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    Just some things that I think make more sense

    Sniper Rifles and all varients are now rending (any roll to 6 auto wounds and ignores armor) and also ignore cover saves. Eldar Rangers ignore cover and pathfinders ignore cover and get rending on 5+

    Sponson weapons on tanks may fire independently from hull/turret weapons (as they're protective weapons in case of enemy flank attacks).

    Fearless units are now counted as stubborn (as they have to take pinning tests) with the exception of HQ fearless units.

    If a unit is wiped out or breaks within 6" of another unit then they most take a morale check as if they suffered 25% casualties

    I think these rules just make a little more sense fluff wise and don't unbalance the game too much.

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    1) all sinper rifles ( without extra special rules) auto-wound on a 4+ but they dont ignore armour
    2) Tanks that can fire at more than one unit would completely unbalance them and the points cost for every sponson bearing tank would have to be changed. eg. Autocannon at one unit, heavy bolter at another and 2nd heavy bolter at another.
    3)This I can agree with.
    4)possible but in 40k its more of a tacticle retreat (even with guardsmen) than a "OMG OMG we're all gonna DIE"
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