the grudge master fills the minds of his fellow dwarves with the tales and feats of the great ancestor god Grimnir. Inspired the Dwarves fight even harder than before their axes, hammers and shots finding their marks.

This spell can be cast on any friendly unit on the battlefield, even if its engaged in combat. If successfully cast the unit gains a +1 to all hit rolls (both shooting and close combat). Once cast Spirit of Grimnir remains in play until dispelled or until the grudgemaster chooses to end it (which he may do at any time) or attempts to cast another spell.

8+ Boon of courage

Dwarf warriors hear the voice of the grudgemaster in their minds challenging their honour and bidding them to fight on. The warriors battle on regardless of how desperate the situation becomes.

This spell may be case on any friendly unit anywhere on the battle field, even if its engaged in combat. If successfully cast the unit is unbreakable until the beginning of the grudgemasters next turn.

If the targeted unit is fleeing the unit will rally regardless of number of models remaining.


The Grudgemaster hurls a magically enhanced booming tide of abuse at the enemy causing them to stop in their tracks out of shock, doubt filling their minds, hesitation filling their limbs.

This spell may be cast on any enemy unit on the table. The unit must take an immediate leadership test, if the test is failed the unit looses all fighting spirit. The unit may not move in its next movement (except if the unit Is subject is subject to some form of compulsory movement such as fleeing, stupidity etc). In addition the unit may not shoot in their shooting phase. This spell has no effect on models which are immune to psychology.

Notes – more knowing players might recognise the rules for the grudge master as being uncannily similar to that of a Truthsayer from the albion campaign and they are dead on the mark. Apart from a reduction in movement (which generally means nothing as he joins units anyways) this guy is nothing more than a fluff rewrite of the Truthsayer and a bit of fun, ironically this does make the grudgemaster fairly game legal. You can still use Truthsayers after all with permission