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    Rules worth 1000 points

    Hi chaps

    Ok, basically there is going to be a battle with a narrative run at my local club which is 3000 pts of Eldar vs 4000 points of Marines. In reality the marines only have 3000 poitns worth of models, but 1000 points of extras from Forgeworld, i.e Imperial guard type emplacements, tarantulas, weapons platforms etc etc and they are fishing for ideas to balance it out a little.
    So they want 1000 points of new rules to benefit the Eldar primarily.

    We've toyed with the idea of Marine tactical and devastator squads running out of ammo on a certain D6 roll after turn x, that seems quite popular.
    So I'm after any ideas that you have used that seem to have worked quite well.

    I'm not looking for specific rule point values - just a series of rules that will make 3000 vs 4000 game more balanced without needing 1000 more troops.

    Any ideas?

    I can't say I've seen it all but I live for the things that keep me hollow.

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    Low on Ammo

    These are the Low on Ammo rules lifted from gthe Lethal 40 Rule set. You could quite easily adept them for your own use.

    Out of Ammo

    - Out of ammo now works with an 'ammo counter base' .

    Every Infantry unit gets a 'modelled ammo base' - something like a box of bullets stuck to a base or a power pack - or some dead or wounded body for tyranids to eat -

    This ammo base starts with the squad and symbolises the unit has ammo - at any point the unit runs out of ammo the base is removed –

    ‘Finding Ammo’ allows the base to be put back-

    An infantry unit that fires a shooting action must test to see if they are 'Out of Ammo'.

    A vehicle is only ever out of ammo if it uses 'Suppressive Fire'.

    The opposition rolls a D6 - on a roll of a 1 the unit is out of ammo and gives up its ammo base counter.

    The unit cannot fire any weapons until it regains its ammo counter.

    Note it doesn't matter whether one or more models didn't fire, all the models in the unit are 'Out of Ammo'.

    The models can spend their next action ‘Finding Ammo’ (growing more for tired out tyranids, stripping bodies, bringing up and breaking out fresh ammo crates etc).

    While ‘Finding Ammo’ those particular models in the unit may not fire, and the whole unit may not be involved in an assault. and the unit may not move.

    If the unit is already involved in an assault then the models will continue to be ‘Out of Ammo’ until it has had time to have an ‘Assault Free’ action belonging to the player to ‘Find Ammo’.

    After ‘Finding Ammo’ the unit that was ‘Out of Ammo’ can fire in subsequent shooting actions. The unit can still 'Run Out of Ammo' in subsequent shooting actions.

    A unit does not need to carry out a ‘Find Ammo’ action. The main reason for this is that the unit has decided to Move or Assault instead.

    Finally a unit that is ‘Routing’ may not carry out a ‘Find Ammo’ action until they have rallied.

    When selecting the army there is now a new option - 'Extra Ammo'

    Extra Ammo allows the commander to give units extra ammo counters which are used up as 1's are rolled. these extra ammo counters means the unit is not out of ammo until it loses its last ammo counter

    Note that only units that are 'out of ammo' can 'Find ammo' and they can never increase there ammo counters above one after the battle has started - so for example a CSM Havoc squad is given one extra ammo counter - over the course of several shooting actions the squad rolls two 1's and loses its both ammo counters - in their next action they find ammo and are given one ammo counter back - they cannot spend another action trying to Find more ammo until they lose this single ammo counter.



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