Codex: Falax - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: Codex: Falax

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    Codex: Falax

    This Codex is about a Group of humans who wanted to leave this war torn galaxy and set off in Colony ships for a deep space. They Hit a warp storm and were thrown into another Galaxy. with no hostiles in the area these Colony ships each landed on a Planet and Thrived. then they came across orks in this galaxy and fought with them for hundreds of years with the number of Deaths stacking up they decided to enchance their Population to combat this Threat. after the Battle with the orks they Grew in size and Strength comming clost (in strength) to that of the Imperium. for the next 8k years they continued to exspand one day they found an Alien vessel and pulled it back to the docks on board they found some remains of an Alien and from its DNA where able to clone it. seeing that this Aliens genes to be remade to create different creatures they started to do it because they were good exspendible Creatures that could eliminate Targets in High threat zones, unknown to them that a Signal was being sent across the gulf of space. eventually tyranids show up (being named the "Living Fleet") the Empire fought with them for over 200 years finally claiming victory but it was short lived as 3 more "Living Fleets" headed towards them. after Hundreds of years of fighting they "LF" they decided to leave the galaxy (after 7/8 of their empire was destoryed). seeking redemtion they hunted down one of the fleets which took a very long time. once thye caught up with the "LF" they fought with it and managed to destory 3/4 of its Fleet while the remaining 1/4 fled. they continued to track it and Deep space Probs reported Human Life in the direction they where headed and so sent in Spies to see what was going on. the Spies came back with information about this Imerpium of Man. Figuring out that this is where their Ancesters came from they were rejoiced to find a place they could call home. but after some of the Spies noted on how zealous these People where to this Emperor they decided they will not be part of it because one man can never rule and Empire (they are a Democracy if ya want to know). later they found out that the remains of the "LF" they were hunting were Destoryed by the "Ultra marines". Knowing that a Food source was Here for the "LF" they decided to stay and get ready to combat them when they show up.

    they basic trooper has this stat line

    Pts: 11
    WS: 3
    BS: 4
    S: 3
    T: 3
    W: 1
    I: 4
    A: 1
    Ld: 8
    Sv: 4+

    weapon: falax TBR Str 4 ap 6 Range 24 rapid fire

    Special rules:
    "Not until our debt repayed"
    which allows them to regroup if under 50%

    And here is a Picture of what the Infantry will look like

    yes I know this is BF2142 (its where i got the basics of this army (the look that is)

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