Here are the stats for my ravager titan. You may remeber this is the guy i made for the painting challenge a while ago. I used VDR(made equivalents of the weapons listed) but added a few juicy extras.

Chaos Ravager Titan 1650pt
Super heavy walker
Weapons: Vulcan mega bolter, Plasma blast gun, multiple missile pod*
AV: 14, 14, 12
Structure points 6
Void shields 4
Special rules: Doomsday reactor(add 2+ to catastrophic damage roll), Daemonic possession, dirge caster

* Multiple missile pod: has the following profile: S9, Ap2, range 48", Heavy d6 blast
or S5, Ap4, range 48", heavy d6 big blast.

A pic of the ravager for those of you who have not seen it: