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    40K Fantasy Battle

    The game senario is that the 40k army has crash landed on a uncharted planet and have escaped the site only to be found and assulted now the 40k nust fight for survival and send out a distress signal

    40k army follows recon rules

    Armour on vehicles armour no greater than 33
    all 40k units count as scirmishers
    all games the fantasy player gets 250 extra points
    charging and assulting rules intergreated so you get to strike 1st and an additional attack
    ap does nothing 40k use weapon strength as well
    pinning weapons have no effect on fantasy units

    Enjoy and offer any tips to make it a more playable game

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    Nightlord frozencore's Avatar
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    Oh man would that be broken. 40k and fantasy do not work well together. Sure 40k gets a ton of shooting weapons, but in fantasy guys can be like 5 points a piece. You would not be able to kill enough guys with the shooting for it to matter. Plus you can move farther in fantasy than you can in 40k. Getting to strike first AND get an additional attack would be completely insane. The games might have the same tables, but they do not mesh.

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    Consumate professional Sir Theobold the Lame's Avatar
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    i think you have to weight it more in favour of the fantasy army, back in the day it was possible to intengrate whfb and rogue trader but the games have diverged so much it would definatly be a mismatch!

    I think most 40k units would cause fear to the majority of WHFB troops (with the possible exception of guardsmen!) and things like tanks, dreads etc would cause terror.

    In the old warhammer siege book there was a scenario where a rogue imperial agent was hiding on a feudal world and squads of marines had to go in to get him back- might be a fun scenario to try with your experimental rules- good luck!

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    King of France techmarine Rannon Zriker's Avatar
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    maybe, no magic or psychic powers that can be dispelled or psychic hooded (or an equivelent)

    the 40k movement rules applie so everything moves 6" in movent and has 6" assault

    the magic and shooting phase are done at the same time

    anything that has wings and uses them for better movement counts as jump infantry

    40k guns still get AP
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    Senior Member Lyzaru's Avatar
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    122 (x3)

    I would say you would have to convert 40K to fantasy.

    Units would have to be modified.
    Example Space Marine:
    M = 6 ( due to the power of the armor and the strength of the marine )
    WS = 4/5 ( this would be about right from what I remember fantasy WS being )
    BS = 4 ( seems good for fanstasy )
    S = 5 ( since strength scales differently in fantasy )
    T = 5 ( since toughness scales differently in fantasy )
    I = 4
    A = 1
    Ld = 8 ( keep the USR And They Shall Know No Fear )
    Sv = 3+
    Pts = 30-35 ( not sure on fantasy point cost balance but seems like about double is good )

    Gear would need some modifing.
    - Power weapon / force weapons would just be like + 1/2 strength magic weapons.
    - Power fist / thunder hammers would stay the same but count as magic weapons.
    - Power armor and other heavy 40K armor would most likely have a ward save equal to half of its armor save rounding down, thus showing the improvements in metals and what not. (example = power armor / XV8s would grant a 5+ ward save, and terminator armor would most likely be like a 2+ armor save / 3+ ward save )
    - Guns would get a strength increase based off its ap ( +0 for ap -/6, +1 for ap 5/4, +2 for ap 3/2 and +3 for ap 1) to a max of S10, and guns such as the lascannon and railgun would most likely it all models in a line drawn from the gun.

    Psychic power would need to be made into spells:
    - 40K psykers count as a wizard with a level equal to its number of wounds.
    - powers that are 5 points or less go off on a 3
    - powers that are 6-10 points go off on a 5
    - powers that are 11-15 points go off on a 7
    - powers that are 16-20 points go off on a 9
    - powers that are 21-25 points go off on an 11
    ( and so on if needed )
    - psychic hoods would add like +1 to dispel rolls or something
    - runes of witnessing would allow you to reroll 1 dice per spell you cast. ( example you use 2 dice to cast and get a 5 / 2 you could reroll the 2 )
    - runes of warding would allow you to reroll 1 dice per dispel attempt.

    Lots of other mods would most likely be needed but this would atleast get you started.
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    Son of LO
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    I'm thinking that looking back at the 2nd Edition Warhammer 40,000 rulebook will give you the best suggestions as far as how to integrate the two games together. Back in 2nd ed, units had movement rates just as they do in Fantasy.

    For your information, Marines moved 4, Eldar 5, Tyranids 6 and so on.

    Another idea is to convert vehicles to have Toughness, Wounds and armor/ward saves instead of using armor values, as it may make things easier (though I could be wrong. I haven't playtested this idea).

    Finally, I think the #1 thing is to keep in mind that you don't need to keep things "realistic" in terms of fluff. For example, an Empire Great Cannon should be able to harm a Land Raider, and things like that.

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