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    2 rules for more "Heroic" WHFB

    My friends and I put together some rules that have lent a more cinematic and fluffy/HEROIC feel to our games. The basic premise is to take gaming situations and represent the opportunity for valor and epic deeds.

    Mounted Characters:
    this is the easiest rule that we made. It represents characters having steeds and mounts shot out from under them, and slogging foreword belowing orders and commanding from afoot. Historically, George Washington was said to have had 10 horses shot out from under him while he commanded troops in the French and Indian war.
    If a mounted character rolls a 1 on his armor save, his horse is slain. The character still takes the wound (from falling from his horse), but he is also dismounted and counts as a character on foot. (for horses without barding or a scaly skin, the roll is increased to 1 or 2)
    The character may remount a steed by moving to a cavalry unit and replacing one of the models in the unit. The replaced model is a casualty for all intents and purposes- but the general gets a horse.

    Last Stands:
    Very similar to the 'Eldrad's Last Stand' scenario in the last rulebook- this represents the final desperation of a handful of soldiers. the real fight for survival.
    When an army drops below 25% of it's original "body count" they all take a leadership test. Any unit passing this test auto-rallies (if fleeing) and becomes 'Immune to Psychology' for the rest of the game.
    The general (if he is still alive) may be given a +1 to any one statistic on his profile to represent his enraged state or struggle to regain his honor. However, units are no longer able to use the general's leadership, since it was his bad judgement that got them into the predicament in the first place!
    If the opposing army should also fall below 25%, then the effect cancels out, the armies being too exhausted to fight with any type of staunch heroics.

    Maybe you could add to these rules, or enjoy them as is. But believe me- for anyone interested in fluff or just fun gaming, these rules add an element of background that you'll get addicted to. I mean, what's cooler than boasting that even though three horses were killed out from under him, your general led a fearless final suicide charge that broke the enemies back and brought glory to the martyred army?

    Pts Values for AoS here!

    Nippon Armybook: Isuu, Scribd, and free at Google Docs

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    8YFantastic rule suggestions - will be using them both - well done

    The @last Stand Rules need to be renamed 'This is where we hold them, this is where we fight..........!' Rule


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    Those are both great ideas, and should be fun to implement.


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    I like the first rule but the last stand could have a fluff problem

    Fluff wise if an undead army drops below 25%...they dont care, i meen they are already dead what do they have to lose? Maybe make it so any unit that is already immune to psychology is unaffected by last stand?
    also maybe make all units that already caused fear now cause terror?

    ill deffinitly play with these two new rules in my next game

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