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Thread: Exocrine

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    What is an Exocrine in game terms? Is it a shooty Carnifex, or a suped-up Biovore, etc?

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    It's a basically a big, armoured, sluglike creature carrying a direct-fire weapon symbiote on its back.

    Armorcast Exocrine

    The official rules for that figure were for 2ndEd 40K, currently it can only be fielded via the Creature Design Rules (and opponent permission). The CDR has been most recently published in Chapter Approved: Warhammer 40,000 Annual 2004 which you probably need to get 2nd-hand as it has probably been out of stock for awhile now. Something to note is that the rules were for the 3rdEd ruleset (including Codex), and as such some things are a bit off, but as it requries permission anyway this shouldn't be a problem you couldn't settle with your friends by discussing beforehand. And yeah, the Exocrine model itself is also long out-of-stock, probably even harder to get ahold of than the CA2004.

    Now, unless you have some ideas for house rules, this thread is probably better off moved into the Tyranid subforum. The reason it took so long for me to answer is simply because I don't that often go through the Rules Development section... ;Y
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