Hey all , I have recently been mulling over some new house rules for me and my buds here in the brass city please let me know what you think.

Beign a 40k vetran from the old RT days I fondly miss the old grenade rules where squads could use them offensivly. So with a little hard thought and a nod tourerd fairnes I came up with this.
during the shooting phase a squad may opt to have a single member who is equipped with grenades to throw them at a enemy unit. It counts as a Rapid fire weapon and has a range of 12 inches and the effect vary depending on the grenade type. ( ie frag count as a frag missle , photon forces a pinning check, plasma has a str 5 ap5 and uses a small blast , crack grenades cannot be thrown because they are shaped charges ) the only limiting factor i can think of is assigning realistic effects for the grenades.

Difficult terrain
In the current rules models wishing to move into, out of or through difficult terrain ( DT) must make a random roll . This works fine most of the time except when your troops are like 4" away and you roll snake eyes. I propose to have DT subtract a amount of movement from your squad rather than the random roll. IE difficult terrain 1 would subtract 1 inch from a squads move if they were forced to move into , out of or through it . If a squad could not pay the movment penalty then it stops where it is.
so squad A moves 4 inches towards the clossest terrain ( say DT ) when it contacts the edge of the terrain it dosn't have enough movment to pay the penalty and has to stop.

Ellevation on cover saves.
My group counts los through terrain as granting coversaves and it works just like it's suppose to, the problem is when sombody is in a elevated position. The first rule we use is that elevated models have a clear los to all models on the field that are not blocked by large scenery ( we count area terrain 3 and large as large scenery ) so that rhino isn't protecting your troops if I have elevation.
the second condition is that the target can only claim a cover save if the ellevated shooter is fireing through terrain and the target is within 6 inches of that terrain. hence they are close enough to duck and weave.

let me know what you think. also I am interesed if any one has any idears to add some advantages for high ground. I saw a gw battle with lots of buildings and canals and wondered if it was possible to add some rules for that sort of pitched combat.